Nov 17 2012 3:00pm

Poll: Sexiest Man Alive?

It seems like we've been drooling over Channing Tatum all year as we prepped for Magic Mike (and then when Team H&H took a field trip to see it!). Between his work as a male stripper and his heart-melting performance in The Vow earlier this year with Rachel McAdams, he's hitting all the right notes for us. The editors at People magazine must have agreed as well because they named him their Sexiest Man Alive. So that got us to thinking—who's the Sexiest Man Alive for you? We compiled a list of the last five years of winners, so let us know!

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1. CdnMrs
I don't know how People Magazine managed to miss David Gandy, but HELLO? Gorgeous and sophisticated and loves puppies and looks good in everything from banana hammocks to 3-piece suits.
*rolls eyes*
I'll give you that Channing Tatum looked fabulous in Magic Mike, but he still kind of looks like an overgrown high school/frat boy. No. Just no.
David Gandy. That is all.
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
Like @CdnMrs, I'm all about the Gandy. I mean, those other guys are foxy, no doubt, but they don't have all that Gandy sizzle.
3. AshleyG
David Gandy would be my choice too! I mean Channing is a good looking guy but he's not really my particular flavor so I would certainly not consider him the sexiest man alive. I also hate the pictures that People run on their covers. Who makes these decisions? If he's the sexiest man alive then please show me some sexy...because that isn't it. I've seen way better pictures of Channing and this does him no justice at all.
Suzanne Metaxas
5. SuzyM
Sexiest Man alive is Kris Holden-Ried.
7. ChelseaMueller
I'm sure you guys saw this coming but... I'm always going to go with Alexander Skarsgard.

Though, I would support Gandy as Sexiest Man Alive, too.
Glass Slipper
8. GlassSlipper
Hrithik Roshan. Bollywood Actor.
9. EvangelineHolland
Can we get love for boyish, slightly gawky British actors like Eddie Redmayne?!
10. Clau
For me is Ryan Guzman, I totally think than him is so sexy ;)

Jennifer Proffitt
11. JenniferProffitt
@EvangelineHolland, look at our pinterest board, we recently pinned him, so we have love for him, too! Those pillowy lips... ;)

@GlassSlipper, those back muscles are INSANE!!!
Lege Artis
13. LegeArtis

I'm Gandy fan. Most beautiful man ever born...

Henry is close second and Tom is third...

Apparently, I have a thing for Brits...
Darlene Marshall
16. DarleneMarshall
If we're going with pretty boys who can dance, I've got to show some love for Matt Bomer.
18. Terry W
Hmm... discovered David Gandy during the UK GQ polls. Very nice. However, at the moment my personal votes would go to Chris Evans (Captain America: The First Avenger, Avengers, Puncture) and then Tom Hiddleston (War Horse, Thor, Avengers, Midnight in Paris). I'm a serious Anglophile, but one look into Chris Evans' eyes and I was toast.
19. Ioana Raluca Popescu

Tom Hiddleston.
20. Jessica W.
Tom Hiddleston. Beautiful on the outside, but even more beautiful on the inside. :)
21. Millie E.

(image by Max Vadukul)

Definitely agree with #18, #19, and #20; Tom Hiddleston is not only *ridiculously* sexy, but he is such a gentleman and a true positive force of nature (he did a video on compassion:, not to mention an extraordinary actor...

...and a sweetie when it comes to treating his fans!

Clearly, this man is more than just sexy –– he's sexy inside and out!
22. Alison Cortsen
I'm seconding Terry W. Chris Evans, followed by Tom Hiddleston.
25. Lizzie S
IAN. SOMERHALDER. that guy is pure sex.
26. Jessica W.
Tom Hiddleston. (This is the photo I tried to link in my previous comment.)
cynthia dower
27. icerose
Tom Hidleston I find tall and lean sexy especially when it is combined with intelligence and natural charm.His incredible talent adds to his charisma and overall appeal.
28. Raquel3271
He's just gorgeous and even more so on the inside and doesn't have to flaunt it!
29. Lana Legal
Obviously.... Tom Hiddleston
30. Gabrielle Q.
Tom Hiddleston. This man is sexy with all his clothes on! Come on girls!
31. kellysam
Two words : Jeremy Renner
32. whiskeywhite
Kris Holden-Ried. Not the usual.
33. Candyland
David Gandy and Ian Somerhalder. That is all.
34. farzam
hes my friend
he is realy handsome
i never seen like hem beforrrrr
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