Dec 14 2012 1:12pm

Scandal Season 2, Episode 9 Recap: #WhatTheHuck?

Scandal posterThis post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Scandal, including last night's Season 2 episode 9, “Blown Away.”

(Need a refresher? Check out Kwana's episode 2.08 recap.)

OMG, so did you watch the winter finale of #Scandal last night? What do you mean it came on too late and you have it on DVR? Really? #WhatTheHuck? Okay, fine. You go on and watch that and get back to us when you’re done because as I said last week, as all episodes of Scandal do, this is gonna go fast.

The show opens with pinched face VP/Now Fake Pres Sally Langston on a monitor giving her not so heartfelt update on President Fitz’s condition. Thoughts, prayers, yada, yada. Insert first Sally-induced eye roll here.

Cut to The Gladiator’s office with sweet images of our Gladiators, Quinn and ugh Abby and Yum Harrison all nestled on different couches and chairs having slept in the office with various flatscreen TVs blaring with the annoying voice of Sally still going on, saying she will capture whoever is responsible, follow every lead, she will not rest,  yada, yada. A manhunt is on. Insert second Sally-induced eye roll here.

We get back to Smexy Harrison sleeping when a shadow appears over him and he opens his eyes to stifle the scream we all take. Yikes, Huck, you scared the you know what out of us! Been there long? No one likes to wake up to America’s literal most wanted standing over them.

Next we get a little sexy growling from Harrison when Olivia was being all Olivia so he had to rip her a new one. Sidebar: Mr. H, you are coming into your own these last few episodes. We like it.  

Olivia gets her act and her Farrah flip into the office and Huck tells all, saying that he didn’t shoot the president (aww, sweet. It’s only other world leaders that Huck takes out. Not ours.). He says that he was called to the hotel (i.e. set up) by Becky who was relapsing and needed him.

So Huck went to the hotel room and turns out there was some magic automatic remote rifle trained to fire without a shooter and that’s what it did. In the span of thirty seconds Becky is the most hated person on Twitter. Darn you, Becky!!!

But then not so smarty Huck, after seeing this, dismantled the gun and took it with him from the scene. Oh well, this may turn out to help him later. We’ll see.

Huck goes over his story and how he met Becky. To that bit of news, Ugh Abby says in her Abby way “You’re an alcoholic?” Shut it, Abby! Judge much? I almost give her a Sally eye roll here but they are just for Sally.

All the Gladiators tell Huck he’s been set up, played, whipped, and turned out, but Huck doesn’t want to hear it. He’s convinced his Becky wouldn’t do that. The Boy’s got it bad.

Cut to Cy, who has forgotten how to dress for work; he’s so distraught over a Bible-thumping bottle-dyed redhead in the White House that he’s taken to his couch and wearing his PJs midday. He gets a call from his mother-in-law and the not-so-smart MIL outs James, saying James was not with her last weekend, thereby totally blowing James’ cover. Uh oh.

Meanwhile, in another world on Pennsylvania Ave., we see Hollis who it seems can just waltz in to the new Pres’ office. He gives her something to get signed. And tells her it’s time to go and see Judge Verna.

Cut to Abby and Quinn at Becky's place. It’s clean. Harrison calls in a favor to try and to get the hotel footage and strikes out, but then Abby says she may have someone to call. Oh really? Turns out it’s David and he brings her what she needs, but judging by the looks between the two of them is it really what she needs? Cue Marvin Gaye's “Sexual Healing” as the background music.

Huck is still in denial so he goes to Becky’s place to save her but there he finds this scary but kind of cool secret pantry behind the pantry with photos of him and Olivia and ohhh Becky, your goose is cooked. At least we hope.

Now we see Judge Verna having her secret chemo for her cancer and she can’t even do that in peace because here comes  VP Sally with that envelope from Hollis and she’s threatening to make Verna’s life hell is she doesn’t resign. Um Sally, the woman is bald, in pain and hooked up to machines. I’m thinking someone already beat you to the punch there, but whateves. Sally broomsticks it out of there. Sally Eye-roll time. I’m losing count.

Huck goes back to his pretend family’s house that he stalks and waits for Becky to show. She shows with a gun to Huck’s head and admits her crimes all except who hired her. She then weaves this tangled web about them being the same and saying they can go on the lamb together, Bonnie and Clyde style. Huck gets all low and squinty eyed. I think it means he’s about to kill her, but obviously Huck has other plans.

After some filler where Cy and Liv drown their sorrows in big glasses of wine, we are then back at Becky’s place and Huck is there waiting for her when she walks in the door. Finally! That so-and-so is gonna get hers! But wait, she’s gonna get it all right—but not what we were expecting. Huck has other plans and they are of the smexing up variety. Beck and Huck get busy on the living room floor. Huck says he loves her and asks her her real name. Beck’s like, “whoa, I may give up the good stuff but I’m not giving up my name.” Huck leaves to pack.

Slow on the uptake Cy (now that’s a shock) thinks James is cheating (really? Cy) and calls in the world’s scariest PI to tail him. PI slash hired killer outs James it dawns on Cy that James is investigating the voter fraud. Humph, Bet you wish he had a little bit on the side now Cy?

Huck and Olivia meet in front of just about all of Washington and Huck yells at Olivia. Something about being in love but all Liv hears is “Blah, Blah, I’ve been whipped and good.” Now that I’m thinking it over clearly, Huck yells, “don’t touch me,” when Olivia gets in his face. Huck, were you wearing a wire for Ms. Becky to hear that conversation?

Then there is a heartbreaking scene where Olivia is at a conference table with various folks planning Fitz’s funeral while he is still alive. Hearts drop and Twitter pauses out of respect.

It’s a short pause. Huck then calls Harrison and says he’s meeting Becky in an hour and to go in and to plant the gun totally reversing his previous talk with Olivia.

We are then taken back to Cy’s house and James is coming home. Cy has planned a romantic evening. He’s pulled some strings and gotten James a baby. A baby! So much better than a car or a watch for Christmas! Yay! But Cy tells James he’s traditional and James will have to quit his job if they are going to have this baby he wants so badly and be the stay at home dad that the baby deserves. James gets all wide eyed and gushy and agrees. Kisses, hugs. Cy’s the man!  James is now picking out prams. Side-eye all around.

Huck in Scandal season 2 episode 9, Blown AwayHuck goes to his secret stalky family house again where he waits for Becky for the rendezvous. She doesn’t show and her phone number is disconnected. Huck’s hackles go up, as does the rest of the world’s, i.e. Twitter. He goes into the family’s house and the whole family is dead from the dog to the smallest child. Oh Becky, we hate you! Sidebar: Could there be a better name for a killer than Becky? Huck is stunned. Becky must have tapped Huck’s phone and heard his whole convo about the set-up with Harrison. Oh no.

Cut to Cy who calls off his PI/Contract killer so he stops trailing James who has taken to hanging at baby stores at odd hours of the night. But James is no fool;  he meets David in the diaper aisle and gives him the voter memory card. He knows this baby thing is to get him off his story and that Cy hates babies.

But then if dead dogs, magic guns and stolen babies weren’t enough, we get the strangest sex moment ever from Abby and David when Abby does this weird turn up at David’s place (yeah, she does that way too much). She smacks him then does this finger in the mouth thing and then down on the floor with you David thing all while never taking off her coat. There was something so wrong there and not the usual Abby is annoying wrong way. What was that about? I smell a #Scandal there and as suggested on Twitter could there now be a missing voter memory card?  I like this theory.

Back at the White House, Judge Verna back on her feet and in her flyest wig coming into VP/Faker Pres Sally’s office with two choices: Green pill or Red pill.

In the final scene it would seem that Sally took the green pill and SWAT has stormed The Gladiator’s offices and come to arrest Huck. Guess Verna turned him in and now he’s being held under The Patriot Act. Yikes. #WhatTheHuck will happen when #Scandal comes back on in January? Will Olivia prove Huck’s innocence or will she end up in a cell next to him? Will Fitz wake up and when he does will he be able to return to the White House? And what will Mellie’s role be in all of this? Is she giving birth to the next president or the future King of England? Who knows with this show?


Kwana Jackson—aka K.M. Jackson—is a writer of women’s fiction and contemporary romance. Her debut novel Through the Lens is on sale now. She can be found on most days at her blog and at any moment on Twitter talking about everything and nothing at all under the handle @kwanawrites.

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
You're really making me curious about this show, Kwana. Will have to check out an episode or two on Netflix when I can. Great recap!
K.M. Jackson
2. kwanawrites
@redline_ Thanks for that. I think you should since they are off for a month and Season 1 is on Netflix. Just sayin' *insert smile here*
4. SassyT
Okay, I watched the episode when it came on but you had me cracking up reading this.

So, of course Olivia is going to be able to get Huck out. It would totally ruin the show to lose Huck. Who else is going to do the low, down dirty work (i.e. torture and hacking) if he's gone?

I'm so with you on Harrison. But he needs a lady friend. Harrison needs love too.

Quinn and Abby are annoying the hell out of me. I wouldn't be upset if they both got offed. They need to bring back the dude they had on the first season...can't remember his character's name Henry Ian Cusik. He was fun. So, is Harrison. Quinn and Abby are total drips.
K.M. Jackson
5. kwanawrites
@SassyT love your comments. I agree, Harrison needs love too!
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