Dec 12 2012 8:13am

What Was Your “Click” Book?

Heather Waters (aka redline_) and I were talking about much beloved authors whom others loved, but we just didn't get—until we read one of their books that just clicked for us, and we ended up loving the author.

For Heather, she fell in love with Eloisa James's writing after reading The Ugly Duchess. I fell in love with Laura Kinsale's writing after reading Shadowheart (not Flowers from the Storm, surprisingly!).

What was your author, and her 'click' book?

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Jamie Brenner
1. jamieloganbrenner
I never understood the appeal of Anne Rice until I read The Witching Hour and got sucked in (no pun intended!) to the story of fated lovers Rowan and Michael.
2. SandyH
When I read Roberta Gellis - Bond of Blood but I really was hooked with the Roselynde Chronicles series. The first book is being offered free in ebook format - Roselynde.
Kaye Dacus
3. kndacus
The Duke and I by Julia Quinn. Though somewhat anachronistic (it's supposedly set in 1813, but the language and situations don't always fit that time period), it was such a fun, lighthearted read that I immediately put holds on all of the other books in that series.
Alexandra W
4. parasolprotectorate
Julia Quinn's What Happens in London. I'd read several books from her Bridgerton series by this point, but no matter what practically everyone said about them, I just didn't love them. What Happens in London was the real game-changer for me and Ten Things I Love About You is just as great.
5. Rose In RoseBear
My "click" book for the whole paranormal romance genre was Lover Avenged, by J. R. Ward. I read it backwards, and by the time I reached the beginning, I read it forward. By the time I reached the end again, I was jonesing for the other books in the series.
Miranda Mason
6. GovernessInRed
My "click" book was LOVING JULIA by Karen Robards. After I read her book I fell in love with historical romances. Now I can't put them down.
Jasmine Ray
7. JassyBaby
My "click" book for the paranormal romance genre, like Rose InRoseBear, was Sherrilyn Kenyon's Night Play. First PNR I've ever read and now it's my favorite genre!
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