Dec 13 2012 10:59am

Arrow Season 1, Episode 9 Recap: Christmas and the Archers

Oliver and Laurel in Arrow season 1 episode 9 Year’s End*******SPOILERS*******

Last week Helena (a.k.a. Huntress) had to dash my 'ship dreams by dumping playboy-turned-superhero Oliver/Green Arrow. I get it. The show would be boring if any aspect of their lives were easy, but damn you Helena!

That said, it’s time to move on. As Diggle told Oliver, when the right one comes along, he’ll be ready. Me, too, Ollie. Me, too.

Enough bemoaning the burning of my 'shipping dreams. Let’s get to the talking about the mid-season finale of Arrow (and Stephen Amell’s abs, if we’re lucky).

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This week’s opening was a jaw-dropper, even for an obvious fake-out. It appeared as though Arrow murdered one of his former victims. No “you have been judged” talk. Just three arrows to the chest. (C’mon, copy cat, Oliver has more style.)

As much as we praise Oliver’s abs here at H&H, let’s give a shout out to Dig’s arms. Because. Damn.

Oliver had to forget Christmas. It makes sense, but it’s a hug-him moment. See? We need a relationship to back here, so I can say so-and-so should console him.

He comes home clearly wishing the house still smelled of pine like it did when his dad was alive. There are no decorations this year. Thea suggests everyone has been busy, but I wonder if they stopped when they thought Oliver died.

Walter, Moira, Thea, and Oliver at the Queen Christmas party in Arrow Season 1 episode 9 Year’s EndWalter and Moira are throwing a dinner party, and everyone is talking about the vigilante. Crime is down in the city, and the debate turns to whether this is due to Arrow (who they continue to call “hood guy” to Oliver’s chagrin) scaring mob bosses or the police department’s renewed efforts.

Felicity informs Walter that the vigilante’s targets have been on the list in Moira’s super-secret book.

The detectives recognize they’re dealing with a copycat. Black arrows instead of green and, you know, the fact the real Arrow took Adam Hunt for millions just a couple months ago. Looks like Oliver’s Christmas just got extra complicated. Welcome back to the western world!

Things you just don’t hear people say these days: “The guy’s a legitimate archer.”

Thea and Oliver have a brother-sister afternoon. We meet a potential boyfriend for her (?) and discover that they really have skipped Christmas every year since Oliver and his dad disappeared. Cue family sit-down to talk about throwing the big Christmas party.

After the commissioner orders our detective to bury the copycat murders, Laurel’s dad calls Arrow and agrees to provide him with the arrow he needs. It comes with the caveat that once the problem is solved, he’ll be back hunting Arrow. We’ll see.

Laurel and Merlin in Arrow Season 1 episode 9Tommy isn’t giving up on Laurel. He shows up, invites her to the Queen party and gives her a sentimental Christmas gift. He really is trying to change and make sure she sees it.

Oliver’s attempt to find the copycat where the black arrows were mailed turns out to be a trap, complete with a bomb. Our superhero gets out unscathed, naturally, but with a big WTF look on his face.

Despite the weird tension, I want an invite to a Queen Christmas party.

“I can’t fight them. I am them!” Moira summed up the wall between she and Walter perfectly and heartbreakingly.

Oliver gives Laurel and Tommy his blessing, as it were. Now, if we could just find a nice assassin girl for Arrow…

The copycat takes hostages and then goes with a public plea that he will kill one an hour until Arrow turns himself in. Oliver thinks he can handle this because he faced far worse on the island. Cue flashback to epic fight on the island, while Oliver flees in his early days.

The Green Arrow in Arrow 1.09 Year’s EndOliver as Arrow arrives to set the hostages free. The copycat says he just wanted what any archer wants, to see who is better. It was an incredibly cheesy way to start a kickass battle. Oliver actually gets shot! Our hero isn’t impervious! This copycat was sent by “the man who authored” the book, and that man wants Oliver dead. Luckily, Oliver is able to stab him and flee, injured from the scene to call Diggle for help.

Dig was able to get Oliver out and to the hospital. They covered his injuries by saying he was in a motorcycle accident. Not sure if everyone will buy that, but his family is happy he’s safe. (Me, too.)

Plus, it leads to more brother-sister bonding. I love their thread in this show, so it pleased me.

The copycat is Tommy’s dad! And he’s alive!

Walter is kidnapped. They promise he won’t be harmed. Moira doesn’t completely trust him. I have a feeling she shouldn’t.

Big changes are in store for the city. Things are going to be complicated when we get back from the mid-season break. Any guesses on when Oliver will discover his mom’s involvement? Will he search for Walter? Will he find out who authored the list?


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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
Haven't watched yet, but I can't wait to see this Queen Christmas party...
Christopher Morgan
3. cmorgan
So that's the Merlyn that is the bad one. Good show Sirs and Madames in charge.
Darlene Marshall
4. DarleneMarshall
I have the perfect dress for the Queen's Christmas party. I hope next year's invite doesn't get lost in the mail.

Onward: Characters are still building in complexity. I truly like Tommy Merlin and don't want to see him go bad. Digg's arms should get their own billing. Laurel's dad knows he's on a slippery slope turning to Arrow, and that's a good thing--makes him more human and less Inspector Javert. I feel a little sorry for Moira, who has a tiger by the tail and can't let go. Tommy's dad has an evil smile and a cleft chin. He was hot as Captain Jack Harkness, but he's still got some residual sinister hotness clinging to him. We'll see.

I like the island scenes and I hope we'll get more of that backstory this season. Can't wait until mid-January!
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