Dec 25 2012 3:30pm

Christmas Beefcake: Men of Love Actually

You were almost able to get it on with Laura Linney, and we love you for it!At Heroes and Heartbreakers, we love the holidays. It's a time for Christmas love, innocuous kissing under the mistletoe (and maybe a little less-than-innocuous things happening after the mistletoe), and of course the holiday movies. Hands down our favorite Christmas movie, though, has to be Love Actually. What with the adorable Hugh Grant ('cause who can forget that dance scene or the Christmas snog at the end of the film!), the delectable Rodrigo Santoro, and (in our opinion) the under-rated Martin Freeman, we can't help but watch it a few dozen times in the season. So, we shared a few of our favorite men from Love Actually, did we miss yours?

We'd learn a foreign language for you, too, Colin!Yeah, you snap that rubber band, Andrew Lincoln 'cause to us, you are perfect!Hugh Grant, show us your moves!We saw a whole new side of you, Martin, and we liked it!

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Lena Loneson
2. Lena Loneson
So glad you included Martin Freeman -- not your typical romantic hero, but I have a serious thing for him.
Lege Artis
3. LegeArtis
Colin and Liam...? Come on, guys...
This is my favorite Hugh Grant role...
Jennifer Proffitt
4. JenniferProffitt
Oops, we had Colin in there, his picture must have slipped out! We're adding him in now, of course!
Lena Loneson
6. Jan the Alan Fan
*looks around for Alan Rickman*
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