Dec 17 2012 12:16pm

Homeland: No Choice At All

Carrie Mathison in Homeland Season 2, episode 12, The ChoiceThis post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Homeland, including last night's Season 2 finale, episode 12, “The Choice.”

Homeland is one of those shows I went into not expecting much, if any, romance; I tuned in pretty much just because of all the buzz it was getting. After this past season and especially the finale, though, I can see I was very wrong—the heart of the show really has become the relationship between CIA analyst Carrie Mathison and marine/prisoner of war/terrorist/double agent Nicholas Brody, and, much to my surprise given the premise of the show, there's been a ton of screen time devoted to this romance.

In “The Choice,” Carrie has to decide between her career with the CIA and the possibility of a Happily Ever After with Brody; because of Brody's past, she can't have both. And yet, in the end, her hand is forced and she kinda actually does get both, wouldn't you say? [highlight for more detailed episode spoilers]After a bomb in Brody's car goes off and kills most of the attendees of Vice President Walden's memorial service, Carrie decides to trust Brody when he says he didn't have anything to do with it and helps shuttle him out of the country (leaving him with the promise that she'll clear his name and that it isn't good-bye, implying that she may be choosing the CIA for now but that maybe they'll get their chance later) before heading back home to her mentor Saul—and her job.[/spoilers]

While I can't say I ship Carrie/Brody (I feel like he could very well STILL be lying his ass off, about everything, and no matter what he's done since, Brody would have killed many innocent people with that suicide bomber vest if it hadn't malfunctioned in Season 1), the actors do have fantastic chemistry and I'm looking forward to seeing where the relationship goes next season. How about you?

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Jamie Brenner
1. jamieloganbrenner
This episode was so brilliant -- the entire season, really -- I am awed by the writers. It's the best thing since the first season of The Sopranos that came full circle in such an intricate way.

As for the love story, I totally buy it. I'm choosing to see Brody as a redeemed man, but the sins of his past will always make this a star-crossed romance. The complexity of their relationship makes it so hot and I thing my all-time favorite tv couple.
Saundra Peck
2. sk1336
This season made me hold my breath in EVERY episode! I alternated between loving and hating Brody... I alternated between feeling sorry and angry with Carrie. I was sooo scared for Saul. And Quinn, oh that man is TERRIFYING, and now I LOVE him. I have watched every episode multiple times, just to process everything, and I NEVER do that with a tv show. Thank you Homeland, you made my year!!!
3. keen23
I had just turned to my husband and said "this is one of those lots of talking, no action episodes" when all hell broke lose. Quinn, Saul- AMAZING. Carrie- still not sure that she's making the right choices. Brody- Puppetmaster extrordinaire.
Heather Waters
4. HeatherWaters
@jamieloganbrenner -- Definitely deserves that Emmy. Good stuff.

I WANT to be really into Carrie/Brody but I just can't trust that Brody's really changed yet. He's SUCH a good liar and it freaked me out when he killed that tailor just to get him to be quiet while he was talking to Jess on the phone--only to hang up on Jess a few seconds later anyway. I know the tailor was a terrorist himself, but that was an example to me of how out for himself Brody is and makes me distrustful of him.

@ski1336 -- Soooo many good twists this season. The trajectory of the show changed on almost a weekly basis! Yeah, I found myself quite liking Quinn by the end of this episode too -- "I'm a guy that kills bad guys." Oooooh.

@keen23 -- It was a quiet episode for a while but that bombing certainly brought the action. Very much agreed with you about Brody being a puppetmaster, whether he means to be or not.
K.M. Jackson
5. kwanawrites
Part of me wants to think Brody is the innocent victim in all of this but he does lie so well and he can go off at the drop of a hat. But then again he could have been set up and Carrie could know it. This was brought up somewhere else and it is very valid: If it is Brody, how could he have gotten explosives onto the CIA property? Wouldn't his car have been checked? This makes me think it was someone else who planted the explosives once the care was already there. Hmm... Also it's sad how long it took me to be able to highlight the spoilers. LOL.
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