Jan 31 2013 8:22am

Future Classic?

This week, we've been talking about the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. When the book was first published—“by the author of Sense and Sensibility”—its readers had no clue that we'd be talking about it as one of the iconic works of literature two centuries later.

So what books—from any genre—do you think will be talked about two hundred years hence?

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1. AmyW
My guess would be something by Nora Roberts -- or something more literary like The Night Circus that got non-romance readers' attention.

It just better not be Fifty Shades...
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@AmyW: I was thinking probably Game of Thrones, or Gone Girl; something that went wide in popularity and was well-written and went beyond its genre (like The Night Circus, too).
Carmen Pinzon
3. bungluna
I remember a scene from "Star Trek: The Voyage Home", I think, where Kirk and Doc discussed the "classics" by Sydney Sheldon and Harold Robins. That movie was pure snark, but I remember thinking that nobody can tell what will withstand the test of time. In spite of the efforts of the literary snobs, I think the books that last are those that tell a story so well that generation after generation can relate to it.

I think of Shakespeare as the Spelling of his time. Maybe the books that become classics would surprise us nowadays. I do think they will probable be some of the popular bestsellers of our times.
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