Jan 18 2013 10:24am

Scandal Season 2, Episode 11 Recap: #HolyFitz

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope in Scandal 2.11This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Scandal, including last night's Season 2, episode 11, “A Criminal, a Whore, an Idiot and a Liar.”

(Need a refresher? Check out Kwana's recaps of episode 2.08episode 2.09, and episode 2.10.)

So this week on #Scandal, we were taken on a lovely trip through the jungle of Shondaland, along the circle of life, as we are first reminded of the best “Hi” ever between Fitz and Olivia.

And then, just like that, #HolyFitz we’re knocked back down to earth: this week’s show opens and Olivia walks into her apartment and there is Senator Edison McBoring already there, having made himself quite at home. Liv says “Oh hi” so much less enthusiastically than if Fitz was on the receiving end. Wait, didn’t we kick him to the curb last week? Also, when we kick a man with a key to the curb don’t we change the locks? I sighed as the Twitter world groaned.

But it gets worse because Old Eddie is up to no good. He wants to know what’s going on, and who was Liv’s old boyfriend? Was it Fitzgerald Grant?

“Um, excuse me?” her narrowed eyes say. And “Oh no he didn’t” her pursed lips agree. But Liv, like a good playa, outright denies all as Eddie just calls her out saying she defrauded the American people, was stupid and pretty much a whore. Well now, finally, he is kicked to the curb. Buh-Bye.

Door slams and Liv calls Cy. “We have a problem.” Ya think?

Mellie and Fitz in Scandal season 2 episode 11Flashback to two years before a presidential debate and Fitz, well, he’s not so good at 'em.

Next we see Hollis the financier on the plane with Liv and Cy talking about rigging the election and, gasp, he’s serious. Liv and Cy don’t like it, but in sits Mel and she brings up bringing in Fitz’s dad for help.

Later, we see Fitz’s is not happy about this—so what does Mel do, but tells Olivia to convince Fitz to listen and oh well, Olivia does.

OMG, that scene where Fitz grabs Olivia’s hand and pulls her down the hall and into a hotel room. Fitz really does not care when he’s hot and ready! Just awful for a married president and all, but still I will give him this: sexy as all get out.

Flash-forward: It’s poor Fitz still in the hospital bed and not getting great news from his doctor. In this condition he couldn’t drag himself down the hall. Too bad, because Sally is kicking up dirt so he doesn’t have time to heal.

Cut to Sally droning on in the Oval Office about how Fitz is not fit to serve when bam, #HolyFitz, in he walks saying good morning. Suck lemons, Sally!

In one of the best scenes ever we see Sally give Cyrus the look of death as she departs the Oval Office as he cheerfully (and we know Cy does not do cheerful) greets her and says “how are you today?”

But back to Fitz, the standoff was taxing and he’s about ready to drop. He’s also spitting mad at Mellie for forging his signature and forcing his hand but the show must go on.

Flashback: 27 days before the election and in comes overbearing Daddy Fitz (played fantastically by Barry Bostwick). Fitz visibly shrinks as Daddy takes over with a strategy of attack and mudslinging. Fitz mopes, and whines and drinks, all in all making a spectacle of himself over dinner.

That night in the hotel elevator he comes on to Olivia, but of course no one likes a drunk and she tries to push him off. The elevator opens to a shocked Mellie. “Fitzgerald!”

He apologizes and leaves. Then in a more shocking turn, Mellie gets on the elevator with Olivia and apologizes to her also. This is early on and she doesn’t know about their affair yet. It’s such an uncomfortable scene. She goes on about how sorry she is and how much she respects Olivia.

Ouch. Way to feel low, Liv. I’m even feeling dirty for going for this affair in this moment.

Flash-forward: Fitz is in the situation room and in no shape to deal with a situation, but he has to. Sally senses his weakness. She’s watching.

Flashback: Younger Fitz is giving into his dad and will now look up dirt on his opponent. Olivia now calls in the Gladiators to get busy with digging up the dirt. Loved that we got to see the first meeting of Abby, Huck and Harrison. They all looked so young and fresh. Well, all except Huck who just looks like a sad and short Hagrid. I’m so glad he cleaned up well.

Cut to Hollis, Verna, Cy, and Liv talking on the plane once again about rigging the election and up walks Mellie. Hollis pulls her into the league of nothing but trouble.

Fitz is spinning out of control. He in pouting and arguing with everyone,  including Liv. It’s time for Liv to school him. “Do you even want this?” She calls him on his mess and asks him why he wants to be president?

Flash-forward: Fitz is now determined to show he can do a live press conference despite being still close to death. Liv checks on him in the Oval Office. She wipes his brow. “You almost died,” she says. “Yes,” he replies.  “Don’t do it again.” She kisses him tenderly.

She asks him why the press conference is so important to him? Once again he’s confronted with why?

He tells her the people deserve to see him.

Flashback: The Gladiators have found dirt on Reston and it’s time for Fitz’s big debate.

Flash-forward: It’s time for his press conference. Both scenes meld, and in both cases, Fitz almost loses it.

Olivia and Huck in Scandal 2.11In the flashback debate, Fitz has a chance to take out his opponent but he doesn’t; instead he goes against playing dirty, showing his own true self. In the flash-forward he pauses and shows his vulnerability. He triumphs on both counts. Oh Fitz, dang it, we love you again!

Cut to Sally in the present, conceding defeat. Why are you being nice, Sally? We know you’re still just down the hall waiting to strike.

Now it’s back to the past and 11 days before the election and the plane. Things are still not secure and Hollis wants to know what everyone wants if he fixes it so the election is secure. The gang's all in, all except Olivia. Honestly, I’m surprised that they are even holding out for Olivia. Hollis does not seem the type.

Sidebar: I’m also not buying that Fitz is a few seats down pretending like he can’t hear a thing. Such a politician.

Olivia walks down the aisle to Fitz and sees he’s upset. Turns out his father has just died.

Now it’s after the funeral and Fitz is chopping wood. So manly. He tells Olivia that he’s not sad about his father, but still in a tender moment he cries on Olivia’s chest as she holds him. She is the one he always seems to turn to.

Back to the future and (full circle) Olivia comes home once again, and there is old Edison (really? those locks still have not been changed?! ), but this time he’s singing a new tune about how sorry he is and ugh, how he now wants to marry her. Oh come on! We know that Eddie so has something up his sleeve. He’s got to be working for/with Sally and or Hollis. I don’t trust this man at all.

Cut to Mellie all lovely and getting ready for bed. She’s chatting away, tucking an exhausted Fitz in bed and she is so happy. She’s grateful and thrilled with the approval rating. She tells Fitz that right now he could have anything he wants and asks his what does he wants? Once again Fitz is faced with a question and asked for the truth. He looks at her and says, “A divorce.” Dang it, Fitz, you do know how to charm a girl.  

Flashback to 7 days before the election: The numbers are bad. Cy has Liv cornered and  gives her a speech about taking care of Fitz and how they are the ones creating history. He plays Olivia like a worn fiddle and she breaks.

Scandal cast in Season 2 episode 11Olivia flashes in her mind to all the times Fitz said he wanted to win and it’s now one day before the election and the gang’s all together around the table when Olivia finally says yes, she’s in.  A gleeful Hollis pulls out his bat phone and says ominously, “it’s a go.”

Olivia’s expression crumbles, but no time for that. You make that bed you lie right down on it, darling.

I can’t wait until the next episode in two weeks. We have a proposal and a possible divorce up in the air, and honestly I don’t see either of them getting off the ground. What say you, Gladiators? Do you see either of these flying? Also it looks like David is bringing down the hammer next week too. I don’t know who it’s on, but I wouldn’t want to be in that line of fire. Chime in! You know I love a good theory.


Kwana Jackson—aka K.M. Jackson—is a writer of women’s fiction and contemporary romance. Her debut novel Through the Lens is on sale now. She can be found on most days at her blog and at any moment on Twitter talking about everything and nothing at all under the handle @kwanawrites.

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1. Miss_D
I really enjoyed the episode and the mixing of past & present was very well done.

Something I enjoy about Fitz & Liv aside from their ridiculous chemistry is that you can see how flawed they are and the connection they have. It makes them so much more interesting - REAL - as characters to see the layers. There's something about what Kerry Washington & Tony Goldwyn bring to their scenes together that is amazing.

I won't miss Big Jerry. I just wish he'd died after Fitz was named president. Actually, I wished that news would've killed him cause he made me want to reach through the TV screen and punch him in the face.

Just when I thought I'd seen the last of Edison, he proposes. I really don't get this guy at all. It's like he doesn't actually hear anything Liv says nor read her very well. And they've been dating, what a month? Despite their previous dating history and that it's obvious she's NOT in love with him, what is this fool doing? I love that Fitz asked Mellie for a divorce. This isn't the first time he's voiced this desire but last time the choice was taken away when Liv & Mellie decided he should remain president. Maybe almost dying will make him stronger this time.

It's going to be a long 2 weeks.
2. Lucky4
Such a good episode! I loved when Fitz walked into the Oval Office and it was business as usual!

I think Liv and Fitz have a long, troubled road ahead and their HEA is a long way off but I am hopeful that they will get there!
K.M. Jackson
3. kwanawrites
@Miss_D I agree it was great how they blended the past and the present. Also yes, how is it Edison proposes after such a short time with Olivia? I don't get it. I now want to know his backstory?

@Lucky4 thanks for chiming in. When Fitz walked in to the Oval Office it was fantastic! I can't wait to see everything play out too.
4. Cardena
I think Mellie was saying to Fitz at his bedside that the other persident's wife had to run the white house and "eww change his diapers but we don't have to worry about that" after he'd suffered a stroke influenced his answer. That was cold. She was only focusing on the fact that he could remain president. I have no words for Edison. I wouldn't trust him. There is a reason they broke up the first time. It will be interesting to see if/when Fitz finds out about the rigging how it will impact his relationship with Olivia.
Nicole Leapheart
5. BoxyFrown
McBoring! I love it!!
That coundown was legendary. I want to get mad at someone just so I can countdown all of my reasons for being mad.

The look on Sally's face when Fitz walked in...classic. So many cliffhangers to have to wait another week!! Ugh!
K.M. Jackson
6. kwanawrites
@Cardena I agree it will be interesting if/when Fitz finds out about the rigging. I really wonder if he knew all along.

@BoxyFrown. I love that countdown too. I want to do it! LOL. Can't wait to chat next week. :-)
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