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Lost Girl Season 3, Episode 2 Recap: Fae Gone Animalistic

Tamsin in Lost Girl Season 3, episode 2, SubterrfaeneanThank fae—Lost Girl is back! Be sure to check out all of our recaps, from Season 1 and Season 2 to the most recent episode of Season 3 aired in the U.S. on the SyFy Channel. All caught up? Good. And now, on to the recap for last night’s Season 3 premiere, episode 3.02, "Subterrfaenean.”

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Regular Lost Girl reviewer Kiersten Krum has handed the recap duties over this week. I believe that means we can get handsy with Dyson while she’s gone. If you’re ready to find out where Lauren and Bo sit after that baby talk last episode, see if Dyson has a chance to get back with our favorite succubus and discover who has the best outfit (Kenzi or Vex), then let’s hit the highlights of “Subterrfaenean.”

Vex and Kenzi hit a club together. This pleases me on a special level. These two may not want to admit it, but they are kindred spirits. Though Kenz always has better shoes.

Of course, these two aren’t out for a bit of fun. One of Kenzi’s friends, Ozzy, says people are disappearing in the tunnels around the club. She and Vex are there to investigate. Would Bo approve?

Maybe, maybe not. She’s too busy making the sexy time with Lauren to be concerned with disappearing folk.

Back at the underground club, there’s some sort of magician performing. He is decidedly lame, but people start disappearing during his opening spiel. The lights go out, and when they turn back on his on-stage help is bloody and dead. Kenzi and Vex make like the rest of the partiers and run. Vex leaves before Kenzi, again proving she is the bravest of them all.

Bo is having nightmares where she is using her succubus skills on random guys. Slamming them up against walls all sexy like, and killing them (less sexy like). Lauren cracks a joke about how committing to her is what is scaring Bo. She denies it, but Lauren has found my fear. I just don’t a strong chemistry vibe between them. Or maybe I like when Bo is having the wolfy sex with Dyson. Regardless, boo commitment to Lauren!

Vex and Kenzi get back to the loft just as Bo is preparing to head to the Dahl. Kenz begs her to help find her friend Ozzy. When asked to join them in the search, Vex responds that he can’t miss Real Housewives. Continue to heart him. So glad he’s sticking around.

Bo to Vex: “If you go near my girlfriend, the little balls hanging from our Christmas tree next year will have a certain panache.”

Dyson and Tamsin at the gym in Lost Girl 3.02 SubterrfaeneanShirtless men abound! Boxing gym for the win with the bonus of Dyson sparring. It’s here we meet Tamsin, Dyson’s new partner. I bett he casting call read: A skinny blonde with plenty of attitude. Three lines in, and I think I like her.

Turns out the Sewer Alligator legend joked about at the human underground club is real. I feel like there should be a better, cooler fae name for them. Odd to have the fae say “sewer alligator” and confirm their existence.

Tamsin works for the dark fae. This should be interesting, if it lasts.

Kenzi confides in Bo about her past life as a runaway, including her days living in underground tunnels.

Trick calls Bo, because she still hasn’t shown up at the Dahl, and he’s brought in a very needy Weaver to help with Bo’s night terrors. She likes her glass full and all the attention on her. I’m kind of sensing a Real Housewives thread through this episode. Also, she totally wants to get handsy with Trick. Heh.

There is a random blindfolded guy hunting rats in the tunnels. So. That happened.

This leads our super duo to a bunch of fae gone animalistic. The fae in the tunnel stumble around like zombies and it appears they’ve been feeding on (and dismembering) corpses. The shambling fae turn Bo and Kenz over to their leader. He’s reptilian (and blind!), so it’s a safe bet this is our sewer alligator. Given his taste for proper etiquette, I think he’d also prefer a better term for his species.

Bo to the sewer alligator when he says he just wants to be left alone: “Most people who want to be left alone don’t abduct tourists or chow down on fae soldiers.”

Tamsin suggests the killing at the underground club could have just been someone’s way of getting rid of nerds. Still like her.

So, Alligator Man (I’m giving him a new name) has pictographs of his life on the ceiling of his lair. Only, you know, he’s blind, so that seems rather useless. He displays them to Kenzi and Bo while imparting his sad, sad story.

He doesn’t accept Bo’s suggestion of peace. Instead he locks her and Kenzi in a chamber and it begins to fill with some type of toxic gas.

When we come back from break, Bo and Kenzi are spooning on Bo’s bed. Cue Vex (in his jammies, eating cereal): “So, go on then, how was it to finally consummate your marriage?”

Dyson walks in to see Bo, Kenzi and Vex in a pillow fight. I’m not even kidding.

Tamsin questions Bo in Lost Girl Season 3 episode 2, SubterrfaeneanDyson and Tamsin bring Bo in to the station after Dyson scented her at the underground club crime scene. Only Tamsin has another line of questions for her. Crime scene photos of a fae who's currently in a coma—the very one Bo fed on in her nightmare.

When Dyson claims he knows Bo didn’t kill anyone, Tamsin replies: “Because when God was handing out brains you took a second dick?” It’s official: I may enjoy Tamsin’s combative ways more than Vex’s. (That’s saying something.)

Ozzy shows up at the loft like nothing happened. Unfortunately, he keeps saying that Kenzi and he went out for drinks and he told her he’d call. Then he faints. Luckily, we have a Weaver handy to find out what memory has been lost.

The memories revealed sent them to a shipping yard. When they open the shipping container, they find a whole lot of dirty, confused people. They bring them to the police station. Bo suggests they can’t be part of Atticus’s (Sewer Alligator) plan because these people were held above ground. Both the people from above ground and Atticus’s fae are bleeding from the eyes, which makes Dyson and Tamsin very nervous.

As Bo and Kenzi reveal that Atticus isn’t the source of the problem, Dyson’s boss shows up to work some dream magic on them. He wants to know how to get into the sewer alligator’s lair. It turns out he is known as the Slender Man (a.k.a. the Pied Piper). He’s the one making everyone sick, feeding off the other fae.

Bo offers up the Slender Man to Atticus, so he can finally get his revenge. The reason he’s been locked underground for ninety years can’t hurt him anymore, and it’s time for them to talk.

Tamsin and Dyson sparring in the boxing ring. While I think she telegraphs her punches, Dyson is still getting knocked around a bit. Maybe he’s distracted by all the pretty. There’s chemistry here.

Tamsin: Does that blood in your mouth taste good?

Dyson: Yeah.

*smoldering kiss*

Tamsin: Do I taste good?

Dyson: Yeah, but I still don’t want a new partner.

Tamsin still has plans to make Bo pay for feeding on one of the dark, but that should keep this season interesting. Plus, the Dyson kissing doesn’t hurt.

Bo finally meets with the Weaver. She sees Bo doing horrible things, and runs out of the room. She refuses to tell her what she saw. Like that isn’t ominous.


So, H&H readers: Are you pro Tamsin? Can you handle the potential with Dyson until Bo breaks up with Lauren? Did Vex really work that kimono as well as he thought he did? Hit the comments!


While Chelsea Mueller runs Vampire Book Club, she won’t turn down a sexy werewolf, demon or faerie. Her appreciation of Alexander Skarsgard is well documented. Bother her on Twitter — @ChelseaVBC — she likes it.

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1. whiskeywhite
Thanks, Chelsea for taking over while Kiersten is apparently partying in New Orleans (that's just jealousy talking).

Will wait and see on Tamsin. She certainly has a smart mouth. Tamsin to Dyson's Black sparring partner: "Twenty bucks if you kill the white boy." No wonder Dyson has a WTF look on his face. Then he goes all wolfy on the other boxer (isn’t that cheating?). Different outcome when Dyson and Tamsin are sparring at the end. Other than one wild swing, which she ducks, he seems to just stand there while she hits him in the face (rather ineffectually – she’s no Kenzi with her power slap). Ever the gentleman, I guess.

Speaking of which, it was charming to see Dyson courteously hold Bo's chair for her at the police station. That’s new – while always polite, Dyson generally treats Bo like he tells Kaden: “Bo’s tough; she can look after herself.” Our boy is clearly missing Bo badly. Which Tamsin picks up on rather quickly I thought. It's obvious they have a special relationship, but Tamsin almost immediately asks, "Are you in love with this girl?" A bit of a leap I thought. He ducks the question, but later on assures Tamsin that Bo is not his girlfriend. Awwww.

But, excuse me, "girl"? Bo is no girl. Rant warning: I really dislike the current tendency to call grown women 'girls'. Have we reverted to the 1960s? Even worse, Dyson at some point (sorry, can't name the episode) refers to "chicks". I love my D-man, but not when he uses language like that. Women have fought for decades to be taken seriously and to not be called 'girls' and 'chicks'.

On the other hand, my heart melted when Dyson told Bo to go ahead and knock down the tunnel's roof support with “Go for it, babe.” Bo doesn’t seem to be picking up the clues to Dyson’s (literal) change of heart. But I guess we need to give her a break -- she’s had to accept his belief that his inability to love her is permanent.

I liked Atticus (a little shout out there to “To Kill a Mocking Bird”) and his courteous exchange with Bo – she helps him to his feet, he kisses her hand. A nice small acting touch – he approaches Hamelin with the dangerous waddle of an alligator, and the swishing tail of his alligator coat.

More good deeds from Hale. He is, in fact, growing into the job.

Poor Vex is definitely in trouble. We now fully see his inability to use his Mesmer powers foreshadowed in the first episode. But he still has his fashion sense – note that he accessorizes his sling with a leather strap for the trip to the underground club.
Nicole Leapheart
2. BoxyFrown
Great recap as usual!
This episode had more topless Dyson so, win!
What a cute little Ash Hale makes!
Tamsin is a bitch...but I'm having a hard time hating her. She reminds me of Kristanna Loken.
Fave quote: " Relax bitch, I brought gifts." I don't know why that tickles me so much, but it was worth the price of admission.
Vex and Kenz are like goth Hansel and Gretel.
3. ChelseaMueller
@BoxyFrown - "Vex and Kenz are like goth Hansel and Gretel."

You are awesome. That's so it.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
4. Kiersten
Thanks for the pinch hit, Chelsea! Though I am watching those hands! ;-)
Suzanne Metaxas
5. SuzyM
I hate to nit pick but the name isn't Ozzy it Aussie :) If you remember he explained to Vex he got the nickname because he always wanted to see Australia. In the future you can always check name out by checking the IMDb of Lost Girl :) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2373623/ I too have problems understanding them some times :D KHR is notorious for swallowing his words :(

I agree with you about Tamsin :) I think the sparing between her and Dyson is going to be a lot of fun, but like the Wolfman said, "I don't want a new partner." Not too sure he was referring to Hale :) thinking he was referring to Bo :D at least I hope so!

I did love this episode :) it is the first time in a long time we have seen all the characters we love enjoy themselves a little :D I do so like happy better than morose!
6. ChelseaMueller
@SuzyM - That's too funny. I was giving the guy too much credit. I took the explanation to Vex as in Oz = Australia.
Suzanne Metaxas
7. SuzyM
LOL, yes the creative minds sometime over thinks things! Been there done that :)
8. TheGardner
Thanks for the recap Chelsea!

This episode was a decent follow-up to the season opener; solid character development, interesting story, and captivating Fae-of-the-Week. The problem- it was to busy. There was too much going on to devote enough time to each piece. Don't tar and feather me, but the boxing gym stuff was totally unnecessary. It took time out from the story and actual character development. Yes it established Tamsin as a bitch and Dyson's new partner, but so did both of the interrogation scenes with Bo at the cop shop. Beyond an excuse for Dyson to take his shirt off the scenes had no purpose.

Another thing that bothered me, what happened to Lauren after the sex-athon? If someone is bleeding from the eyes wouldn't the norm be to oh I don't know, take them to a doctor? Eh, dream weaver, doctor same diff, uh right. Lauren didn't need to appear on screen, but it felt weird that she wasn't at least mentioned.


Atticus was a great character and the Pied Piper was a decent villian, but sadly both were seriously underused. I get that this episode was all "let's meet Tamsin, isn't she great" but to much time was spent on it. It felt like the little glimplses into Kenzi's past were glossed over in favor of new character introduction which I feel is a missed opportunity. The dream weaver stuff was fun, but there wasn't enough time for her either.


Regular Bo - It was nice seeing her happy in her relationship with Lauren. Her interactions with Kenzi were as always a gem albeit brief. Her awkwardness with Dyson was overshadowed by the animosity between her and Tamsin so hopefully that will be revisited later. The dreams are concerning and it bothered me that she didn't talk to Lauren about it, is Bo keeping secrets now? It also makes me wonder how much she remembers or is aware of when Dark Bo comes out.

Dark Bo - Non-existent save some dark dream-weavy foreshadowing.

Kenzi - There was a lot going on with her and the little reveals from her past were nice. As for her relationship with Vex, I think he is really her only "available" friend right now. Bo is busy with Lauren, Hale is the Ash now so he isn't around as much, Trick has the Dahl, Dyson is busy with his job and new partner, so Kenzi I am sure is feeling left out, which I think will definetly be explored later.

Dyson - Dissapointed me, he still hasn't told Bo the truth (how long are TPTB going to drag this out) so he is still keeping secrets from the woman he supposedly loves, ugh dude you are 1000 years old grow up, be a man. INMHO his interactions with Tamsin felt flat and the "romantic" chemistry forced. It was nice to see him with Hale and that their bro-mance has recovered after it was shattered in Season 2.

Tamsin - To early to tell. In this episode she was really over the top so hopefully as her charater moves foreward she will tone it down.

Lauren - Avil Alert! Sex with a succubus makes you so dehydrated and tired that you dissapear for the rest of the episode. Lauren's inability to keep up with Bo will obviously come into play later. In the mean time it was nice to see her confident and sexy with Bo. The sex scene was hot, with the added humor it felt light, like they were a real couple being intimate and aside from the nightmares, angst free for once!

Hale - Absent, save 30 seconds where he showed up and reminded us he is the Ash now.

Trick - The dream weaver hitting on him was funny, but beyond that he was wasted.

Eh, overall it could have been better, but still entertaining and I am already salivating for next weeks episode.
lala belle
9. lalabelle
If you're going to wear the "review" hat you need to r-e-v-i-e-w the important details of an episode from start to finish, not the bits and pieces you like most.

"Vex leaves before Kenzi, again proving she is the bravest of them all."
"Bo is having nightmares where she is using her succubus skills on random guys"...didididah Lauren...dididah Lauren..."boo commitment to Lauren!"

What about the missing piece between those two paragraphs? You know, where Bo and Lauren have sex? And not just sex -- playful sex? The kind of sex two people who are really into each other would have. The kind of sex some of the love-starved users of this website wish they could have.

I used to be a Bo/Dyson shipper until I realized that the sex between them was mostly like two dogs fucking in an alley. I disliked how teenage-girl stupid Bo became with Dyson after she realized she could fuck him until kingdom come and not kill him during it. But this "gee golly" stage would be expected of a newly-found succubus who has never before been able to have sex without killing her sex partner. However, this is the story of Bo -- who for the first 29 years of her life did not know what she was and why she could never have a love relationship with anyone without causing death -- and who, as a succubus, has been bisexual and killing both men and women until she met Dyson. OK. I still got into the sexy .......... and then I realized: Dyson isn't helping Bo "find" herself. They have sex, yeah, but he's not teaching her anything about being a succubus who craves sex for survival. No. The one who does teach her how to have sex with anyone without leaving a dead body behind is Lauren. Lauren is the teacher who helps Bo control her cravings. Lauren is the one who helps Bo learn how to have sex without killing -- and in doing so the gate leading to love and fulfillment is finally completely opened for Bo to walk through.

When the Ash ordered Lauren to keep Bo away from Vex and do whatever she needed to do to keep Bo alive ...... quite frankly ...... I applauded Lauren grabbing the succubus by the horns and riding her. Not only was it the only way to distract a succubus, but that icebreaker was going to happen one way or another -- and was itching to happen from the moment Bo seduced Lauren in the lab when the doctor was examining her new patient for the first time.

I was more than ready to scooch into the sofa each week with my microwave popcorn and Chardonnay for my evening of Lost Girl and watch girl/boy & girl/girl make merry -- until Dyson crashed the party by demanding Bo to be monogamous with him. I mean, didn't this 1,000 year old Fae know what a succubus was? Didn't he know Bo would be going against her succubus nature if she promised to not have sex with anyone else and feed from anyone else? I knew that throughout their relationship together, Dyson would occasionally make a derogatory remark about Lauren (a. because she was human and he considered humans to be worthless, and b. because he was jealous of Bo's relationship with Lauren). And throughout their relationship together, Lauren would now and then make a snarky remark about Dyson. However, of the two, Lauren never asked or expected Bo to do anything that would go against what she was and needed to do for herself. That manipulation by Dyson, that territorial pissing he made on Bo, clinched the Bo/Lauren ship for me. I mean, really, who needs a guy that wants to control you? Who needs a guy with a jealous streak that will feel threatened whenever anyone displays a more-than-Platonic interest in you? But mostly, why would anyone want to tie down Bo -- a succubus?

As a fan of Lost Girl who's on Team Bo, I will enjoy Dyson for what he is: handsome, sexy, and wolfie. But I root for the self-confident lover who allows Bo's horses to run free -- and that lover is Lauren.

To review a Lost Girl episode with the blatant anti-Lauren bias exhibited in this recap insults the dynamic character Bo is and the journey of Lost Girl.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
10. Kiersten
I find Tamsin to be quite a brat. She clearly has an agenda, some of which may be valid- we know Bo has been feeding indiscriminately & doesn't remember it - but her youth & inexperience are too obvious to ignore. I do like that she has purpose & is not simply discovered tied up in the back of a van... Her partnership w/Dyson is organic to the show, part of light/dark peace movement which is absolutely in line with Hale's stated vision for how the Fae need to evolve even before he became "acting" Ash. So Tamsin's arrival doesn't feel forced just to be a temporary romantic foil to Bo & Dyson by giving Dyson somewhere to - erm -hang his pelt while Bo gets this Doctor Lauren thing out of her system.

I do think Dyson is intrigued but more b/c he's trying to figure her out. She's beautiful & snarky but she's also mean & clearly w/reason. He's also not above using her a bit to needle Bo, which works but also backfires. His & Bo's awkward "I'm good" I'm good too" was adorable along w/the whole pulling out of the chair. S2E2 Bo was prepared to get Dyson to fall in love with her all over again; wonder if Dyson is working a similar tactic now

In the meantime...it was good to be back in the cop shop and to have Dyson actually detecting again. I love that we're back into the Fae world & politics. I loved Bo & Kenzi back together in the tunnels talking to each other, sharing parts of their back stories & once again shoring up the foundation of this show.

Vex is still bringing the funny- the slippers! - and the pillow fight brought welcomed levity. Then Dyson walks in & smiles & Kenzi looks up & smiles, always happy to see him & Bo looks up & smiles b/c that's her instinctive response to seeing him. For a moment, they're just all so damn happy to be in the room together. I've really missed how they light one another up that way. And then Tamsin walks in...

This ep was such an improvement on episode 1 its like a whole different season already. Getting back to the Fae world & its inherent conflict & how Bo constantly bucks that system should revitalize things again. Plus we had Bo being a badass, Kenzi goodness, Vexaliciousness & Dyson wolfing out for hero moment. "Go for it, babe." Strewth. Oh yes, do,

And then there were the boxing scenes...
Kiersten Hallie Krum
11. Kiersten
@lalabelle - please forgive the brevity of this response as I am commenting from my phone is an airport.

I'm truly sorry that you didn't enjoy the review. Chelsea, today' blogger, is covering for me and filled in at last minute at that. Whatever your dissatisfaction, I and everyone else on this site would appreciate it if you would not attack and insult the many readers who visit Heroes and Heartbreakers every day in your comments

I appreciate your views and opinions on Lost Girl. Even though I don't share them, I know many other fans do. Perhaps you would be happier discussing the show with them. For my part, I have no interest in converting or convincing you to mine or any one else's point of view.

Not every web site is for everyone. Thankfully the Internet is full of choices. Please feel free to exercise your own to read somewhere else.
Suzanne Metaxas
12. SuzyM
lalabelle I think you got a little carried away with your attack. Yes I said ATTACK. You were not voicing your opinions you were attacking the guest reviewer. G-U-E-S-T R-E-V-I-E-W-E-R Chelsea was gracious enough to step in for Kiersten and I think deserved a bit more courtesy.

Everyone has a different way of doing things and perhaps Chelsea is not as rabid as some Lost Girl fans are about their show. Perhaps she was just trying to do a quick review using the style that is hers. I am really tired of everyone insinuating if you don't bow down to Doctor Lauren's character you are somehow prejudice.

I am a Dyson lover and make no apology for it. I thoroughly enjoyed the boxing scene and felt it did add something to the story. I think Tamsin was fishing to find out what her new partner was like and she found some answers but not all. Perhaps it is you who are looking at the show with a jaundice eye? I think you should re-read your post and maybe you will see that it was a total attack! This is just my opinion.
13. lalabelle

Unless I'm mistaken, this website is called "Heroes and Heartbreakers" -- not "Heterosexual Heroes and Heartbreakers." Bo Dennis is a hero. She's the hero of Lost Girl -- and she's bisexual. That is not going to change.

Ship whatever you want, but please stop the denials about Bo's sexual nature and what she represents.
Megan Frampton
14. MFrampton
I'm stepping in to ask everyone to stay polite and keep the discussion a discussion, and focused on the show. Discussing who Bo should be with is something Kiersten discusses regularly (and she acknowledges both sides). We're okay with discussion, but not if it turns personal.


Carmen Pinzon
15. bungluna
I love you Kiersten! (please excuse the fangirl moment.)

I enjoyed this episode much more than the first one. That one left a bad taste in my mouth; the more I thought about it, the less I liked it. This one was full of the fun that attracted me in the first place.

It's too soon for me to know if I'll like Tamsin, but one thing about her I do like: she calls Bo on her $hit! Towards the end of season 2, with the Champion and the bloody Garuda, it felt like Bo was getting the deity treatment. Having a little perspective, especialy from the Dark whose pov we haven't really explored yet, is a welcome addition to the show.

Besides, shirtless Dyson is never a waste of show time!
16. Ashlynkat
I am full on Doccubus but truthfully, Lalabelle, I don't think this is cool. Heroes and Heartbreakers is well know DyBo site and I think it is fair to respect their space. It's not a "neutral" site like the Showcase blog, SyFy Forums, Lost Girl FB page, etc.

Everyone needs a (relatively) safe space on the Internet where they can talk with like minded folks and have fun. We wouldn't like a Team Dyson fan stirring up stuff on Doccubus.com, LChat or at the AfterEllen recaps and we should extend the same courtesy to the ladies here.
Suzanne Metaxas
17. SuzyM
lalabelle OK, there is only one person here making sexual innuendos and that is you. We all know that Bo is a Succubus and has no preference who she feeds from. You are the one looking for a fight for some absurd reason. We discuss here and are friendly to each other no matter what our preferences; you on the other hand seem to have a definite agenda so perhaps you should find another forum more in line with your opinions. We come here to enjoy ourselves and discuss the show we love. We respect each other and the opinions given, you did not state an opinion you attacked. I guess that might be your aim, to ruin a fun place for everyone else. Hopefully we will ignore you, starting with me :) I'm done.
18. lalabelle

As a TV watcher who doesn't fantasize about what I wished would be happening in a TV show, but, instead, enjoy a storyline the way the creators of the series developed it, I cannot fathom why anyone would want to re-invent characters, scenes, and intents.

I'm not into the "Twilight"- like Team wars that were deliberately created by Showcase about Lost Girl. I'm not a teenager. I accept the protragonist of Lost Girl for what she is. It's a planetoid of absurdity for Doccubus fantards to be so obsessed about Lauren, just as Dybo fantards are obsessed about Dyson. The only "agenda" I have is to protect the hero of Lost Girl, Bo, from being turned into a tug-and-pull between two factions that have nothing better to do with their time.

As for me making "sexual innuendos" -- LOL! Bo is a bisexual in every sense. She is emotionally and physically bisexual. For anyone, anywhere, to deliberately avoid noticing that 3x02 has almost 4 minutes of Bo and Lauren having sex and bantering about it is (as dear, sweet Kenzi would say) cray-cray.
Carmen Pinzon
19. bungluna
Fantards? I'd not run across this one before. Would somebody please translate for me?
Suzanne Metaxas
20. SuzyM
Hi bungluna I'm sure it is something derogatory. The person using it seems to be bent on insulting and hurting peoples feeling. Therefore I'm not paying any attention to them or worry about what anything they say means :)
21. ChelseaMueller
Geez. A woman goes to get her hair done and misses all the craziness.

For those who didn't guess, I use the more H&H standard style recap of highlights peppered with snarky opinion (usually about abs and 'ship status). This is the format we use for Arrow, True Blood and the like. I know it's different than Kiersten's more detailed Lost Girl format. I'm sorry if you felt something was missing. The post wasn't intended as a review, but a recap of what I deemed the noteworthy moments.

@lalabelle - Unfortunately, we disagree about how noteworthy the Bo/Lauren scene was. I also think you may have watched the Canadian version, because it wasn't anywhere near 4 minutes long on SyFy. For me, those two just lack tension. I don't feel the push/pull that I do between other characters here. I would be open to seeing Bo in a relationship with someone other than Dyson—male or female—but they need to be someone I see sparks with. I have heard the U.S. edit takes away from her and Lauren's relationship, though.

I'm happy to see people in the comments advocate viewpoints that differ from my own. Really. I think it makes the post more fun. However, like the others, I would ask you try not to disparage the H&H readers. We're a romance blog. We have man candy posts every Friday. We 'ship on just about every TV show. And we're adults, who deserve to be treated as such.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
22. Kiersten
You guys, all I did was get on a plane!!

Thank you, Megan & Chelsea. Very much.

Bung- the feeling is mutual.

An especially deep felt thank you to Ashlynkat for your graceful, understanding, and supportive comment & recognition.

I'm at baggage claim. I will have (a little) more to say later but probably not until tomorrow

Lalabelle I encourage you to search the site for posts on M/M F/F etc relationships.
23. whiskeywhite
Yikes, @lalabelle. In my view you are welcome here as long as you do what others do and that is, treat others who comment with respect, no matter how much you disagree with them, and especially the reviewer, Chelsea, who in this case is doing all of us all a special favour. It's entirely possible to disagree vehemently without attacking people personally or using derogatory words. If you don't want to be respectful, then that's, unfortunately, your choice and it's what is making people react negatively.

There is not a single person who participates here that does not recognize -- or denies -- that Bo is bisexual and loves both a woman and a man. To claim otherwise is at best inaccurate and at worst grossly unfair. And I believe deeply in being fair to other people (or at least trying as hard as we can). Truthfully, this is a pro-Dyson environment, just like other sites are pro-Lauren, but pro-Lauren views are welcome.

For instance, I, like others, am glad to see Bo having some happiness with Lauren and I find that there's plenty of space here for me. You make some good points about what Lauren is able to teach Bo, and I admire Lauren for making the effort to help Bo, quite aside from whatever personal interest she might have in the outcome. But keep in mind that Dyson shows Bo that she can have sex without killing, something that she didn't previously believe was possible. And he does so with some sensitivity ("Bo, have you thought this through?") not to mention, over time, some damage to himself.

But you see sex between Bo and Dyson as "like two dogs fucking in an alley". Don't you find that image quite offensive to Bo? How do we respect a hero portrayed in that way?

Speaking of accuracy, of which I am a huge fan, Dyson never demanded that Bo be monogamous. In fact, he was the one who gave her the little lecture (in Ep. 1.12) about how being monogamous wasn't in her nature as a succubus. It was Bo who said she was trying to fight her nature for him. She said she wasn't willing to make any promises and he accepted that. How is that trying to tie her down? As Kiersten has pointed out eloquently here -- that's a conversation between two adults trying to figure out how to be together when their needs are so different and being ready to make sacrifices around those needs because they love each other. Lauren and Bo also have very different needs which will have to be sorted out through their love.

Anyway, in my view another thoughtful, respectful participant is welcome here. It's your choice @lalabelle if that will be you.

And everybody else -- thanks for the fabuloso comments as always.
24. whiskeywhite
Thanks @SuzyM for mentioning something that I’ve been noticing for some time. There are times when, no matter how many times I rewind, I can’t figure out what in the world KHR is saying. The man – of whom I am a big fan – is a trained actor. What happened to e-nun-ci-a-tion? And I agree that “I don’t want a new partner” is both professional and personal.

@The Garderner, Kiersten, @Bungluna – I agree that this is a much better episode. “Bad taste in my mouth” in truth.

@The Garderner you’re right about the boxing as well, though hey, shirtlessness is always a worthy purpose. I’ve been reading Chelsea’s recaps of “Arrow” – there it’s all about shirtlessness (and abs). Excellent points about missing Lauren and Bo not telling Lauren about her dreams. I have been waiting for something bad to be wrong with Lauren since they made a big point – twice – of her reaching for water and not being able to get it. But I need to give up on plot predicting since I obviously suck at it.

Kiersten, good to have you back, girl. I was a little put off by Dyson’s “she’s easy on the eyes” remark. What would have been the point of needling Bo – is this grade school where boys being mean to girls means “I like you”? But Bo certainly took it in stride.

@Bungluna –excellent point about Bo “getting the deity treatment”.

I’m happy the Morrigan is back; I love her sass. Not to mention that dress – wowza! But that woman is too thin. That’s the kind of media image that sets up unrealistic standards of beauty for women. (The abs fascination in “Arrow” and other shows does the same thing to men). Kenzi is also too thin, which the show has even commented on (in “Mirror, Mirror”), but at least in her case it seems a bit more natural.

Speaking of Kenzi, I’m so glad the show has toned down the heavy emphasis on drinking. At the beginning, (heavy) drinking was the solution to everything (e.g., Bo’s rejection by Dyson). Even Hale remarks that Kenzi drinks too much. Another unhealthy media message for women at a time when risky drinking is becoming a major health hazard for women.

@lalbelle – sorry, I had a little attack of the self-righteous preachies last night. But @Ashlynkat hit the nail on the head.

Now -- must actually work.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
25. Kiersten
@WhiskeyWhite - ah, The Morrigan wasn't in this ep, love. That's next week for us. Gotta watch that episode confusion since you Canadians are getting first pass on season 3 - a-yah ;-)
Linda Losik
26. LindaL
@TheGardner: I think that Dyson is keeping the fact that he has his love back secret as to not upset Bo who he sees as happy. I am thinking that he doesn’t want to complicate an already difficult relationship.

@lalabelle: You, of course, are welcome to your opinion; just don’t try to shove it down our throats. I don’t see the passion between Bo and Lauren; in fact saw more passion/sparks between Bo and the assistant who was helping to fit Bo for her wedding dress! The comment about Bo and Dyson was over the top and insulting to all of us. Remember: Bo needs both Lauren and Dyson. Each gives her something that the other doesn’t.

All in all, this was a much better episode than I had hoped. The season opener left a really bad taste in my mouth and not because of the Bo/Lauren pairing. It was everything else that leads up to it!

Tasmin is going to be interesting; her conflicts with Bo should be interesting and amusing!
27. whiskeywhite
Ooops. Ooops. Ooops. Sorry about the episode confusion. I knew that was going to happen. We in Canada have seen two episodes before the recap goes up. I truly am having trouble keeping them separate. I will try even harder now, I promise.
28. TheGardner
Hey somebody actually read my long-ass comment woohoo! I feel so special. :-)

@whiskeywhite - I think you misunderstand, I thought episode 2 was decent, but I actually liked episode 1. It reminded me of all those dirty "women in prison" movies I used to watch through all the squiggly lines on Cinnemax when I was a teenager. I have nothing against half naked men or abs, but that is not the reason I watch this show and if that is all KHR is good for on here(which sadly seems to be the case sometimes) then he needs to get another job because he is better than that. As to Bo and Lauren they need to have a serious "come to Jesus" discussion about their relationship and the challenges(i.e. Bo's needing to feed/sexual healing and Lauren's human limitations) that they will face now that they are truely a couple. And eye blood, Bo take the kid to a doctor, you know your hot, sexy, girlfriend doctor, just sayin'.

@LindaL - I am sure it must be incredibly diffcult, bordering on traumatic, to go from feeling nothing to feeling everything so I can understand his needing time to figure it out. However, this is Bo, his "mate for life" she deserves to know the truth and the longer he waits to tell her the greater the reprecussions will be. Whatever happens in the mean time between Dyson and Bo will be tainted, especially if they hook-up(which I totally see happening) or he gets her to feed off him under the guise of being a friend. It already almost happened when he offered to "strength-bang" her in the season 2 finale. I'll give you that maybe he is being respectful of Bo's happiness and her relationship with Lauren, but how noble is he going to look to her when she finds out he(and Kenzi too for that matter) has been keeping this from her? Then again this is Lost Girl and he is Dyson, so she will probably be angry at him for half an episode then all will be forgiven.
Carmen Pinzon
29. bungluna
Mopey Dyson of Season 2 was only good for shirtless goodness, imo. I enjoy the character for the humor and little details that he brings to the role of the older alpha male. Since I usually can't understand half of what goes on without captions, I hadn't noticed KHR being particularly difficult to comprehend. I'll try to pay more attention to this.

I think the writers are cramming too much revisionist info in these episodes. I would like a slower pase so that we may explore things in greater detail. Kenzie's past, the Doc's limitations within her relationship with Bo, Bo's struggle with the dark, Dyson's state of mind now that his feelings are back, Hale's position as the new "interim" Ash. All these things need to be rolled out in greater detail, imo, not just crammed into as short a time as posible, which is what they're doing, again imo.
30. whiskeywhite
@TheGardener--of course I read your long-ass comment! Keep them coming. I love long-ass comments (my friends have make fun of me for writing too-long comments on Facebook). Well developed arguments take time. Now that I re-read your comment, I don't know how I came to conclude you preferred Ep. 2. Thanks for explaining.

Interesting discussion of the ramifications of Dyson delaying telling Bo about getting his love back. You know that the writers will try to drag that out for as long as possible. If he's genuinely trying to give Bo space to be happy with Lauren, I think she would be satisfied with that explanation. What's she going to say, "I wish you had told me sooner, I would have dropped her like a hot potato for you"? Or "Thank you"? By now she must be used to him sacrificing for her. Of course, she could also say, "I wish you had told me sooner so I could make my own decisions." She long ago (1.13) smacked down both Dyson and Trick for trying to decide what she should do vis-a-vis Aife.

But here I go plot predicting again. I'm doomed.

@Bungluna -- I wouldn't bother watching for KHR's incomprehensible bits. They're very infrequent and maybe your captions do a good job for you. Hey, maybe that's what I need -- captions! Then I could argue with my TV -- "That's not what she/he said!" A new fun type of engagement. :-)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
31. Kiersten
I predict Bo will be epically pissed when she finds out Dyson and Kenzi kept the info from her. Not that it would change her decision, but that she hates when people keep things from her, even if/when she realizes later that they had a point in doing so. Her initial reaction is still pissed, which I find it hard to argue w/as it's almost always my reaction to the same.

Closed captions are a MUST, not only with LG, in my opinion. I have them on for everything and have sometimes seen different text in the captions than what's being said on screen as the script changed in production. This usually happens with voiceovers. I find the proces fasicinating, almost always, the captions offer a little extra that gets missed verbally.
32. Shark with Lasers
I was intrigued by the appearance on the scene of Tamsin. She kind of reminded me of Ruby on Supernatural, in that she brings a heavy dose of snark and clouded intentions. I'm glad to see another Dark Fae playing a large role on the show as we haven't seen enough of that perspective. I'm curious to see her full motivations for what she's doing.
33. whiskeywhite
Since Ep. 3.01 has come up again -- there’s another interesting article on AfterEllen concerning a complaint from GLAAD about the portrayal of the warden as transphobic. LG producers, Prodigy Pictures, issued a statement in response, saying in part:
We did not intend this character to be seen as a transgender person, we apologize if the character was seen as such. We do hope that you accept that no comparison or discrimination toward the transgender community was intended by the depiction of this mythological character .
So, if the character wasn’t intended to be seen as transgendered, should transgendered people have identified with the character and been offended (together with others, like me, who saw the possible connection and were uneasy about the violent end of the warden)?

The discussion which follows the A-E article is fascinating (I recommend all 3 pages of it :-) ). A few folks have perspectives which remind me of points I’ve been trying to make for some time about the representation of characters on LG.

For instance, @Arvan12 (in “I'm a little wary of the idea'”) says, “I'm a little wary of the idea that ‘these are folklore creatures and were never intended to represent anything but what they are’.” @fobwatch agrees (in “Cosigned): “Fairytales and folklore are allegories, so though they may be fantastical, it's not unreasonable-in fact, it's sort of inevitable- to draw comparisons to real life.” @waponica says (in “Double standards?”), “It seems inconsistent to me to on the one hand, claim that the Liderc storyline is not "really" transphobic because of the Liderc's mythological traits (shapeshifting trickster) while on the other celebrate the significance of Bo's bisexuality.”

Right on. As I’ve been saying for some time, LG does not exist outside the political realities of our world and the writers need to be more conscious of those realities. In LG, Bo is not bi-sexual and Lauren is not a lesbian, because those categories don’t exist in the LG world. They are simply women who love women, while Bo also loves a man. But of course the viewers see them as representing these highly politicized identities (and indeed the producers have referred to Bo as bi-sexual from the beginning). So it matters – big time – how they are portrayed.

Similarly, Hale is not actually Black; that concept too does not exist, as a social category, in the LG world (Audrey, the waitress, does invite Dyson, in “Mirror Mirror” to “kiss my Black ass” but that’s purely descriptive). Yet to suggest that the Black (and white) viewers do not see Hale as Black would be ludicrous. So it really matters whether Hale is portrayed in a dignified manner. (To underline their anti-racist stance, the writers frequently have Dyson call Hale “brother”. A white man calling a Black man “brother” would not always be taken kindly in the Black community because of the highly politicized history of the term – a “brother” means a fellow Black man. To give them credit, the writers are sensitive enough not to have Hale ever refer to Dyson in that way.)

So viewers politicize the characters whether the writers intend it or not. Which brings us to intent. I cannot count the number of times in our 29 years together that my partner, who is Black (I am white) has said to me, “I know that you did not intend to hurt me, but you need to think about how I might reasonably react to things you say given my history and the (racist) world I live in.”

The A-E contributors address the question of intent eloquently. @Ms Mar (in “They handled it well”) reflects: “I remember watching that scene and really being shocked at what it could have symbolized. I honestly don't know how they wrote and directed that scene without seeing what it could imply. It really isn't a stretch.” (She adds, interestingly, “Mythologies and folklore are generally just metaphors for reality, which is one thing Lost Girl has never really gotten right, they take it too literally.”)

@sienak agrees (in “It doesn’t matter”): “It doesn't matter if the character was transgendered within the context of the show or not - if you portray something that lines up closely with an oppressed group's experience of being oppressed, it speaks to that experience, whether or not you meant it to line up that way. Or if it lines up closely with a common negative story about an opressed group.”

@HeatherN (in “Glad to see this”) sums it up succinctly: “Lost Girl wasn't transphobic (just blind to trans* issues).” @ fallon ash (in “Disappointed”) reflects my view: “I'm glad they apologized (though I'm disappointed they try to hide behind intent).”

OK, once again, must hit the day job.
Linda Losik
34. LindaL
@Kiersten and @WhiskeyWhite: If epically pissed equals the Mount Krakatoa eruption of 1883, then we are in full agreement!

@TheGardener : if you keep writing, we will keep reading! Love long comments!
Carmen Pinzon
35. bungluna
I love long comments too, especialy from articulate commenters, which I'm not, sorry.

To me, man disguised as woman for any purpose, be it nefarious or not, is not the same as transgender. The over-the-top nature of the character maybe sexualized it in a different way. Once I saw that it was a male, his treatment of Bo made more sense. After reading all the comments I can see how it appeared to people sensitive to these issues, but that's not how I perceived it upon first viewing.

This show handles sexual subject matter in a refreshingly open way. We live in a politically charged world, so there is bound to be some controversy. I would feel let down, though, if the writers became so politically correct that they started fine tuning their scripts so as not to offend anybody. To me that would be an act of self-sensorship.
36. radish
First less of the love triangle wars would be nice guys; I've finally realized that Bo needs both Lauren and Dyson. The foreshadowing for that was with the harpies and the threesome with Ryan. There's some kind of succubus super magic she might need both female and male chi to survive. Just a wild guess
Most Disturbing is the new Bo is NOT aware she nearly kill-fed a dark fae. HUh? she's been so carefull and self conscience about this oh no!
Second need more Fae backstory! On my first watch through I thought this was the pied piper VS the Rat bubonic plague Fae. I envisioned the piper leading all the rats out of London. The alligator thing totaly confused me. After going to showcase to read recap then I rewatched show. OH duh. Slender man was new concept for me totaly cool. Atticus was most polite dark alligator fae ever so cool. And What is Tamesin? She's gotta be Valkyrie can predict outcomes in battle Thats why she bet on black guy and Dear Dyson had to use his wolf power to overcome her jinx. cool. more story less googoo time *wink* love lost girl. Loving the theme that the bad guys aren't the ugly guys and all the light fae aren't good
Big stuff coming for Kenzie storyline cant wait for it.
37. Original Galaxy Girl
The episode had a mistake in it that I was wondering if anyone else noticed it? When Bo learned about the shipping container yard the number showed 2851, whch was mirrored. When they went to the yard to look for it, they went to 1285 not 1582. Crazy stuff!
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