Nov 26 2012 8:22am

What Have You Read Lately?

If you celebrate Thanksgiving, chances are good you had a bit more time off than usual.

And since we're all readers, likely one of the first things you did with your spare minutes was reach for a book.

So we wanna know: What and how many books did you read? Anything to recommend?

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Wendy the Super Librarian
1. SuperWendy
Thanks to the scheduling gods, I had a glorious four-day weekend and got six books read - 2 Harlequin Presents, 3 erotic short stories and 1 full-length erotic romance. I had some good, solid reads in the batch but my absolute favorite was the short story Restraint by Charlotte Stein. It felt fresh, lively, sexy - and frankly, different. I really loved it!
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
Ooh, Wendy, I loved Restraint also. I am reading Barbara Hambly's most recent Benjamin January book, The Shirt on His Back. Family made it hard to read, though. Grr. Dumb family.
Lucy D
3. Lucy D
@wendycrutcher Now I am jealous of you-6 books! Wow! I was excited I plowed through 3 this weekend. Kresley Cole's newest spinoff, Shadow's Claim, is a must read, followed close by behind by Cynthia Eden's newest Fallen, Angel in Chains.
Jordan R
4. jrojrojro
I barely came up for air while reading Kristen Ashley's newest book, With Everything I Am. Parts were weak, many more parts were awesome, and I was thoroughly enthralled the whole time! I read a few other things, but nothing really worth mentioning. Of course, I still haven't found anything that compares to the crackaliciousness of KA!
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