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Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Finale: Relationship Hell!

Jax and Tara in Sons of AnarchyThis post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Sons of Anarchy, including last night's Season 5 finale, “J'ai Obtenu Cette.”

With each season of Sons of Anarchy, the stakes get higher and the body count increases. The show wrapped its fifth season in typical SOA style: Shoot-outs, double-crossing, new allies, and betrayal. The buildup of the first 12 episodes came to a head in the season finale and it wasn’t pretty.


Otto—His utter dedication not to give ex-Marshall, Lee Toric, the information he needs regarding his sister’s death had Otto literally biting off his tongue. And then he throws it against the wall. It was one of the most horrific and gross scenes of the season. How many more body parts does Otto have to lose until he’s completely out of his misery?

Tara and Wendy– Their tempestuous relationship is finally finding some solid ground.  Ironically, Wendy is the only person Tara feels is stable enough to take care of Able and Thomas should anything happen to her or Jax. Tara gets a surprise visit from Wendy  (who looked like she spent the night in Junkyville).  Wendy tells Tara that Jax threatened her then shot her up with a speedball. Wendy, the surprising voice of reason, offers Tara these sage words of advice:  “This town kills everything that you love. Go to Oregon now, before something awful happens to you and your son." In other words, “Run, bitch! Leave while you can!”

Tara and Gemma—Somehow bad-ass grandma Gemma found out that Tara is accepting the position in Oregon and leaving Charming, taking her boys with her. Gemma, being the controlling alpha female that she is, isn’t having it. Gemma tells Tara that she’ll go to the police and basically lie. She’ll tell them that Tara knew that Otto was going to kill that nurse with the cross. That it was the plan all along. Tara doesn’t care about Gemma’s threat. She calls Gemma’s bluff. But that could be Tara's downfall; when Gemma threatens you, you best take it seriously. 'Cause Gemma Teller does not make idle threats.

Nero—Looks like Nero is back in the business and won’t be retiring to his Ranch anytime soon. As a semi-mentor to Jax this season, Nero acquires SAMCRO’s help in cleaning out a rival gang from Nero’s old hood. Looks like the partnership between SAMCRO and Nero is on solid ground. And Nero has Gemma back in his bed. All is good in Nero’s world.

Jax and Pope—Jax’s other mentor, Damien Pope, finally asks for Tig’s head. Jax says he’ll deliver—but only if Pope signs papers sealing the deal for Charming Heights. Pope has the papers drawn up and Jax delivers Tig to Pope. This exchange doesn’t end the way Pope thought it would end.

Jax and SAMCRO– Jax’s not only pretty, but he’s smart too. We’ve seen him think on his feet, manipulate situations so that there’s the least amount of fall-out and SAMCRO comes out relatively unscathed in the end. I’d suspected that there was no way Jax was going to let Pope kill Tig. Jax had something up his leave; another gun which he used to kill Pope’s men and to free Tig. Jax let Tig shoot the man that burned his daughter to death. Although Tig would have liked to be let in on the plan. But like Jax told him, it had to believable. Oh and did I mention that Jax uses Clay’s gun to commit the murders? Yeah, like I said, that Jax Teller is smart. But not everyone is happy with Jax’s decisions and it all came to a head when Juice tried to warn Clay about the set-up, Tig cried when he realized Jax and set Clay up and Bobby cut off his VP patch and left it on the table. Being at the head of the table has changed Jax. He’s becoming Clay, the man he hates the most.

Clay– Every season we hope that this will be the season where Clay will finally get his. All packed and ready to fly to Ireland with Gemma by his side, the Charming police pay Clay a visit. They found his gun at the scene of Pope’s murder. Clay’s prints are all over it. Where was he during the time of the murders? Clay says he was at home and looks to Gemma for confirmation. Right, Gemma? Gemma? Gemma lies, saying Clay stepped out for a couple of hours and he took his gun with him. Well that’s all the Charming police need and they slap the cuffs on Clay. Book’em! 

Gemma– With Clay out of the way, she can now have Nero and she can have her family back. She helped Jax frame Clay, Jax is still the President of SAMCRO, and all is good with her world. Oh wait, she has one loose end: Tara.

Tara—With the decision made to leave Charming, Tara breaks the news to Jax. She tells him that their family is never going to make it, their boys are doomed to repeat the same mistakes if they don’t leave Charming. Tara tells Jax she took the position in Oregon and she’s leaving. And she’s taking the boys with her. Jax doesn’t take this information well. Whatever was about to happen is interrupted by a knock on the door. It’s Charming's police again. What the hell? But this time they don’t want Jax. They want Tara. She’s being charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Oh shiggity. Apparently, Gemma followed through on her threat to Tara.

Jax and Gemma– Jax has put Gemma through the wringer this season and she deserved it. But Gemma has proven that she’ll do anything to help get back in Jax’s good graces and helping him frame Clay was the icing on the cake. Gemma arrives at Jax’s house as Tara is sitting in the back seat of the Charming police cruiser. Back to being the only woman in Jax’s life, the final scene ends with Jax sitting with Thomas in his lap, Gemma standing behind him and Jax reaching for Gemma’s hand. Exactly the way Gemma wants it.

What did you like about the finale? What do you hope happens next season?


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Shana Bashaw
1. SBashaw
Will Marshall Toric attempt to kill Otto in prison? And Tara? Since Bobby gave up his spot will Nero join SAMCRO? Will Nero's club and SAMCRO combine? Will Jax and Tara call it quits? What will happen if Clay gets his hands on Gemma?
Too many questions for next season!!!
2. Jaimee
Gemma was where she wanted to be but ... she actually looked surprised to see the cops at Jax and Tara's. Hmmm

As to Jax and Clay...Clay was willing to kill Opie when he thought Opie was a rat. Jax was willing to let Juice redeem himself -- even though he DID cut it so damn close with Tig's life!!
Pamela Webb-Elliott
3. Spaz
I found the finale to be thoroughly satifsying, with what happens to Clay... and then exceedingly infuriating with what happens to Tara - so thats about right with an SAO season finale. I wish there were more female characters I could rally behind. I don't like Tara and as much as I want to stand behind Gemma.... um. I can't. The highlight of this season for me was Nero and I'll be returning next season for him!
4. Gabrip8
What did Gemma say at the every end of the show as she put her hand on Jax shoulder.?
5. PandasForHire
The season finale did have a few shockers and some things I saw down the line. The most surprising was that Jax did away with Pope’s crew and let Tig get his revenge by offing him. Part of me knew that Jax would never hand over Tig but I just didn’t know how it would play out. Thanks to my DISH Hopper I was able to record the show and I watched it this morning before coming into work. With four times more recording space than your average DVR I know that I don’t have to rush through watching all my shows before recording something else. I’m also not surprised that Jax set up Clay for the murder of Pope. He knew that in order for things to go somewhat smoothly in the future he needed Clay out of the game completely. Juice was sly enough to drop Clay’s gun into Jax’s saddle bag to make sure that he would be implicated in the murder. My DISH co-worker was surprised that Tara ended up going to jail but with Gemma’s threats it’s was hard to tell if she would actually end up there. The interesting thing is that this time the season ended with the same exact pose that season four ended with, only this time it was Gemma in Tara’s place. Since Otto bit off his tongue how do they plan on getting any information on what happened to the nurse? This was definitely a season to remember.
6. wsl0612
My BFF and I were discussing this over drinks and here are our thoughts:

One - the show should end in 7 seasons to maintain overall quality.

Two - there are only 4 major characters; Jax, Gemma, Clay and Tara. The first three are more essential to keep the dramatic tension ramping up, and Jax cannot be killed until the last act, as he is the reason for the series' existence. Therefore Tara should die next season to keep pushing Jax on the path to ultimate monsterhood, because taking out Clay or Gemma would remove too much of the 'evil'.

Three - Jax has to be the one who kills Gemma.

Four - we're not sure which of the brotherhood, if any, survive through the end of the series. We feel very strongly that Happy and Tig will die, and probably Chibs. We disagree on Juice, I think he should live as he represents the most innocent original and the one with a real chance of redemption. Phil will probably die too as he's a secondary character. We think Bobby may live because he actually believes in the brotherhood and will suffer the most from its implosion. Oh and Unser will probably die, from cancer if nothing else.

Five - Nero will probably die, which is a shame IMO

Six - I think Wendy will end up with the kids.

I do enjoy this show, it is really exciting and very great acting all around (except for the actress who plays Tara, I wish they would've hired someone with greater dramatic range. I don't think Drea (Wendy) is that good, but she certainly shows better abilities compared to "Tara".)
7. AlmaKatsu
I started watching this show because my husband got into it. Now we ask ourselves every season why we keep watching it. I mean, they kill off so many characters that at this rate, it will be a motorcycle club of two. This season was better than some of the recent ones, but some story lines are wearing thin for me.

Now, bring on the new season of Justified!
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