Jan 10 2013 9:31am

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone Light Up the Screen in Gangster Squad

Emma Stone and Ryan GoslingLast night, a few of us at Team H&H were lucky enough to attend a screening of Gangster Squad (out tomorrow), which is inspired by the book by the same name and which you may have heard stars two of my favorites: Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.

****Light spoilers below****

As Sgt. Jerry Wooters and Grace Faraday, the pair are as charming together as they were in Crazy, Stupid Love, their playful chemistry a treat amid a tense, very violent mobster plot where bullets are constantly flying and ugliness is all around. Even the forbidden aspect of their relationship (he's in the gangster squad; she's mobster Mickey Cohen's ettiquette teacher/arm candy) makes for some lighthearted moments in the film, including a stolen kiss in the middle of crazy tense situation. And, okay, they look GREAT in period costume, it has to be said.

Side note: Surprisingly enough, the movie's romance wasn't limited to that between Gosling and Stone's characters. Another subplot revolves around Sgt. John O'Mara (Josh Brolin) and his pregnant wife, Connie (Mireille Enos), who not only understands why her husband is the way he is, but accepts that she can't change him—and that, really, she wouldn't want to. Plus...she's tough as nails, pretty much. It's awesome.

Here's a clip of Grace and Jerry's first meeting:

Will you see Gangster Squad, or sit this one out?

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1. Torifl
Super jealous!! I really want to see this. I am hopelessly addicted to mobster stories.
Eva / TXBookjunkie
3. TXBookjunkie
I saw this movie earlier this week. I really enjoyed it. Note that since it's a mobster movie, it was obviously violent.

I love the chemistry between Gosling and Stone in this movie and Crazy Stupid Love. Makes me wish they were a real life couple.
Heather Waters
4. HeatherWaters
@Torifl -- It was fun! Lots of violence, of course, but it goes with the territory. You'll have to let me know what you think!

@MFrampton -- Right?! I was in it for that alone.

@TXBookjunkie -- Oh, yeah, definitely violent. A friend covered her ears several times with all the gun battles and car chases.

They do have great chemistry!
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