Nov 16 2012 11:11am

Twilight’s Epic Twist Ending—Let’s Discuss!

Kristen Stewart as Bella in Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2For the past few weeks the actors of the Twilight movies have been teasing a twist to the plot of Breaking Dawn Part 2. They’ve said things like “we hope the fans won’t kill us,” and I just assumed that was because these fans are purists and want everything to match the book exactly.

Instead, when I watched the movie last night, I was struck by the brilliance of the twist ending. (And, no, I’ve never called a Twilight movie brilliant before.)

Before you continue reading, mega spoilers follow. Do not read the rest of this if you plan to see Breaking Dawn Part 2, because it will spoil something totally epic.



Okay, just the Twi-hards and the curious non-Twilight fans left? Whew.

The moment the twist ending began there was no question this wasn’t in the book. Seeing the head of the Cullen family’s head separated from his body made my jaw drop. The girl sitting next to me started muttering, “This wasn’t in the book. This wasn’t in the book. This wasn’t in the book.”

As the sight of Carlisle’s beheading, the Cullens attack the Volturi. We see favorites die. Jasper. Seth. Over and over. Then these moments of vindication as someone kills the Volturi. Watching Alice take out the psychopathic little Jane, who just murdered Jasper, elicited cheers from the audience.

We watch as beloved characters are ripped to pieces and, some, set on fire. Solace from watching the Aro dying helped quell the tears of the teenagers in the audience.

They almost killed Edward.

Bella nearly bit it.

Then we discover this 20-minute epic battle that showed the movie killing off just about every beloved character was the vision Alice showed Aro to prove it wouldn’t end well if he tried to move against them.

This is why I say it was brilliant: That movie had zero action. This allowed the story arc to pick up the pace and show a real battle scene. It’s also nice to be able to surprise people who are so convinced they already know what words will come out of Bella’s mouth.

What was your reaction to seeing your favorite Twilight characters killed on screen? Did you like the twist ending? If you were to see the movie again, do you think you’d still enjoy that scene or since you know it’s a fake out would it lose power?


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1. indiangirl12
OMG!! me and my girls keep say the same thing (this was not in the book)
it hurt to see it and then to feel it was just a vision relief came over everyone in the theater
2. ParkerJai
I thought it was EPIC!! There has not been a book made to movie that I've seen that was dead on anyway... They always leave a lot out and I'm sure it's hard to do given a budget and time limits!!
3. ga3aak
I sat with my mouth open in shock. I was perspiring, heart racing, fast breathing during the scene. It really got my adrenalin pumping. I don't think I have ever been so caught up in a movie as I was last night.Brilliant! My friend kept whispering "It's a dream. It has to be a dream." I think this will be my favorite Twilight movie. Can't wait to see it again. Plus, I will never sit through another 13 hour movie series marathon. My arse is numb!
4. ChelseaMueller
I went into it thinking the twist would be a fight scene and like @ga3aak's friend I thought early on it was a vision, but then it KEPT GOING. It went on long enough to make you consider that they were really killing off all your favorite characters.
Lisa Johnican
5. Ljican
I was in complete shock! I think I even shed a tear as Carlisle was beheaded. This was by far the best ending possible. As all the great characters were being killed I was in complete awe with no idea how it would finally finish. The audience was screaming and cheering and completely elated when we found out it was just a vision. I don't think this was anything that anyone anticipated. Brilliant ending!!!!!
Pamela Webb-Elliott
6. Spaz
WHOA! I LOVE that they did that! They killed Carlisle?! And Jasper?! I read the books, but have only seen the first two films. I'm impressed with this move, well-played.
7. ChelseaMueller
Spaz, they killed just about everyone except Edward and Bella -- and they made you think Edward was going to die. I was floored.

Then it was a vision, but the fake-out was so good you bought into it.
Pamela Webb-Elliott
8. Spaz
Spaz, they killed just about everyone except Edward and Bella -- and they made you think Edward was going to die.
That. Is. Awesome.
9. Ezequiel
I understand and accept that Twilight is appealing to some people. I don't intend to bash either the concept, or its literary/cinematic execution.

Still, a considerable number of guys have been... convinced... to see this movie by their significant others, despite not liking it themselves, and I can only imagine those fleeting moments of bliss and joy they experienced, watching these characters die. It was, of course, a joy that was ripped away from them suddenly and violently, but still... I'm enjoying the mental picture I have of the contrast in emotions.

The ladies who read the books, the word "No!" resounding in their minds. The gentlemen who generally lack enthusiasm for the franchise, bursting with joy. Then, the sudden reversal on both ends of the spectrum... I wish I could have been there just to watch the audience's reaction.
Kelly Mayberry
10. Keslynn
I LOVED it! It was completely epic. I often feel cheated if a twist ending is done badly or doesn't sell itself. I didn't feel that way at all with Breaking Dawn II. If the battle scene had been the true ending, I would have congratulated the writer(s) on being hugely brave and bucking the book's narrative even though it would royally piss off the hardcore fans. As it is, making it a twist amped up the suspense while still preserving the Happy Ending that fans were looking for. It was very well handled.

I was also in a very active audience so half the fun was listening to the others around me gasp and scream and cheer.
11. CdnMrs
I was so hoping Edward and Jacob would realize their pent up love for each other and lope into the Washington wilderness together, but Edward almost dying is good too.
12. beadgirl
I have seen it 3 times already and each time, I still have the adrenaline pumping, heart racing, and general freaking out. It's crazy. I know what's going on, that it's not real, but I still almost believe it's happening. I went to the marathon and the entire day was fantastic. The best part about seeing these movies in a crowded theater is the audience reactions. Something about being there with everyone else makes it ok (and even expected) to scream and cheer at the screen. We even had cheering during most of the previews before BD2. :)
13. MissLeopard83
I nearly lost it when Carlisle was beheaded. I could feel the blood boil up in my face and my heart started beating faster. I think I even let out a small scream. I don't think I've ever felt that way about a movie character before! Then, I lost it again when Jasper was beheaded, as well. I've had a crush on Jackson Rathbone from the beginning so it was VERY difficult seeing him killed. Bill Condon did an EXCELLENT job working with the screenplay and putting me on the edge of my seat. Breaking Dawn 1 & 2 are, by far, my favorites. I plan to watch this again when it comes out on DVD. :)
Rachel Hyland
14. RachelHyland
Alice kicks Aro: wait, what? Carlisle runs to defend his daughter...: what the hell? ...and gets beheaded: ah! It's Alice showing Aro a vision of what will come if he proceeds.

Nicely played, movie.

It gives audiences the exultant battle scene the book lacked (I'm sure I wasn't the only one who felt Bella's shield-wielding defence of her clan and allies was a little... anti-climactic, and then the Voluturi just went home), while also delivering one of the most poignant moments of characterization out of completely nowhere: Marcus (played with hangdog brilliance by Christopher Heyerdahl), sighing "Finally!" when his long life, and one he has long despised, is brought to an end.

I had a few quibbles with earlier parts of the movie, but in the end, I was delighted with this one; such a relief, after the awkwardness and disappointment of Part 1.
15. whiskeywhite
I am known for pestering my friends and fellow Twilight movie-goers with "that's not in the book, " but without this battle scene, it would have been a boring movie. I must say, though, that I was shocked when Carlisle was killed. And, of course, it got more gripping from there as more and more of the family were threatened...
17. saracorrea72
The twist makes no sense since Alice can not see any type of future when the wolves are around. That is why Alice came back in New Moon because she thought Bella was dead but Jacob really recused her. All of the wolves were at the battle so techinally Alice should not have been able to see the future and therefore should not have been able to show Aro. The same with her vision of the four on the beach in the end. That never could have happened. I think maybe the writers should have watched New Moon before writing this movie. With that being said I really like this movie it was way better then the book. And I liked the battle scene even if it doesn't make sense.
18. OrigKGreen
I almost had a heartattack at the theater. My sister-in-law (SIL) and I were getting really upset and I looked over and said, "This is the worst movie ever! None of this happened!!" Then we found out it was Alice's vision and I breathed a huge sigh of relief along with my SIL. I don't remember getting so upset about a movie before. I loved it!
19. Kevsmom72699
I loved the twist and that it was a vision...but agree with saracorrea72 above. Alice CANNOT see anything that involves the wolves, so how could she this battle that they are in. Also, she was unable to see Bella while she carried Renesme. So she should not have been able to see Jacob and Renesme in the future. It is my favorite movie, but still contradicts other things in the movie franchise, not just the books. I was on the edge of my seat!!
20. tonidh69
IT. WAS. EPIC! I let out an audible gasp when Carlisle landed without his head. It was just such a shock. I did figure it out about 2/3 of the way thru the battle scene. But that initial shock was just......deer in the headlights time. I was always let down a little by the book that there was no big showdown, so to me, this is the best of both worlds. Very satisfying. I want to go again and just observe everyone else's reactions!
21. tonidh69
P.S. I think the vision Alice showed Aro was what she had seen when she was away, or earlier on and she was just remembering it. However, the HAA with the four of them at the end was not possible ever.
22. stefraffel
It absolutely MADE THE MOVIE, taking it from 'meh' to freakin' awesome! I LOVE surprises and nothing could have prepared me for that. Brilliant!
23. arhatfield
Definitely EPIC. I was fuming when Carlisle was beheaded, but when Jasper died to, that's when I (desperately) figured it had to be a vision. To kill some of the beloved characters when the book had absolutely no violence would have had fans furious. I did disagree though that Jasper would die second for one that had never lost a battle. Can't wait to see it again!
24. tinaperin
The movie would have been a bit boring, so good job of thinking of that twist. I was WTF, the full words and people turned around to frown at me.
My friend kept saying "oh no, oh no" and almost crying when Seth bought it
25. Jennifer Lovegood
It was definitely a riveting twist! It had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I was laughing and swearing, and saying "THIS IS NOT WHAT HAPPENS!!! WHAT ARE THEY DOING??," a lot. :)
The only reason I would not have done that type of ending is, even in the book the end of the series is a bit ubrupt, it just ends so quickly and it doesn't really leave much time to enjoy the camraderie of the characters after everything with the Volturi. The movie just ends, basically.
Though, I did LOVE how they showed Rennessme in the future with Jacob! That was something I had imaging while reading the book and I was soooo happy they included that in the movie! :)
26. aliceanya001
I loved the twist. That was my favourite scene in whole movie because it gives a little action. Normaly I was devastated because they killed Carlisle and Jasper, two of my favourite characters. I liked this movie the best.
70. BlissCat
I had only barely read the books quite a while back so I did not remember the end exactly but I knew that at least Jasper hadnt died because honestly, he and alice are my favorite characters and I would have remembered that, and I did not think there was an actual big battle but I thought "Maybe they are adding this to amp up the action and decided to kill off a few bigger characters but not the main ones (Bella, Edward, Jacob) and pulling a Walking Dead or Iron Man 3 and going off the script of the books"
I was heartbroken when Jasper was killed, and almost as bad with Carlisle, Seth and Leah. Very glad it was a vision.
71. RosebudizJonesKou
At first my daughter and I were MORTIFIED and Littleraly Crying! But once we saw it was a vision sequence as a warning to Aro we breath a sigh of relieve and I love the ending!
I wish they would have showed more of the house after the Renessme addition and Maybe a place for Jacob?????
72. Jennyxxx
Would have been an epic movie had Alice's vision came true!! But the real ending? Kind of made my goose pimples came out in a non good way. Too cheesy in an unnatural way, I felt?
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