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Arrow Season 1, Episode 13 Recap: Family Feud

Diggle in Arrow 1.13Arrow recap? Don't mind if I do. Filling in for the lovely Chelsea Mueller—go easy on me!

Previously on Arrow: Laurel's being set up as Detective Lance's bait? “Stone cold,” indeed, Daddy. And a Felicity-Oliver alliance? This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship, no? Oh, and then there was that proof that Mom's been up to some shady stuff...

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I'm still trying to figure out why, exactly, I haven't fallen head over heels for Arrow, because I like so much of what I see:

First up: SARK! David Anders! As always the man makes for a top-notch baddie and I am always up for watching him wreak lotsa havoc. Plus it turns out he even knows how many arrows the Green Arrow has in his quiver, so this is a baddie who has done his homework and will make it a little tougher for the Green Arrow to defeat him; well done, sir.

Digg and Oliver's morality debates are enjoyable as ever, even if we've started to understand them well enough that we don't always need them to spell out that they see things differently.

The fact that Oliver goes to Moira and straight-up asks his mother about Dad's book of names and what she knows about it makes me happy; no scheming, no passive-aggressive inquiries. And while Mommy lies to him in return, you just know she thinks she's protecting him, so it's hard to judge her TOO harshly.

Thea in Arrow 1.13 BetrayalThea has community service—good!

Tommy/Laurel being adorbs, as usual, and understanding about work commitments and canceled dates. Aww.

I missed a couple episodes so I'm not sure who the Australian in the flashback is, but I like his accent!

HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT: Two dudes break into Laurel's apartment and she kicks alllllll the ass. Until Sark David Anders's character tases her, but there's not much to be done in that situation.

“Lose the bow, Merida.” Ha!

Loved Digg, well, digging around the Moira situation himself, and bringing Oliver proof of his mom's nefarious dealings. Someone had to, I guess, since Oliver definitely has a blind spot where his family's concerned.

Laurel telling her dad she needed space from him—you go, girl! Set those boundaries.

Oliver was kind of really terrifying when he broke into Mom's office and said “You have failed the city.” Next week's episode looks great.


While I do enjoy a lot about the show, last night's episode had a few big “cons” in my book:

The episode, like the show in general right now, lacked tension—I never for a second worried about the fate of any of the characters, because I know they'll all be fine (except, depending on the week and whether they want him/her to return for future episodes, the Baddie of the Week).

Oliver used Laurel as a human shield?! Even knowing he wouldn't actually let anything happen to her and that the police never would have attacked because of Laurel/Detective Lance either, this was a big turnoff. No wonder I'm not more into Oliver/Laurel.

Ewwww: Tommy tells Oliver he thinks Laurel is infatuated with the guy in the hood because they “both know she has a pretty strong track record of being attracted to guys who are dangerous, who break the rules.” Don't flatter yourself, Tommy Merlin.

Moira in Arrow Season 1, episode 13, BetrayalThis is going to sound weird because on a scene-by-scene basis I mostly like how  many family members appear in the lives of the main characters and how they and their relationships have depth. That said...I feel like there's TOO MUCH family time in the show. I'd be interested to see more interaction between Oliver, Laurel, Felicity, Digg, and Tommy. But maybe that's because I'm too into Joss Whedon's found-family shows? I don't know.


What did you all think of the episode? Are you really into Arrow or, like me, enjoying it when it's on but not pining for it when it's not?


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Darlene Marshall
1. DarleneMarshall
I agree, there wasn't enough tension in this episode, and I'm a little tired of Det. Lance going off the rails over The Hood. However, we did get to see Laurel (Dinah) Lance show us some possible Black Canary moves, and the set up at the end is nice.

I don't recall seeing any abs in this episode either. They know better than that in CW land.
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
@darlenemarshall -- Especially when Lance needs "the hood" as much as he does. At a certain point you gotta ask yourself if it still makes sense to consider this guy your mortal enemy.

Re: Black Canary--yes! I know I'm a broken record on this topic, but I'd love to see her, and in general I'd like to see more superheroes. I want to see interaction with other heroes and stuff more than the family stuff, even though I do realize that this is an origin story and is supposed to keep a focus on Green Arrow. Idk, maybe I just don't find him dynamic enough on his own? Not sure.
3. whiskeywhite
I agree @redline_, I watch this series and enjoy it. But I don't really care about the characters. I don't care whether Oliver gets together with Laurel. I find Laurel and Tommy boring. Felicity is truly comic book stereotypical (I know, the whole series is comic book, a foreign land to me). The island flashbacks, though often brutal, are among the most interesting scenes. That they often only belatedly explain some new development is growing on me, although I originally found it frustrating. I remember when, in the first or second episode, Oliver suddenly speaks Chinese. Huh? They take their time to explain. And I don't think they've yet explained why he speaks Russian or has the appropriate Russian mob tatoo. Or did I miss something?

Digg is my favourite character. In addition to some developing lust -- Stephen Amell's muscles are impressive but David Ramsey!! more shirtless Digg, I say -- I care about what happens to him. He's the mature moral voice. But do I see suggestions that he should take an interest in his late brother's wife?
Heather Waters
4. HeatherWaters
@whiskeywhite -- Agreed about Felicity so far--hope they take some time to make her truly three-dimensional because I like her attitude. I don't care if Oliver and Laurel get together either; the show hasn't made me care all that much. Digg is probably my favorite too. He's bad-ass and the voice of reason both.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
5. Kiersten
Someone else who immediately goes "SARK!" everytime David Anders appears!! Yayyyyyyy!!!!

The Merida line was my aboslute favorite in a long time and he almost threw it away too, which makes it even better.

I watch for Amell and the abs and b/c I love Ollie Queen from JLU and I dig the slowly unfolding back story of Arrow & how the show reinterprets comic book concepts into real-life sitch. Plus they get the BEST guest stars! But there is SUCH a lack of tension in this show. I love Huntress, and was so excited they were putting her into the mythos and even that didn't manage to crackle (probably b/c there's no Question in this world...yet. Oh, and they changed her back story, so...) I don't care about any of the relationships - unless they finally recognize the untapped jewel that is Felicity & get her w/Ollie stat.

Any yet, I'm still watching. Gotta be the abs...
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