Dec 19 2012 9:34am

A Christmas Carol is an Iconic Classic

On this day in 1843, Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol first went on sale. Since that time, it's become an iconic frame of reference for everything from the cartoon Mr. Magoo to Doctor Who to Blackadder (and many more beside, of course).

Many have their favorite version of Dickens's classic, whether it's a straight interpretation of the story or a riff; what's yours?

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Mary Beth Bass
3. marybeth
Patrick Stewart. I saw him on Broadway twice and we listen to it every year. He's marvelous. You can see Fezziwig's calves "shining like moons" and Mrs. Fezziwig "all smiles," even it's just him on a black stage with a few chairs. Amazing.
Jena Briars
4. CutMyTeethOnKleypas
(George C. Scott wins for the most awesome Scrooge voice. Extra gravelly.)

Honestly, I love all of them. I love the Christmas morning scene in the Patrick Stewart version. I love the humor in the Bill Murray (Scrooged) version. I love the Muppet one and the Albert Finney one for the songs. The Mickey one... just... all of them.
5. MaryC
I have three favorites - Alastair Sim's A Christmas Carol, Mr. Magoo's Chrismas Carol and An American Christmas Carol with Henry Winkler.
Jordan R
6. jrojrojro
I LOVE the muppets version, but for a more serious adaptation, I really like the Patrick Stewart version.
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