Nov 30 2012 11:27am

The Vampire Diaries: One Step Forward, One Step Back for Damon/Elena?

Damon and Elena dance in The Vampire Diaries Season 4, episode 7, My Brother’s KeeperNote: If you haven't seen last night's episode of The Vampire Diaries (4.07, “My Brother's Keeper”), read no further. MAJOR spoilers ahead.


Last night's episode of The Vampire Diaries (episode 4.07, “My Brother's Keeper”) brought the culmination of everything Damon/Elena fans have been waiting for since, well, since the first episode. [highlight for spoilers]After years of surviving on unresolved sexual tension, death-bed kisses, and interrupted makeouts, Delena fans finally saw their favorite couple give into their feelings. A dance turned into a kiss turned into one incredibly hot sex scene.[/spoilers]

But. And this is The Vampire Diaries, so we all knew there'd be a but, right?

But while Damon and Elena were otherwise engaged, Caroline and Stefan were coming to a pretty disturbing conclusion: [spoilers]Elena is sired to Damon, meaning that her will is pretty much his to command.[/spoilers]

What did you make of the episode? Are you flying high, feeling low, or somewhere in between? And where do you think Delena will go from here?

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1. ChelseaMueller
I have been waiting for a real Damon/Elena kiss for years.


And this was lovely. The kissing, the tearing of Damon's shirt, Elena's enthusiasm. A whole lot of Ian Somerhalder sexiness.

Just... nom.

I completely admit to keeping it on the DVR for the sake or rewatching at my leisure.

Am I happy about the sire twist? No. I like new Elena, but then again I'm a DElena shipper. I'm pretty nervous about just what Caroline and Stefan are willing to do to try and break the bond between Damon and Elena.
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
@ChelseaMueller -- They sure are gorgeous together.

The sire twist could be an interesting one, but I'm guessing it was meant to make this whole Delena scene shadier, which sucks. I think it's ridiculous to say that Elena's feelings for Damon are stronger just because she's a vampire; she's had strong feelings for a long time but couldn't admit it to herself. I could buy the siring thing magnifying those feelings even further (like maybe into obsession-like levels), but acting like Delena is a possibility now only because she's a vampire and suddenly has stronger feelings for him than she ever would have had as a human annoys me. They'd have gone there eventually if she'd stayed human. Let's not kid ourselves.
3. ChelseaMueller
... acting like Delena is a possibility now only because she's a vampire and suddenly has stronger feelings for him than she ever would have had as a human annoys me. They'd have gone there eventually if she'd stayed human. Let's not kid ourselves.
100% agree. Especially as she got memories back and saw just how he really felt about her.
Lucy D
4. Lucy D
I am going to be the dissenter here. Although Ian Somerhalder mentally stars in many of the books I read, I was not a big fan of the Elana/Damon get together. Mostly because it was creepy enough that Katherine could compare the brother's moves. Now Elena can give the "you know your brother likes it when I..." It's a little icky.

Worse--if they acknowledge that Damon was aware Elena was sired bonded to him (cause it looked like he did at one point), isn't that paranormal rape? Will be hard for the group, especially Stefan and obviously Elena, to get past the willing her into bed with him. Yes, she had confused feelings for him before turning, but you can't trust anything afterwards.

Sorry, I'm feeling a little creeped out.
6. wsl0612

Sorry, I really feel strongly about this :-) I keep wanting him to move on, I'm so over Elena.
Lucy D
7. Austin
I actually prefer Elena and Damon together, even though I'm a huge Stefan fan. As for paranormal rape, I think Lucy D makes an interesting point, but I respectfully disagree. You can't rape the willing, even if there is a "sire bond" in play. You could say it's the equivalent of a boozy one-night stand (where you are acting under the influence and your inhibitions have flown out the window along with your clothes), but not rape. Especially, not in Damon and Elena's case. Elena already had feelings for Damon prior to her being turned a vampire (remember the passion at the motel? I do!)--that wasn't faked or forced. Elena had simply decided not to act on her intense feelings for Damon since she had met Stefan "first" and gotten involved with him "first." She was trying to do the right and moral thing regardless of her strong attraction to Damon. But now we know, of course, that she actually met Damon "first" and he always had Elena's best interests at heart (that's why he didn't act on his feelings and selflessly made her forget about their meetings and even encouraged her to be with his more 'deserving' brother.) But Damon has proven (despite his more bloodier, reckless moments) that he is self-sacrificing, capable of great loyalty and self-control, and will love Elena regardless if she is human or a vampire. I'm not sure I can say the same for Stefan (even though I adore him).
Nicole Leapheart
8. BoxyFrown
I am firmly Team Damon. I can't stand Elena, although she is bearable with Damon. Damon can be unhinged when it comes to protecting his loved ones, but he is everyone's fave whipping boy! I get that he is supposed to be the "bad" brother but um...

Stefan is an effing SERIAL KILLER

so...there's that.

I thought the Damon/Elena love scene was passionate, believeable, and so worth the wait. And then they drop this sire BS. I was so angry! Once again, Damon is given the shaft. I don't feel like Damon knows about the sire bond, did I miss that? There have been times he could have taken advantage of Elena's anger/confusion with Stefan and he didn't.
Lucy D
9. Alie
I'm a Stelena fan so it wasn't a great episode for me, until the sired bit :)
I just think that as Stefan was with Elena first, as his brother Damon should have stayed clear of her, regardless of his feelings. It's about respect and clearly Damon does not respect boundaries.
Just my 2 cents.
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