Jan 16 2013 8:08am

Unlikeable Characters, Great Book: When You Don’t Love the Protagonists

One of the important distinctions between literary fiction and romance is that in the latter, you usually like at least one of the characters. In literary fiction, enjoyment of the book isn't predicated on whether or not you like the protagonists.

But sometimes there are romance novels that read more like literary fiction—where you like the book, but don't particularly like the characters. With the advent of 'edgier' books hitting mainstream readers, this situation is becoming more commonplace.

What romance novels do you think are good, despite having characters who aren't totally likeable?

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1. huntece
This is pretty much how I fealt about Lisa Kleypas "Sugar Daddy", I really did not like the main protaganist that much. I was kind of medium on all the other characters so, it wasnt another character that kept me reading. I thought she was a bit weak willed and too dependent on others for her own identity. It made sense for her character but I couldnt bring myself to like her. And I still really liked the book thought it was an interesting look into a prespective very different from my own.
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