Jan 5 2013 6:00pm

Poll: What Are You Looking for in 2013 Romance?

Looking for You by Kate Perry

We talked about what we loved in 2012, but now the new year is here and we're looking forward to some new trends. Are you happy with what's out there in your bookstore's romance shelves or are you wanting a few changes in the genre? Let us know what you're looking for in the new year!

Hat tip to Tori Benson for her 2013 wish list post. 

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Cathy Pegau
1. Cathy Pegau
What about some science fiction romance love? And also yes, more LGBT!
Cathy Pegau
2. writergirl
I wanted to vote for more than one category. (I'm not one dimentional)
so... Shake things up in Historical...
More contempoaries...
Two words Female Assassins
Laura K. Curtis
3. LauraKCurtis
What is WITH the billionaires? What, it's not enough to be a millionaire ten times--or a hundred times--over?

More sports romances, please! It's funny, because I am not such a big fan of sports themselves, but I do like the sports-themed romances.

More romantic suspense that's non-paramilitary. Don't get me wrong, I love paramilitary RS, but what happened to the more procedural stuff? (Just finished First Do No Evil by Carey Baldwin, and am jonesing for more like that, please.)
Cathy Pegau
4. HunebeeNZ
More romantic suspense. This sub-genre has dwindled to a very few titles. Most of my faves have gone truly suspense with little romance or have gone the way of 'paranormal' (which I also love).

More real romances... not erotica dressed up as romance. The market is being drenched with erotic fiction. For me they are two different genres and should be marketed as such. Give me some decent true-blue romance.
Jena Briars
5. CutMyTeethOnKleypas
If only I could vote all of the above. (I voted "no more billionaires" though.)
Karen Haas
6. KarenH
I'm for a wider variety of H/H in historical. More of the working men and women of the 19th century is what I'd like to read. Even through in a bit of early 20th century...maybe through the Roaring 20's!
Pamela Marsh
7. pwminmi
I would love to see more World War II historicals. The two I read in 2012, His Very Own Girl by Carrie Lofty and Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein were incredibly moving.
Vanessa Ouadi
8. Lafka
All of the above... Plus, more less-than-perfect heroes and heroines, bring them on! Oh, and as an amateur of BDSM erotica, I would add more books starring a real Domme heroine (i.e. not a switch, not a sub in disguise and not the crazy villain). Please, please, pretty please!
Mary Beth Bass
9. marybeth
All I want is more Elizabeth Hoyt. I'm just rereading everything and waiting for LORD OF DARKNESS.
Cathy Pegau
10. Ekatarina Sayanova
I'm actually writing one about a female assasin. She is the last thing her targets see...
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