Dec 20 2012 8:36am

Your Biggest Romance Author Glom?

We've all done it—found a new-to-you author whose book you loved, and then you went out and bought all the rest of her available books.

So today we ask:

What new-to-you author did you glom most this year?

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Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
My two were Cara McKenna/Meg Maguire and Charlotte Stein (both smut!). Looking forward to new releases from them in 2013!
J D Chase
3. J D Chase
Sylvia Day - reading Crossfire #1 triggered a huge reading list that kept me busy for ages! Such a shame that Crossfire #3 was postponed. I was looking forward to reading that in the new year! That's the only problem with finding a new author ... when the glom's gone!
Jamie Brenner
4. jamieloganbrenner
Alison Tyler after discovering old paperback of her novel Sweetest Thing.
J D Chase
5. Jax Garren
Ava March. I'd never read an m/m before, but after trying out Brook Street: Thief, I immediately read the whole series. So good!
J D Chase
6. Lizzie R
Nalini Singh - Read Slave to Sensation in April and promptly glommed the Psy-Changeling series, bought Angels' Flight at the airport in October and then glommed the Guild Hunter series - that's a total of 17 books.
That writer is a powerhouse of awesome.
7. Endres2
J D Robb's Death series. So many books to glom and keep me happy. Love Eve and Roarke. Also Karen Marie Moning's Fever Series and Highlander series. I now see why there are so many Jericho Barrons fans. Started Dani's series with Iced.
8. StrangeBedfellows
Lauran Dohner was my new find this year. Read one of her Cyborg books then went and read three more and her entire New Species series.
J D Chase
9. Tammye
Loretta Chase! After reading " Lord of Scoundrels", I couldn't resist!
J D Chase
10. SandyH
Jacqueline Winspear - I now have all the Masie Dobbs series.
11. wsl0612
Hey, I'm in bed with StrangeBedfellows ;-) I too have bought all the Laurann Dohner's (you have to try the Raine books too, sexy!)

And Renee Bernard has been a new to me glom, I love the Jaded Gentlemen!
Andrea Shackford
12. andrea2
I discovered C.S. Harris - the Sebastian St. Cyr series. I'm waiting impatiently for the next one.

I also discovered the JD Robb In Death series on Brilliance Audio performed by Susan Eriksen. I've read the in print versions many times but the audio version (and especially Susan's performance) is wonderful.

I also found Deborah Crombie, and have been devouring her Duncan Kincaid/Gemma Jones series - mystery with romantic elements.

It's been a good year for finding new-to-me authors!
J D Chase
13. lisaione
It was Heather Rainier all year long for me.
Jordan R
14. jrojrojro
This was the year of Kristen Ashley for me. Okay really it only took me less than 2 months to read all of her stuff (which is A LOT of books!) - but I was hooked from Motorcycle Man and then stayed on that train until the very end. There are problems with her writing technically, but the stories are just so readable and engaging that I don't care!
J D Chase
15. Jessi Gage
I'm with MFrampton. I discovered Charlotte Stein and Cara McKenna this year and wonder how I lived without the smutty, smart fiction these ladies purvey. Another new discovery was Ruthie Knox, who cannot write a bad book.
J D Chase
16. FanGirlMom
Aleksandr Voinov - OMG so, so good. I would read his grocery list! Well, you know what I mean ;) Awesomesauce.
J D Chase
17. Torifl
Sarah Mayberry and Kristin Ashley
maria babani
18. Chica8
Definitely Laurann Dohner and those alpha New Species
J D Chase
20. pamelia
Kristen Ashley! 'Nuff said!
22. Kareni
Authors discovered this year include Rachel Gibson, Kristan Higgins, and Robyn Carr.
J D Chase
23. Lucy D
I found Molly Harper and her Nice Girl and Naked Werewolf series and I finally got to Nalini Singh's Archangels.

@Andrea2 - I love Susan Erikson's audiobook performances, especially the JD Robb series! I almost hate to read the new ones.
Hell Cat
24. hellcat
I glommed onto Tessa Dare when I confused her with Lydia Dare. Ever so glad, too. I had such a fun time reading historical romance while Sean Maher ate at the table next to me. (It's fun when you can share that sort of thing with author at hand.)
Debbie McKelvey
25. ddmac58
Actually I had two this year Laurann Dohner and Mary Hughes. Love the Cyborgs and New Species guys from Laurann, very hunky, sexy and steamy. Mary's Vampires are the best in her "Bite" series, I can't wait for the Ancient Scary dude's story that I know will be down the road, in the meantime I will enjoy whatever she writes including the Black Diamond Jinn book I was lucky enough to win a copy of.
Hell Cat
26. hellcat
I predict a glomming onto Loren now that I've read some of her work. Actually, there's no predicting.
J D Chase
27. hww
Laura Griffin and J. T. Elison, what great reads and there were so many of them!
J D Chase
29. filkferengi
D. E. Stevenson & Seanan McGuire.
Donna Kissam
30. The Cat Bastet
Charlotte Stein. She was delivered unto me late December 2011 (she's like Jesus, in a way!) so she counts as 2012. That magnificent bastard is my favorite writer, edging out Cara McKenna, and that tweren't easy to do. BTW McKenna can retake the leaderboard if she publishes a sequel to Willing Victim. But Stein can re-retake it if she publishes a sequel to All Other Things.

Kristen Ashley. Just got done re-reading her. Love it and am always enraged anew. Every one of her heroines really needs me to argue her case for her with the hero at some point because she loses arguments she should. not. lose! Hero, you are wrong! Just sit there and be wrong in your wrongness! Heroine, do not let him turn this around and make it about you, he's just trying to distract you!

Tymber Dalton. For the record, if Tampa really is populated entirely by gay couples who are looking for a fat girl to complete them, (katniss) I volunteer!(/katniss)

Sylvia Day. This has nothing to do with Bared to You, still haven't read those. I started with her historicals and just glommed her because I was like god, there is so. much. semen. and other sexual fluids. Fascinating! Seriously, it is awesome she is willing to acknowledge how messy things get. I want to hear about glistening faces and allllllll that.

Ann Mayburn. I appreciate her seminal work in the area of creampie eating (see what I did there). Started with The Breaker's Concubine and there was creampie eating by the 20% mark! She consistently includes this. Not ubiquitously, but often.

Karen Erickson. For some reason she gets low scores on GoodReads, and I think it's because the premise, which is pretty much straight-for-you (gay guy + girl) seems to be more problematic than male-male gay-for-you stuff. I can see why that could feel really wrong just for, you know, life, but it is really well written and super hot.

Pepper Pace. Her work could be the textbook for a course in Intersectionality. She does not shy away from the failures of our meatsuits. I admire that greatly.

Billy London. She writes exclusively BW/WM (as does Pepper Pace, at least for her lead couple) but Billy London just gives me such a great fun sense of being young and fabulous in, yes, London. Feels very vibrant, blends cultures beautifully, super hot sex too.
J D Chase
31. Deborah S.
I am a self-professed chick-lit, romance novel addict :) I laughed out loud when I came across this post. I do this all the time...more often than not it doesn't end well. However!!! I just finished a series
of three books (The Look to the Future Series) by author Mary Metcalfe ( The books are “Winds of Change” “New Beginnings” and “Road to Tomorrow.” Mary Metcalfe’s writing can be compared to authors Nora Roberts and Jodi Picoult. They are all stories about second chances, dealing with loss and starting over again and allowing love and happiness into your life! I think all of her characters are easy to relate to, flawed, and loveable. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!!
J D Chase
32. Johnson_H
Bianca D'arc.
She writes a paranormal series that is about werewolves, vampires, fae, and mages. I know it sounds very fantastical, but they are great.
Even better than her paranormal books are her Dragon books. I wish there were more books featuring dragons/dragon shifters. There is never enough, and usually there is no romance! :)
Check out Bianca D'arc's: Lords of the Were, Brotherhood of Blood (both series are in the same world-setting) and Dragon Knights (which might end up in the same world setting as the other 2 series).
*Of course you must love werewolves, vampires, etc. and you have to beware that there are many, many menage scenes/h/h. The scenes are not corny, but they do seem to fit, at least in my personal opinion.
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