Nov 6 2012 6:08pm

Science Proves It: Love at First Sight Really Exists!

Once again, the unlikely area of science proves the truth spelled out in romance novels: The brain does, indeed, make snap judgments about physical attraction and whether the person might be a good romantic match within milliseconds—and that instant attraction is proven right approximately two-thirds of the time, based on a scientific study.

The judgment of compatibility is not based on appearance alone; the study finds two parts of the brain working simultaneously to gauge attractiveness and whether or not that person might be right for the assessor.


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1. HJ
But what is also true is that people often revise those first impressions as they get to know one another. In some ways the best relationships happen when the instant attraction isn't there and so they can get to know each other without that getting in the way. And then you have friends to lovers!
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