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February 2013 Romance Novel Shopping List

Find your future faves with this delightfully convenient shopping list of romance novels coming out in February. We’ve divided them up by subgenre to make it easier for those who’ve got a very specific obsession. Don’t forget to take this printable version with you when it’s time to shop!

Heroes and Heartbreakers February Shopping List!
Paranormal/Urban Fantasy/SfR
Immortally Embraced by Angie Fox, Soul Deep by Anne Hope, Night Resurrected by Joss Ware, House Rules by Chloe Neill, Going Under by Lauren Dane, Winterblaze by Lauren Dane, Wicked Edge by Nina Bangs, Mountain Echoes by C.E. Murphy
Title   Author   Series   Date
Savage Angel (e-only)   Stacy Gail   The Earth Angels   02/04
Soulbound   Tessa Adams   Lone Star Witch   02/05
Hunting Daylight   Piper Maitland   N/A   02/05
Magic at Midnight   Gena Showalter   N/A   02/05
Going Under   Lauren Dane   Bound by Magick   02/05
House Rules   Chloe Neill   Chicagoland Vampires   02/05
The Reunited   Shiloh Walker   Love is Eternal   02/05
Soul Deep (e-only)   Anne Hope   Dark Souls   02/05
Deep Dark Secret    Sierra Dean   Secret McQueen   02/05
Line and Orbit (m/m, e-only)   Lisa Some, Sunny Moraine   N/A   02/05
Warrior (e-novella)   Loribelle Hunt   The Elect   02/05
How Beauty Saved the Beast (e-only)   Jax Garren   Tales of the Underlight   02/11
Time Dancer (e-only)   Inez Kelley   The Eldwyn Chronicles   02/11
Golden Triangle (e-only)   David Bridger    Wild Times   02/11
Born to Serve   Caridad Pineiro   Reborn   02/12
A Cast of Shadows (e-only)   Hailey Edwards   Aranea Nation   02/12
Wolf Nip (e-only)   Vivian Arend   Granite Lake Wolves   02/12
Taming the Darkness (e-only)   Devin Harnois   Love & Monsters   02/12
The Magic Mirror and the Seventh Dwarf (e-only) Tia Nevitt   Accidental Enchantments   02/18
Dark Secrets (e-only)   Shona Husk   Arcane   02/18
Mountain Echoes   C.E. Murphy   Luna Books   02/19
The Libertine   Saskia Walker   N/A   02/19
Devil May Care   Patricia Elmer   Speak of the Devil   02/26
Edge of Dawn   Lara Adrian   Midnight Breed   02/26
Winterblaze   Kristen Callihan   Darkest London   02/26
Beauty Awakened   Gena Showalter   Angels of the Dark   02/26
Immortally Embraced   Angie Fox   Monster MASH   02/26
Heart of the Demon   Cynthia Garner   Warriors of the Rift   02/26
Immortal Ever After   Lynsay Sands   Argeneaus   02/26
Night Resurrected   Joss Ware   Envy Chronicles   02/26
Taming the Bander (m/m, e-only)   Summer Devon   N/A   02/26
Keeper of the Flame (e-only)   Bianca D'Arc   Dragon Knights   02/26
Now Comes the Night (e-only)   P.G. Forte   Children of the Night   02/26
Dusk with a Dangerous Duke by Alexandra Hawkins, The Gin Lovers by Jamie Brenner, The Earl is Mine by Kieran Kramer, A Duke Never Yields by Juliana Gray, Lord of Darkness by Elizabeth Hoyt, What Happens in Scotland by Jennifer McQuiston, It Stings So Sweet by Stephanie Draven
Title   Author   Series   Date
The Dark Lady   Maire Claremont   Mad Passions   02/05
A Duke Never Yields   Juliana Gray   Affairs by Moonlight   02/05
Where the Light Falls   Katherine Keenum   N/A   02/05
It Stings So Sweet   Stephanie Draven   Anthology   02/05
The Autumn Bride   Anne Gracie   Chance Sisters   02/05
A Private Gentleman (m/m)   Heidi Cullinan   N/A   02/05
Wayward One (e-only)   Lorelie Brown   N/A   02/05
Undone by the Duke   Michelle Willingham   Secrets in Silk   02/12
The Gin Lovers (first time in print)   Jamie Brenner   Gin Lovers   02/12
Forgotten Heiress (e-only)   Wendy Soliman   N/A   02/19
The Libertine   Saskia Walker   N/A   02/19
Princess in Disguise (e-novella)   Karen Hawkins   N/A   02/25
Promises Made Under Fire (e-only)   Charlie Cochrane   N/A   02/25
Dusk with a Dangerous Duke   Alexandra Hawkins   Lords of Vice   02/26
The Earl is Mine   Kieran Kramer   The House of Brady   02/26
Lord of Darkness   Elizabeth Hoyt   Maiden Lane   02/26
The Chieftain   Margaret Mallory   The Return of the Highlanders   02/26
The Last Debutante   Julia London   Secrets of Hadley Green   02/26
Rimfire Bride   Sara Luck   N/A   02/26
A Bride by Moonlight   Liz Carlyle   St. James Society   02/26
What Happens in Scotland   Jennifer McQuiston   N/A   02/26
The Duke Diaries   Sophia Nash   Royal Entourage   02/26
A Most Scandalous Proposal   Ashlyn Macnamara   N/A   02/26
All I Ever Wanted by Francis Ray, Crystal Cove by Lisa Kleypas, Midnight Alias by Elle Kennedy, Playing the Part by Darcy Daniel, Unbreakable by Alison Kent, Three Sisters by Susan Mallery
Title   Author   Series   Date
Pride & Consequence   Penny Jordan   Mistress to a Millionaire   02/01
(mm 02/05)
Legally His   Penny Jordan   Wedlocked!   02/01
(mm 02/05)
Sicilian Nights   Penny Jordan   The Leopardi Brothers   02/01
(mm 02/05)
Playing the Part (e-only)   Darcy Daniel   N/A   02/04
Not Planning on You   Sydney Landon   Danvers   02/05
Hip Check   Dierdre Martin   New York Blades   02/05
Unbreakable   Alison Kent   Dalton Gang   02/05
A Little Seduction   Penny Jordan   Sweet Revenge Seduction   02/05
Midnight Alias   Elle Kennedy   Killer Instinct   02/05
Crystal Cove   Lisa Kleypas   Friday Harbor   02/05
The Rebuilding Year (m/m)   Kaje Harper   N/A   02/05
Best Lesbian Romance 2013 (f/f)   Radclyffe   Anthology   02/12
Confidence Tricks (e-only)   Tamara Morgan   N/A  


Falling for Finn (e-only)   Jackie Ashenden   N/A   02/19
Winter's Thaw (e-only)   Mari Carr & Jayne Rylon   Compass Girls   02/19
Fall for Me   Sydney Landon   Danvers   02/26
All I Ever Wanted   Francis Ray   Grayson Friends   02/26
Jake   R.C. Ryan   A Wyoming Sky   02/26
Star Crossed   Jennifer Echols   Stargazer   02/26
Bungalow Nights   Christie Ridgway   Beach House No. 9   02/26
The Best Man   Kristan Higgins   Blue Heron   02/26
Three Sisters   Susan Mallery   Blackberry Island   02/26
Fierce Pride (e-only)   Phoebe Conn   N/A   02/26
Illicity by Opal Carew, Worth the Scandal by Karen Erickson, Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren, Studs by Vonna Harper
Title   Author   Series   Date
Rocky Mountain Desire   Vivian Arend   Six Pack Ranch   02/05
Western Ties   Jayne Rylon   Compass Brothers   02/05
Rush   Maya Banks   Breathless   02/05
Hard Ridin' (e-only)   Em Petrova   Country Fever   02/05
Haevyn   Darcy Abriel   Humanotica   02/05
Hot and Heavy   Elle Kennedy   Out of Uniform   02/05
Studs   Vonna Harper   N/A   02/05
Scrap Metal (m/m)   Harper Fox   N/A   02/05
Worth the Scandal   Karen Erickson   Worth It   02/05
Beautiful Bastard   Christina Lauren   The Office   02/12
Screw the System (m/m, e-only)   Josephine Myles   N/A   02/12
Bound for Keeps (m/m/m. e-only)   S.E. Jakes   Men of Honor   02/19
The Libertine   Saskia Walker   N/A   02/19
Platinum (e-only)   Jeffe Kennedy   Facets of Passion   02/25
Illicit    Opal Carew   N/A   02/26
Knowing the Ropes (e-only)   Teresa Noelle Roberts   N/A   02/26
Romantic Suspense and Women's Fiction
Tactical Deception by J. L. Saint, The Pretty One by Lucinda Rosenfeld, Did You Miss Me? by Karen Rose, I'll Take What She Has by Samantha Wilde
Title   Author   Series   Date
Did You Miss Me?   Karen Rose   N/A   02/05
Tactical Deception    J. L. Saint   Silent Warrior   02/05
The Union Street Bakery   Mary Ellen Taylor   N/A   02/05
The Good Daughter   Jane Porter   Brennan Sisters   02/05
Dolls Behaving Badly   Cinthia Ritchie   N/A   02/05
The Pretty One    Lucinda Rosenfeld   Sisters   02/05
The Girl's Guide to Love and Supper Clubs Dana Bate   N/A   02/05
The Promise of Stardust   Priscille Sibley   N/A   02/05
The Comfort of Lies   Randy Susan Meyers   N/A   02/12
Calling Me Home   Julie Kibler   N/A   02/12
Farewell, Dorothy Parker   Ellen Meister   N/A   02/21
The Suitors   Cecile David-Weill   N/A   02/26
I'll Take What She Has   Samantha Wilde   N/A   02/26


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