Dec 10 2012 2:08pm

Dexter’s Debra vs. Hannah Ending?

Dexter and Hannah in Dexter Season 7**********SPOILERS**********

You know, I’m used to shipping the underdog relationship in my favorite TV shows. Hell, I’m a Damon/Elena shipper for The Vampire Diaries and if you’ve been watching, you know how that show’s writers enjoy playing with my emotions.

But I didn’t think Dexter could crush me on the relationship front.

Damn it.

If you haven’t watched Sunday’s episode of Dexter—Season 7's episode 11, “Do You See What I See?”—stop reading now. What follows is spoiler-heavy with dashes of ranting and wishful thinking.

This season of Dexter has been a bit of a throwback for the protagonist. He’s rediscovering his murderous ways—and his motivations for them. A big part of that is meeting Hannah McKay. When she was a teenager, she went on a killing spree with her then boyfriend, Wayne. They were able to say it was all Wayne and she was a duped 15-year-old.

That wasn’t exactly the case. But from the outside it looks like Hannah is on the straight and narrow. She runs a greenhouse and is the laid-back chick who always has her bra straps showing (not sure what this says about her, but I noticed it constantly). Only, Hannah has a simple kill-those-who-get-in-her-way policy. Always via poison.

Dexter planned to kill her. Instead he found a kindred spirit and someone who truly understood him. She helped him understand the Dark Passenger was an excuse. It was all him, just a darker part of him. She helped him figure out kills in stressful times. She loved him.

There was this brilliant spark seeing Dexter with a woman who completely grasped how his mind worked. No judgment, no fear from Hannah. She appreciated everything about Dex.

Enter loudmouth problem: Debra.

Deb knows Dex is a killer now. She knows Hannah is a killer. Debra will make an exception on arresting her brother. She won’t do the same for Hannah. She makes it clear she’s going after her and is working hard to find a way to connect her to murders.

Hannah wants Debra to put aside differences for the sake of Dexter’s happiness. Debra kind of wants to shoot Hannah. Not going well.

Last night’s episode had Debra getting into a car accident and blaming Hannah. She claimed Dexter’s girlfriend poisoned her. She managed to convince him that Hannah had dosed her water with a bunch of Deb’s anti-anxiety medication.

I’m convinced this was Debra doing whatever it took to get Hannah out of Dexter’s life. As much as I recognize Hannah is a killer, she’s visibly in love with Dex. She wouldn’t risk it. However, when Dexter finds the water bottle laced with medicine, he does the wrong thing and gives Debra evidence against Hannah.

Deb’s smug self arrests Hannah.

No more Dexter in love.

No more potential for Dexter/Hannah serial killer super couple.

I spent last night’s episode hoping to see Dex and Hannah grow even closer during the holidays—possibly with him inviting her along on a kill—instead he gave up his chance at happiness. It’s not that I don’t appreciate his loyalty to his sister. I get it. I just really wanted a longer run of romance for him.

He’d never really had a woman who understood him and loved him regardless. Sad to watch him throw it away.


While Chelsea Mueller runs Vampire Book Club, she won’t turn down a sexy werewolf, demon or faerie. Her appreciation of Alexander Skarsgard is well documented. Bother her on Twitter — @ChelseaVBC — she likes it.

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Melissa Keith
1. MelK
*SPOILER ALERT* OMG. I think Deb did it too! She told Hannah she would do ANYTHING to save Dexter from her. Rita's death tore me up. That last episode stayed with me for months. There can be no woman in Dexter's life. I'm surprised he has a son. As for the bra straps...visit Austin, TX. It seems to be a requirement that bra straps show. I have no problem with that. Hell, if I was younger I'd do it. Anyway I knew Hannah wouldn't make it to next season. I told my hubby she would either go to jail or be on Dexter's table. Wonder if she will be around? What do you think?
2. ChelseaMueller
@MelK - Heh. I don't really have a problem with the bra straps thing. I just thought it was funny that it was their way of illustrating her "free spirit."

I think we all knew Hannah wouldn't last, but could you imagine if she ended up on his table only for him to find out that Deb was the one who put her there? Eep!
Melissa Keith
3. MelK
@Chelsea - I agree. It was a funny way of showing it. I wonder if that's why a lot of Austin females do it?
I can't wait to see how Dex will react when he finds out Deb did it herself. OMG. I can't believe the season is almost over. I have such a crush on Dexter. lol! My hubby and I met Jeff Lindsey at a booksigning at BOOK PEOPLE here in Austin. BP is a fantastic inde bookstore. It's always a treat to go there. I'm going to read the first Dexter book soon. Have you read the books? They are quite different from the show according to Mr. Lindsey. I have a cool picture of him holding his new book if you want to see it. Let me know where to send and I'll share. :-)
Mel K.
4. Mel K.
*SPOILER ALERT* OMG. What an ending, eh? I really thought Deb did it but I was wrong. I was impressed at how they made you not like Hannah in the season finale. I feel badly for Deb. Dexter really put her in a bad spot. It's so funny...after watching the season finale I thought of you and I was like 'Man! I need to discuss!'. Due to stress and sickness I haven't been able to drop in until now. Thoughts? Btw, I'm melly801 in here when I log in. Just kept it simple though for quick response.
5. ChelseaMueller
Oh, Mel, I was UNHAPPY to discover Hannah actually did poison Deb. Yes, they managed to change how we saw her, but I still feel like her and Dex are a good match. I'm sure his failure at love is going to drive him to do all sorts of bad things next season and involving Deb in the final bits will either drive them apart or bring them together. I just really wanted that wedge of her driving away Hannah to be the big thing.

However, I love that they left it open for her to come back. I don't know if she'll come back to try to kill Deb or Dex, but I'm curious where that takes us. Maybe Dexter wants to take her back even though she tried to kill Deb and then everything explodes?
Mel K.
6. hannah fan
Lov hannah hope she doesn't die. I had enough therapy after Rita's death.
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