Jan 2 2013 9:10am

What’s on Your 2013 Romance Wish List?

At the end of last year, Tori Benson shared what's on her wish list for romance in 2013, while Laurie Gold wants to fall in love again with romance in 2013.

So what's on your romance wish list for 2013? Was 2012 a good year for reading for you, or was it a disappointment, like Laurie's?

Tell us what you're looking forward to—or not.

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Carmen Pinzon
1. bungluna
While not strictly romance, there are several UF series coming to a close in 2013. I'm hoping not to be let down. I don't want a favorite series ruined by a shoddy ending.
maria babani
2. Chica8
My GREATEST wish is that "to be continued" novels STOP! Can we just get a story from beginning to end in ONE book? I get that FSoG was a trilogy, but it came from a fandom site and each book was about 800 pages long. I liked reading FSoG because it was something unique and different from everything else out there at that time. Why do publishing companies have to copy everything about FSoG including the multi-book story?

For 2013, I'd like some new romance/erotica book that will change this crazy fad of a story broken up into 3 or more parts. A great plot with an amazing alpha male is waiting for a good romance author who can tell the story in 1 book.

Thanks for letting me get this out of my system--whew!
Michelle Palmer
4. ChelleP
Amen, Chica8! The e-serials are annoying as well!! ugh!
Julia E.
5. juldragon30
I want more books like The Siren, The Angel, and The Prince. While they are continuations of a general plot line they are whole stories and not these piecemeal junk with 70 pages that is really just a couple chapters of a book. Even when I was reviewing with a website and we looked over books a story could be under a hundred pages and still be fantastic. It had to have a beginning and end, be sexy (yes erotic) but also have romance no matter how dark it was. I want to see more of those types of books instead of this 30 page crap. I want more from Joey Hill and others that build conplex characters that find love and devotion no matter their kink. Isn't it love when romance wins over everything!
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