Jan 11 2013 4:30pm

Friday Beefcake: Guys of Gangster Squad

Sean Penn in Gangster SquadWelcome to the gun show, and we're talking guns of both variety in the new movie Gangster Squad. The release was pushed back, but now the time has come, Team H&H got the chance to see the movie ahead of schedule before its January 11 release (and we remembered to leave our badges at home!). Sean Penn has mostly gotten attention for his odd prosthetics and facial makeup but we have to give him credit for those guns he's flashing in the boxing scene. While Penn plays the power-hungry gangster, it's really the squad that's out to shut him down that we're rooting for

We've covered Ryan Gosling before in our ode to Canadian Beefcake and in the first stills from Gangster Squad and don't forget when we squee-ed over his awesome chemistry with Emma Stone in the movie (the love runs in the family since over at our sister site, Criminal Element when they took a crack at some Ryan Gosling pick-up lines). Now we're giving a nod to the other hotties from the Squad on top of Penn and Gosling with some love for Josh Brolin and Anthony Mackie. Enjoy the arm candy and fantasize about being someone's moll!

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