Feb 26 2013 5:20pm

Downton Abbey’s Fans and Season 4

Mary in Downton Abbey Season 3A little Downton Abbey roundup for everyone already missing Downton (sob! When is Season 4 already?) as much as we are...

In a fun video from PBS, the cast of Downton talks about the differences between American and British fans. Do you think they're right?

Plus, new casting information is starting to circulate. News outlets initially reported on (spoiler alert!) a very interesting character to be cast for Season 4, and though the actor they were speculating about turns out not to have been cast after all, the part will undoubtedly be filled. Any ideas on who would be good for the role?

And in other news, a call has reportedly been put out for a black actor “to play musician Jack Ross as part of a storyline about race relations in the 1920s.” Jack is between the age of 25-30, and a singer at an exclusive club. The casting notes say, “He's black and very handsome. A real man (not a boy) with charm and charisma” who should “ideally be able to sing brilliantly.” 

If Lord Grantham was all discombobulated by his daughter marrying an Irish Catholic, just imagine—whoa! Now we really can't wait for Season 4.

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1. MS
Heard something about someone leaving the show for Season 4 -but don't know how to hide it so I don't spoil anyone.
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