Jan 4 2013 8:15am

Getting Out of a Reading Rut?

We've seen a few people remarking on how they're tired of certain types of books (controlling billionaires?), and others saying they just can't find anything good to read lately.


What's your reading strategy when you get in a reading rut?

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
I've had that issue. I tend to switch between subgenres or even genres until I'm ready to go back to whatever I'd gotten tired of. Right now I'm on a historical kick and haven't wanted to read much paranormal, but I'm sure that'll change again after a while.

I also have phases where I watch more TV/movies in my free time than I do read, and that gives me a break. Then I go back to not having time for television because I want to read all the things.
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
I'm in sort of a reading rut now, in that there's nothing that's making me go MUST READ RIGHT NOW.

So I'm reading William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury, as part of a reading challenge a friend and I are doing. I figure when I finish that, I'll be thrilled to get back to reading romance.
Jamie Brenner
3. jamieloganbrenner
I hate when that happens.
I usually go re-read a book to tide me over, something long that I can really get lost in. This gives me a sort of mental re-set. Books I've gone back to for this are Susan Howatch's The Wheel of Fortune and Anne Rice's The Witching Hour.
For anyone who's looking for something different, I highly recommend Alma Katsu's The Taker. I'm obsessed!
jessica prosper
4. jessica prosper
I usually switch up my reading genre when I start to get bored with contemporary romance.. I will jump to adult literature to YA paranormal to historical to a memoir but always find my way back to romance. I am a new follower from FueledbyFiction
Michelle Palmer
5. ChelleP
I'm in a frustrating historical rut right now. I need romance for intelligent women, not that I'm in MENSA or anything, but I need writers on par with C. Jewel, E. James,M. Balogh, and C. Kelley! I think I've read all the great ones. Seriously, I got nothing. I need some ideas here!
jessica prosper
7. Sapphire
I've been in one for almost all of 2012. I read almost 50 books in 2011, then in 2012 less than 20. Even books I'd been looking forward to couldn't keep my attention. I was working a lot and took up a new hobby, so maybe that's why. Now I have tons of free time, but I'm still not completely out of that rut. I've read Rogue Rider by Larissa Ione and Wicked Nights by Gena Showalter in the last month. They've helped some. Also some new books are coming next month that I'm looking forward to. Mostly I've just felt like watching tv/movies.
Patricia Wilkerson
8. Proofreaderpat
If I'm in a reading rut,I'll go to a site such as H&H to get recommendations on good books. I 've been introduced to many new authors and book series in this way. As a matter of fact,I'm now reading a book titled Courting Ms.Hattie by Pamela Morsi that was mentioned on this site recently.
10. Kareni
(I could have sworn I posted on this post yesterday but ....)


For historical romances that will make you think, I'd suggest

Joanna Bourne's The Spymaster's Lady

as well as Jo Goodman's Marry Me and The Price of Desire.
Tina Myers
11. teena3940
I swich what I am reading or I move where I am sitting when I read...
jessica prosper
12. Suzie M
Yeah, I switch genres or I keep searching, if I'm only in the mood for that genre. I get REALLY tired of scandalous rakes and it seems like everyone's a duke sometimes.

Probably my most dependable way of getting out of it is to revisit my favorite review blogs and scroll through their top rated books. I also go to Amazon and search romance (or young adult, or fantasy) by highest customer review rating and search through hundreds to find that one that captures me.
Hazel Hazel
13. Hazel Hazel
Actually, the Heroes and Heartbreakers newsletter has helped a lot! I've found several new authors and sub-genres I didn't even know existed as a result of your extracts and discussions so pat yourselves on the back. You've bought variety and new horizons to my reading life.
jessica prosper
14. TangelB
I know this is a late post, but I've been sick and thus now catching up on things. I use many of the methods above to find new possible "forever" authors. But I wanted to make some suggestions for ChelleP specifically. I have a large collection of historical or Regency authors I keep buying and reading. In addition to those she listed, Christina Dodd, Cathy Maxwell, Victoria Alexander are a few. Stephanie Laurens has a large backlist but especially her Bastsion Club or Black Cobra Quartet. Jo Goodman has what I call dense prose. Anna Campbell is dark but I always look for her next one out. Kat Martin's earlier works are very good. Madeleine Hunter and Candace Camp are two I'm working my way through their backlists. Elizabeth Boyle, IMO, has a diverse writing style and Elizabeth Hoyt is also good. Earlier Julie Garwood is amazing. Many people recommend Loretta Chase, and I second that. I have also read and enjoyed Connie Brockway, Karen Hawkins, Laura Lee Gurhke, Mary Jo Putney, Julia London, Sophie Jordan, Carolyn Linden and Jillian Hunter. For a lighter read, there is Sabrina Jeffries, Julia Quinn or Sally MacKenzie. These are just some of the authors that made it to my permanent bookshelf. I love reading and sharing it with others. I hope you find your way out of the rut!
Michelle Palmer
15. ChelleP
Tangle! Wowzers! Thank you so much for the reply! I've read several of those, but there were a few that looked interesting.

Stephanie Laurens is one I will have to check out! The only thing I have read from her is her latest, The Lady Risks It All, which was superb. I also don't know much about Kat Martin or Karen Hawkins, so I'll check out Goodreads to see what they have out there.

Since I posted my comment about the rut, I found an incredible book that has been around for a few years called The Bronze Horseman, an epic love story about WWII. Not usually my thing, but it was incredibly moving and thought provoking. I'll never forget it.

Thanks again for the great recs!!
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