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Arrow Season 1, Episode 14 Recap: Many Felicitations

Oliver, Digg, and Felicity in Arrow 1.14This week's episode brought everyone's favorite techie, Felicity, back into the picture in a big way, and it was awesome. So let's just dive in, shall we?

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Moira actually shoots at—and hits—the Green Arrow, not realizing, of course, that she's just seriously injured her son. Y'know, the one she's just said she has to live for when pleading with Arrow not to kill her. Oh, the drama!

FELICITY! My favorite episode of the moment, by far, was the reveal that a wounded Oliver had climbed into her car, and Felicity's realization that he's the vigilante. “Everything about you just became so unbelievably clear,” she says. Love her. And look, I know Laurel is probably going to be The One for Oliver, the one he'll spend seasons pining over, but at this point I'm waaaaay more into the idea of Oliver/Felicity.

Abs! Ollie spends most of the present-day scenes in the episode stripped to the waist on a table. One can't help but admire the bod. Maybe I'm weird but the (fake! it's fake, OK?) blood just makes him hotter.

The island flashbacks are not my favorite (I'll save that for Lowlights) but I did like the training scene with his Aussie ally Slade Wilson, who tells Ollie at one point that “girl scouts have more fight.” Ha! Also enjoyed Oliver's incredulous comment later in the episode that “I'm trapped on an island and my only friend's name is Wilson.” Cast Away reference ftw!

The other flashback plus this week was getting to see Oliver turning a corner as a person. He tells Slade he can't leave without trying to rescue Yao Fei, who saved his life, and that he's not going to be the selfish person he's always been anymore.

Digg and Felicity make a good team!

The Oliver-Felicity-Digg scene at the end of the episode was great. I want more of the three of them, and sounds like we might get that, so yay. Felicity declines to join Arrow's super secret boy band (as Tony Stark might refer to it) but says that she is in to help find Walter because he's always been nice to her. Then she wants to go back to her nice, boring life. Have I mentioned how much I like her?


So yeah, the flashbacks have become confusing for me; I have a hard time keeping track of who all these different guys are and what their agendas are with regard to Oliver. I know this means I just need to pay more attention, but I just don't care to. (That said, I know some of you are more invested in the flashbacks than the present-day stuff. I can't say I care more about anything in the present-day scenes myself...I guess I just see more potential for things I could care about, like Felicity/Oliver, in the present day.)

The Oliver/Laurel references in this episode didn't do much for me. I feel like the dream scene of them in bed together was probably fan-service (especially judging by the promotion I saw for it in advance of the episode), but since I'm not dying for Oliver and Laurel to get back together, I wasn't all that excited about it even before it turned into a nightmare.


That's all I've got. Thought it was a strong episode, even if the show isn't all I'd hoped it'd be. What did you think of “The Odyssey”?

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Kiersten Hallie Krum
1. Kiersten
The actress who plays Felicity (can't remember her name right now) has been made a full cast memeber starting in season two - which Arrow just got picked up for so YAY!!! as she is my ABSOLUTE FAVE out of all of them. Her chemistry with Ollie & Digg is fantastic. I love that "unbelievably clear" line along with "you didn't say clear!" She definitely makes the show pop so much more.

I'm a back story hore, so I like the island scenes - or I would if they would just move faster! I'm interested in fact that my assumption that Yau Fey trained Ollie based on the fact that he was wearing the green hood the first time we met him, may in fact be completely wrong since now we see that it's Slade giving Ollie the training - at the moment. This tells me anything can happen and that the show is not above veering left when you expect right if not often.

I watch Arrow in the background while doing other things. It's not Must See for me and yet I can't not watch and follow it. I not sure what that says about the show...or, for that matter, me... ;-)
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
@Kiersten -- Awesome news about Felicity becoming a regular! She's my favorite too, and agreed about her chemistry with both Ollie and Digg.

Right, both guys have trained him, which is confusing me a little. Maybe he's a product of both?

Yeah, it's one of those shows that can sit on my TiVo for a while and I'm not too concerned.
Nicole Leapheart
3. BoxyFrown
Felicity is def one of my faves! And Wilson..well, he is certainly easy on the eyes, so happy to see more of him. I am totally shipping Felicity and Ollie, have been for a while. Moira needs to go DOWN. Loved the recap!
Heather Waters
4. HeatherWaters
@BoxyFrown -- Thanks! I wonder how many viewers prefer Oliver/Felicity to Oliver/Laurel at this point. It's interesting when creators intend for one relationship to be the favorite and/or end game and then a whole other relationship ends up being what the majority of fans flock to (like Joey/Dawson and Joey/Pacey in Dawson's Creek). Wilson certainly is easy on the eyes, and his accent isn't too bad either!
Darlene Marshall
5. DarleneMarshall
I second all that you said in the positive points, but I have love for the flashbacks as well. They give us the needed backstory of Oliver's growth from wastrel playboy to abs-of-steel vigilante, and I like having that info. This week there were enough good one-liners to keep the action and interest zipping along.

I don't see Felicity/Oliver together, but I could see Felicity/Thea, just for a change of pace.
6. whiskeywhite
I like the flashbacks only insofar as they explain the present. The amount of time spent in flashbacks this episode turned me off -- I felt like fast forwarding, if I could have. It struck me as lots of violent action to keep the boy viewers happy.

Since I find Oliver/Lauren boring, I'm up for Oliver/Felicity (and Felcity/Thea is an interesting idea, but we shouldn't hold our breath for tha one). But first Felcity needs to develop some depth and complexity in her character. That started this episode with her calm response to finding Oliver bleeding in her car followed by her collaboration with Digg -- he brings the medical knowledge, she the electrical. I agree that the cool "explains so much" reaction was entertaining.

I liked that Digg wasn't "Mr. Cool" all the time -- semi freaking out when Oliver seems to have another heart stoppage (which Felicity calmly solves). Gives some nuance to his otherwise overly "in-control" portrayal.

I'm with you, Kiersten. I ask myself why I'm watching this show. It ain't for the romance.
Heather Waters
7. HeatherWaters
@darlenemarshall @whiskeywhite -- Oooh, Felicity/Thea is an intriguing idea, I agree. And good point, we do need the flashbacks for Oliver's development into the guy he is today.
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