Jan 11 2013 2:26pm

Scandal Season 2, Episode 10 Recap: Wake Up! You’re Not Dead!

Olivia and Fitz in ScandalThis post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Scandal, including last night's Season 2, episode 10, “One for the Dog.”

(Need a refresher? Check out Kwana's recaps of episode 2.08 and episode 2.09.)

So after the winter break that no-one wanted, finally yesterday was the day and if you listened really hard almost hear the chants of #FreeHuck coming through over your tweet stream.


There was me with my sign, leading the march outside the White House when the show opened with Not-Quite-the-President Sally and Smarmy Don’t-You-Have-A-Home Hollis confabbing in the Not-Quite-Oval-Office now turned Evil Lair talking about enhancing interrogation techniques. 

Then bam! OMG cut from this not so pretty little scene to poor Huck in an undisclosed locale not so far away being water boarded. The social media world all gasped together: #FreeHuck

Cut to David on the other side of the glass with another guy repping the CIA watching all this and wincing. Guess he’s feeling a little bad. I mean, he and Huck weren’t Madden buddies or anything, but he did just have angry sex with one of his colleagues. Sidebar: I’m guessing that angry sex was just that and not a ploy to lift the voter card. Oh, Abby!

Josh Malina as David in Scandal 2.10Back to David. He’s feeling squishy, watching a man being tortured—who would do that?—so he starts screaming about being in America and rights, in  which he’s immediately shut down by the other dude, who tells him this is not America, that it’s the Pentagon and Huck is an enemy combatant and shut it. M’okay then.

Next we get Verna in her best wig coming in looking all guilty, but of course safe after saving her own hide, she’s now ready to confess that she sold Huck out to Sally. Aww, sweet. So Verna is now spilling the tea on Hollis (she really is not a close to the vest type of judge) saying she thinks she heard him on some  second phone that he keeps in his office and she thinks he could have been talking to the killer. Thanks, Vern. Would have been nice to have this info say, YESTERDAY! At least I’m sure Huck would have thought so.

Cut to Harrison, who Twitter believes turned into a whispering Batman for this episode, and Abby who I may now dub The Cat Burglar for her stealth breaking and entering skills and they perform their magic on some girl that works for Hollis. They steal the office key, get the phone, and lift a number. Now I see why Liv puts up with Abby’s ways. She does have talent.

Next in what I found to be a big OMG moment we are at Olivia’s apartment and cut to Senator Edison just walking in on in after work. Um, when did he get a key? He is clearly the rebound guy. Once again, this brings Olivia’s supposed “amazing” judgment into question. So Eddie McBoring then has the nerve to start complaining about the two of them not having sex in a week. Really, Senator Rebound? Have you seen what’s going on in the real world? But that wasn’t the real reason for the scene. Turns out that fast mover Eddie not only has a key but he gets all his important mail at Liv’s because there is a knock at the door and it’s a special military letter from the president. Eddie opens it and it turns out it’s from Fitz (yeah, wasn’t he in a coma?) saying he wants all his power reinstated.

Well, Liv goes gaga and is ready to run to the hospital. She’s all happy, but rebound guy thinks it's fishy. Liv’s not hearing it. Move, Eddie, you have to know, key or not, you’re a place holder.

Olivia is too happy going into the hospital room with Cyrus, only to walk in on a still knocked-out Fitz and a belly rubbing Mellie sitting by his side. “What did you do?” she asks Mellie.

Mellie, not to be put out, tells her exactly what she did: Forged Fitz’s signature and she’s not mad she did it. She can run things while Fitz is flat out. She won’t be the first First lady to do it (um, maybe the 1st since the invention of the internet and the iPhone), but Mellie has a speech and she saying it. She’s all,  “I am not some man reacting out of rage and then thinking later. I am a woman.”

Okay, Mrs. Mellie. Guess she knows exactly what she’s doing. That is, until the phone rings and it’s Sally who got her letter too and wants to speak with Fitz. Oh noes. Time to spin.  Mellie tells a tale about Fitz sleeping, but it’s a no-go. She’s dealing with a woman here too and it’s going to take a lot more than sad excuses to keep her at bay. “Um, he's in the shower right now, um I meant sleeping, no he’s out chopping wood.” It’s not gonna fly.

Cut to David who gets a call from Cy’s boo about the election story. Saying he has not found out anything. That call was clearly not for nothing. Once again I’m looking at you, Abby, and thinking of that night.

Next we see Harrison whispering to the offices ladies about the seriousness of things which I think they get when in comes Olivia in the office saying they have a new client and she puts up a pic of Fitz on the wall of fame. It’s time to spin the tale to the press of Fitz’s miraculous recovery because Sally has called their bluff and leaked the letter to the press. Oh, Sally.

The team spins by dancing for the press till their toes are tired and Mellie smiles and rubs her baby bump practically raw.

Cy in Scandal 2.10Later we are in the bedroom of Cy and his reporter hubby who has easily put two and two together. Poor Cy, he really should have fallen for a waiter/actor. In his line of work a reporter just doesn’t work.  They fight over jobs and the phantom baby.

We then cut to Huck who is being beaten even more. There is blood splattering and Huck says he’s ready to talk, but he wants to talk to the people behind the glass. He’s no fool. He says if the president is still alive then he’s still in danger. They decide they heard enough from him and would rather beat him than let him talk. David can’t take it and goes to Liv saying he knows where Huck is.

Olivia demands a meeting with Sally pulling in a couple of experts. Sally is not going for the “political kabuki.” The experts  say a few words about Huck and then give Sally a file that for once leaves her speechless. I’m thinking the pages she read pretty much said that Huck was a manufactured half man/cyborg and all around baddest mofo you ever did see. Because OMG the next thing we know there is David ordering that Huck be released and Huck is then unceremoniously kicked out of a car and onto a Washington street. Still bruised and bloodied, but at least dressed. Olivia sees him and tries to touch him, but he jerks away. He says there is not a lot of time. I’m guessing he knew not to mess up that white jacket.

There’s a fantastic scene where Mellie panics shows emotion and almost breaks down a moment and Olivia says,“So get a grip.” Mellie looks pauses and says “Fine.” I love these two sparring.

We then see a short scene with Edison in the hospital showing his jealous and clingy side again. He has the nerve to threaten Olivia with prosecution and then it’s bam, scram he’s kicked to the curb. Oh well, we saw that one coming. Don’t forget to change those locks, Liv.

Now it’s Hollis and Sally talking in the Lair about Fitz being moved to Camp David. Cut to. *gasp* Becky! Jumps back from the TV!  Becky is scary and she’s once again on the move.

We have a scene with Cy’s boo in the hospital seeing the baby that Cy keeps dangling, he gets all teary.

Then it’s night and we see Huck and Liv outside the hospital. Liv gives Huck the number they lifted and Huck says he won’t let her down this time.

Cut to Becky on a roof outside the hospital getting all set up to take her shot. Uh oh. She's  ready and her cell rings. She goes puts the phone to her ear and it’s Huck with a chilling “Hi Becky.” *gulp* He’s right behind her. She stands and faces him knowing she was set up. The Cavalry rush in. Becky admits that her real name is Kate (revealing an accent that wasn’t there before) and asks Huck his name. He says it doesn’t matter.

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope in Scandal Season 2 episode 10Cut to the team back in the office eating Chinese takeout and watching Sally on TV reciting Psalms and doing a victory lap. Huck is brought back and takes his spot.

Next day meeting with Sally and Mellie. Uh oh, Mellie is caught. Sally calls her out on the letter. Right hand vs. left hand thing. Threats are made. Mellie’s back is against the wall.

Cut to Cy, who now admits to his boo that they lied and Fitz is not awake. They are both tired and decide to go get the baby. But Cyrus gets a call.

Fitz in Scandal 2.10Cut to Olivia and Quinn in the office and Quinn now wants Hollis to get his due. Olivia is ready to talk. But first Olivia gets a call. She answers. Cy puts the phone to Fitz’s “Hi.”  We all swoon in unison.

Whew. I’m tired, folks. So much to put into a one show’s recap! Please chime in and give your thoughts. I can’t wait to see how Sally sucks on lemons next week, also how Eddie takes being kicked to the curb, and what will they do about Hollis, and finally will Cy and his boo ever get that poor baby?


Kwana Jackson—aka K.M. Jackson—is a writer of women’s fiction and contemporary romance. Her debut novel Through the Lens is on sale now. She can be found on most days at her blog and at any moment on Twitter talking about everything and nothing at all under the handle @kwanawrites.

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1. Miss_D
Glad that Verna owned up to things but I don't forgive her. She sold out Huck to keep her position and they made him suffer very badly. I hope this is not forgotten by anyone on the show. Thrilled that Liv shut Edison down then punted him out of her bed permanently after his latest round of neanderthal bullshit. Promo for next week shows me he's about to do his own version of "And I Am Telling You..."

Sally vs Mellie will be even more entertaining in the future when Fitz returns but not at full strength. James with the baby was a great scene but he & Cyrus have definitely hit a rough patch. I enjoy their relationship so I am curious how things will unfold between them. Best part: Fitz woke up and spoke to Olivia. Yaaaaay.
K.M. Jackson
2. kwanawrites
@Miss_D I'm with you and not so quick to forgive Verna. I love what you say about Edison's "And I'm Telling You..." next week. I can't wait.

As for James and Cyrus. They sure are going through it. Those two are not meant to work and live together and I fear a baby will only make it worse. Also Cyrus as a father? The man is scary.

As for the "Hi." it was the very best :-)
Synithia W
3. Synithia W
Man, oh, man, so much to cover I wont forget it all. Loved this episode (watched DVRd yesterday). I was already mad that they couldn't pick a cuter rebound guy for Olivia--he had no chance, but good looking would have been better. And when he got mail there, I was like "Hold up, who you supposed to be." Glad he finally got kicked to the curb. I thought the same thing on Olivia's white jacket when she tried to touch Huck. But hey, she was like white jacket be damned when she saw her friend. That's what's up! Catching Becky was too easy, so I think Hollis will do some real big ish in the coming episodes. Especially if Fritz pushes himself too much and looks all sick and weak in front of everyone. I still think it takes a bunch of balls for Olivia to be coming all up in Fritz's room making demands in front of the wife. Such a disfunctional, yet sexy, three way relationship going on there.
*deep breath*
Okay, Scandal rant over now. Thanks for the awesome re-cap :)
K.M. Jackson
4. kwanawrites
@Synithia W love your rant! Please rant anytime. And I agree I wish old Ed was cuter and less dull. Maybe he would have had a chance against Fitz.
Nicole Leapheart
5. BoxyFrown
I'm so late on this recap. Actually, I just digested this whole series over my winter break from work. I am obsessed with Fitz/Olivia, and HOW MUCH DIRT CAN YOU PACK IN ONE SHOW?

Lovely recap, thanks, and I will be stalking;)
Penni Ellington
6. pellington
The reason I missed Scandal last Thursday when it was airing and had to wait until Friday night after work? Cause I was busy gushing to Josh Molina how much I love him and his show. In person. That man is so damn awesome.
K.M. Jackson
7. kwanawrites
@BoxyFrown Thanks for the comment. I'm so glad you'll be stalking :-)

@pellington Ok how jealous am I!? That is so cool! What a great excuse to miss the show! I'm a huge fan as you can see. Thanks for the comment. Please keep them coming.
Synithia W
8. kendra taylor
I watched this show in 3 days. I'm so depressed knowing that I only have 2 more episodes to go before an empty void fills my heart. When I saw the second season, I was disappointed because it was so different than the first. I asked myself, where's Stephen?! Who cares about this Lindsey Dwyer? Why is this a government conspiracy coverup? Why can't they go back to catching dirty politicians with their hands in the cookie jar. This was my thought process for about the first two episodes of the season.

But then, something happened... I don't know what it was because as soon as I saw President Grant kiss Olivia, I was all aboard that sexy relationship train. Maybe it was because the stakes were bigger in season 2 (i.e Olivia Pope and associates could be in serious hot water) that I started becoming a Gollum and locking myself away from the outside world. I literally almost called this show My Precious.

Anywho, this show is such a rare gem for its ability to not show stereotypes (black and white relationships being fueled by experimental lust rather than love, the typical gay man, the average conservative republican , the token black guy). I see every type of person on this show well-represented without putting their differences -religion, race, sexuality, political beliefs- on constant display and I'm so thankful for that. I dont even know how the writers are able to make every character likeable! I mean Mellie is like the 'other woman' and I want to hate her so somehow Olivia has more credibility to be with Fitz, but I can't. I've already imagined her and Olivia being friends and somehow joining forces to destroy Hollis (Hollace?). Anywho... this was a long diatribe. I loved reading your review of this episode! I'm so glad that Olivia kicked Edwards out because not only was he demanding when he had no right to be, he just couldn't compare to Fitz. Speaking of Fitz, every time he has little moments with Olivia, I start talking to the screen as if I just walked in on them accidently.

I hope this show lasts for several more seasons! We need more fantastic acting and writing like this!
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