Jan 7 2013 8:18am

Spoiling a Spoiler: How Do You Do It?

Downton Abbey returned to American television last night, and fans got to see things they've been hoping for over the course of two seasons (being deliberately oblique to avoid spoilers).

And—speaking of spoilers—in this age of instant news, chances are you have heard spoilers either about the third season or the cast.

Does that ruin your viewing experience? How do you try to avoid spoilers? What is the worst thing you've ever been spoiled on?

Note: Spoilers in comments!

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Myretta Robens
1. Myretta
No problem. As you might recall from my Great Debate with Natasha, I'm an end-reader, so spoil away. I like to know what I'm getting into.
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
While I enjoy going into some things unspoiled if I'm not super invested (the last Twilight movie comes to mind), I often spoil myself silly going into things I'm really excited about (say, The Avengers). But it's usually fine because I still enjoy actually seeing it for myself.

When the spoiler is bad news for something I'm really invested in, though, I must say: THAT can ruin things for me. I dreaded going into the last episode of Battlestar Galactica and the last book of The Hunger Games trilogy. Yet I still can't regret getting that knowledge beforehand--at least I was prepared.

So I guess for me a spoiler itself can't make or break an experience for me. The content of the spoiler can, but that's due to the content itself rather than any advance knowledge of it.
Vanessa Ouadi
3. Lafka
I actually don't mind spoilers that much, given that I have a tendency myself to peek at the end of a book. I don't mind much spoilers when it comes to movies either _ except when they prevent me from appreciating a particularly unexpected twist in the scenario. For instance, you really can't appreciate Usual Suspects if you are told who is Kaizer Soze ; or Fight Club if you already know Tyler Durden isn't who he seems to be ; or even the first Saw movie if you already know who and where is Jigsway all along!
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