Feb 14 2013 4:21pm

A Roller Coaster of a Week for Lizzie Bennet on The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (#LBD)

Lydia and Lizzie in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries***Many, many major LBD spoilers ahead***

*You’ve been warned*

Lizzie started out the week in Episode 87 wallowing in guilt about how she failed Lydia who was still pretty much not talking, she was so sick with grief at George’s betrayal. Jane stopped by to comfort Lizzie and brought her chamomile tea. Jane promised her that she still deserved tea even though she screwed up. Everyone deserves tea.

Then Lydia came to talk to Lizzie insisting that she wanted the camera stay on as she pours out her feelings of guilt (unwarranted!), loneliness (poor baby!), and betrayal (that bastard!). Lydia ends up sobbing in her sister’s arms as Lizzie kept repeating that she was going to be right there with her.

*sobs into empty teacup* I wanted to hug Lydia for letting that rat Wickham make her feel anything less than loved and valuable.  I wanted to hug Lizzie for taking any of the blame for that manipulative jerk’s actions. I wanted to hug Jane for knowing the right thing to say to help her sisters come back together again.

On Tuesday, Gigi screwed up her courage and phoned Wickham. She can barely stand to hear the guy’s name said out loud and she called him to try and help another young woman being mistreated by George. I have never loved Gigi more. Even though she was anxious, even though Darcy and Fitz told her she shouldn’t upset herself like that, she called him on Domino. And George downloaded the Domino app and thanks to Gigi’s determination, George’s arrogance and some blinding good luck, the app allowed Darcy to track down George. Huzzah!

No video on Wednesday. But something glorious happened. The Lydia Bennet sex video site shut down. The company sent out emails to those who’d subscribed saying they would no longer be able to sell the video. Twitter and Tumblr went wild with celebrations. There’s even a Darcy as Superman going around. Even better is the Darcy/Superman, Fitz/Flash, Gigi/Wonderwoman.

So today’s LBD Episode 88, “Okay,” left me unsure what to expect. When Lydia interrupted Lizzie to say that the site had been taken down, it was great. Neither of them has any idea of how or who stopped it. Although Lizzie did take the time to look directly into the camera and thank that “wonderful person.”

I really liked how they acknowledged that although it’s great that the site is down and all, the sex tape was the least of the things that happened to Lydia. Wickham’s abuse and betrayal and her distance from Lizzie were much more weighty matters, things not so easily solved. But the episode ends with Lizzie and Lydia promising to spend more time together. Which is brilliant. It’s just what they both need, to reconnect in a less superficial way. Plus, I get to see more Lydia and I really love this Lydia.

Now I only have to wonder when will we find out what Darcy did? When will Lizzie?

After this week I think I need another mug of tea. Tea for everyone.

Except Wickham. No tea for him. Ever.


Julia Broadbooks writes contemporary romance. She lives in the wilds of suburban Florida with her ever patient husband and bakes ridiculous amounts of sugary treats for her teens' friends. Find her on twitter@juliabroadbooks.

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
Episode 87 was painful to watch. Poor kids.

The way the writers and actors have developed Lydia is glorious. I have never seen her as such a three-dimensional character as she is here.

Can't WAIT 'til Lizzie finds out about Darcy's part in having the video taken down. Lydia's clearly bursting to say something.
Julia Broadbooks
2. juliabroadbooks
I know! I love that we know that she knows. We all know what's coming and it's still so fun to watch.
Kaye Dacus
3. kndacus
I want to know if we're going to get to meet "Catherine deBourg" or if it's going to be another off camera/costume theater recreation of the scene.

Also, I hope they really draw out the Darcy-Lizzie scenes at the end and give us lots more of the two of them together. While I haven't yet read a P&P "sequel" that I've liked, I'd love for them to continue this beyond the storyline of the original book.
Jordan R
4. jrojrojro
I glommed the entirity of this series in the last 24 hours, and oh man! I have a huge emotional hangover! I can't wait to see what happens and how the big reveal will work out. I don't know how went on with their lives while this thing was progressing - I came in at basically the very end and am a nervous wreck waiting for updates!
Julia Broadbooks
5. juliabroadbooks
@kndacus I can't wait to see Catherine. I kept hoping all through the Collins and Collins arc but alas.

@jrojrojro Emotional hangover indeed! Have some tea. The week the sex tape site launched, I got barely anything done since I was so desperate to refresh my twitter and tumblr. Such a week.
6. paranormalchic
@juliabroadbooks where can I find the Gigi stuff you were talking about?!
Julia Broadbooks
8. juliabroadbooks
Here's the link to Gigi's videos on the Pemberley Digital channel.

If you think you're missing anything else, you can always check out the story page on LBD's site.
Hazel Hazel
10. Hazel Hazel
I watched the first 86 episodes on Sunday. Loved it am finding it very difficult to wait for each new one. Loved the Gigi and Charlkotte side episodes. Could not bring myself to watch any of the Lydia shows, which makes me laugh at myself!
I love how beautifully they are all made up even when in p.j.'s and how truly similar Gigi and Darcy look.
Julia Broadbooks
11. juliabroadbooks
I'm so glad you loved it! I agree about Lydia's videos. I've shed more than one tear for that girl. I've been antsy all day waiting for the day to be over so it would be Thursday already and we could get a new video!
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