Jan 4 2013 4:30pm

Friday Beefcake: Midseason TV Hotties—Bamber, James, Reardon, Webster, and Alonso

Are you smiling like that, Jamie, because you know you're going to drop that towel for us?The holiday season is over and TV shows are coming back. We've been nursing a pretty serious crush (and no small amount of lust) for these leading men who will be starting shows this month. Jamie Bamber is a Team H&H favorite and we've loved seeing him in some American TV lately. He'll be starting in Monday Mornings on TNT in February. Meanwhile, a Downton Abbey alum, Theo James, will be starring in the CBS detective drama Golden Boy. Mega-hotties Victor Webster and John Reardon find themselves in a sci-fi thriller when a futuristic detective finds herself in modern-day Vancouver in Continuum. Last but certainly not least, Laz Alonso (you may recognize him from Stomp the Yard, Breakout Kings, and SouthLAnd) will be taking a turn as a cop in NBC's Deception.

So will you be tuning in to oggle the abs acting chops? Or simply staring at their pictures online to pick out your new TV boyfriend?

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1. Writergirl
Okay they're all HUNKS the last one if that is Laz could be Gideon Cross, if he doesn't have an accent. There must be some lucky girlfriends, wives out there.
2. wkonsunshine
Laz Alonzo is my man! Loved him on Breakout Kings...
Tatiana deCarillion
3. decarillion
Hotness! Jamie Bamber is sorely missed on my TV, but I've seen the commercials for the new show, and I dunno....

Theo James is also in the first series of Bedlam, as well as Underworld:Awakening. I'd know him from those series' before I'd know him from his short stint on Downton.

Continuum is a terrific series, is renewed for season two, and has a great cast!

Add this group to Stephen Amell, Jay Ryan, Shane West, and countless others and../drool...
Naz Keynejad
4. nazkey
You know the only reason I clicked on this link was to stare at Jamie Bamber, right? I mean, seriously ... that has got to be his hottest picture EVER. *sigh* I miss BSG!

Thanks for the Friday afternoon pick-me-up :-)
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