Dec 4 2012 9:09am

Best Pregnancy Romance Novel?

So with news of the Royal Pregnancy, our thoughts naturally turn to romance novels featuring pregnant women. Harlequin has many such titles, and pregnant heroines feature in romance novels beyond Harlequin's category lines.

Which romance novel with a pregnancy as a major plot point is your favorite?

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Jena Briars
1. CutMyTeethOnKleypas
**chirp* *chrip** (realizing I've never read a Pregnancy Romance)

I though that the infamous Pregnesia is supposed to be the most popular Pregnancy Romance... Hmmmm. Looks like the free ebook of The Bride's Baby is moving up in my TBR list.
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
It's not a 'woo-hoo, we're pregnant!' book, but coincidentally I'm reading Mary Balogh's The Christmas Bride and a pregnancy brings the couple together. So far, it's fantastic. Not a joyous holiday read yet, but there's still time.
Darlene Marshall
3. DarleneMarshall
@MFrampton--I'm with you on this. I don't seek out books with pregnancy as a plot device, but Balogh's done a number of books where it's a strong theme. I think my favorite may be A Precious Jewel.
Jordan R
4. jrojrojro
I love a good pregnancy book, but if it's not done well, I think the plot device can be a real turn-off. I love Nobody's Baby But Mine because the pregnancy is a huge part of the plot and doesn't feel like a "I didn't know what else to do so I slipped in a baby" effort.
5. Kareni
LaVyrle Spencer's Morning Glory is a lovely romance in which the heroine is pregnant, has two small children, and is struggling when the hero enters her life.
Vanessa Ouadi
6. Lafka
I liked Bella Andre's I only have eyes for you (Sullivans #4). It was a sweet contemporary romance, in which a night of passion between two life-long friends lead to an unexpected pregnancy and even more unexpected reactions.
Catherine Anderson's Annie's Song was a surprise _ the pregnancy is the consequence of a rape, and the rapist's brother takes responsability by marrying the girl, who is mentally deficient.

I'm actually not much into pregnancy romance, because it generally involves unprotected one-night-stands, which often lead me to believe both the hero and the heroine are too stupid to live. And I plainly dislike the books where the plot revolves about the hero and heroine making a deal to have a baby together, without being romantically involved, because of inheritance issues or family pressure.
I do like books where the pregnancy happens in a romantically involved (or already married) couple, and both protagonists must find a way to deal with it.
Few authors, in my humble opinion, manage to make a pregnancy book both interesting and believable.
7. danni0113
I really like the Pregnancy Test by Erin Mccarthy. The heroine's already pregnant and goes to work for the stuffy Hero. It's really funny and definitely a different take on the pregnant theme.
8. J-me
Lisa Kleypas' novel Smooth Talking Stranger (3rd Travis book)

Doesn't strictly fit into the pregnant heroine story but its great.
The Heroines sister dumps her new born baby on her mother who then dumps it on the heroine's Ella, the only responsible one in the family. She takes the baby and goes off in search of the father. She ends up accusing Texan Millionaire Playboy, Jack, of being the father, he isn't but he helps Ella try to find the father and Ella's sister. Of course she falls in love with the baby and Ella and Jack's romance blossoms.
But its a great story, but its Lisa Kleypas so that goes without saying!
9. Jean M
I like a pregnancy romance where the upcoming mother is recently widowed--as long as the widow-grieving element is handled carefully--and then she meets the hero.
10. Rose In RoseBear
I like Secret Baby novels, especially when there's a (fairly) good reason for the secrecy.

For example, No Place To Run by Maya Banks ... fantastic novel! Sophie is five months pregnant and kicks azz! Talk about Mamma Bear ...!
Michelle Palmer
11. ChelleP
Love, love, love pregnancy books. Watermelon by Marian Keyes is a great one. Never heard of the McCarthy book, but off to check it out!
12. Kakura inoue
This book was fantastic I gave it 5 star. Love love the sweet love making
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