Feb 1 2013 4:30pm

Friday Beefcake: Black History Month

Today is the start of Black History Month in the U.S. Over the years it has expanded from the original week-long celebration that began in 1926 to a full month in 1976. It has now spread to several countries and is a widely recognized opportunity to acknowledge the great achievements made by African-Americans in world history. 

In honor of the start of the month, we give you some of our favorite black actors, from the always popular Denzel Washington and True Blood's Mehcad Brooks to Criminal Mind's Shemar Moore and actor/model Taye Diggs. Enjoy!

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2. SassyT
HELLO!!! Umm....made my Friday night.
5. Rose In RoseBear
Well, now ... there's Terrance Owens, the NFL's sad bad boy:

Safe for work
A tad more daring, and not completely safe for work ...

LL Cool J ... love the dimples!

Common, one of the sexiest men out there, IMHO ...!

6. Rose In RoseBear
Yes, I like 'em bald, but I like the ones with hair, too:

The magnificient Keith Hamilton Cobb, of Andromeda fame --- one of the great badazz SF anti-heroes of all time!

The Rock, all sweaty and worked out ...!

I'm a Texas girl, and I love cowboys:

Cory Solomon in Calgary, 2012

Fred Whitfield, 8-time World Champion calf roper

Troy Coleman, aka "Cowboy Troy," country rap artist

And I finish with the late, great Isaac Hayes. Actor, Academy Award-winning songwriter, Grammy-winning performer, capable of taking any song and turning it into a slow-sex jam!

And if you want more skin, less clothing, check out! Yummy, and definitely not safe for work! (Not linked for safety's sake ...)
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