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Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 8 Recap: Zombies, Pricks, and Dreams

Hook in Once Upon a Time Season 2 episode 8*****SPOILERS*****

What we already know:

Sleeping Beauty (SB) has had a dream of the room of fire and Henry was in it. Emma and Snow were encouraged about going home when they heard this news.

This episode, “Into the Deep,” was one of the good ones! While a little sappy, the writing was creative and forward thinking. We had both intensity and plot development—not to mention lots of Mr. Gold.

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The episode opens in Fairytale-land (FTL) with Hook finally escaping from the beanstalk, only to run smack into Cora. She is “very disappointed” in him for his lack of discretion. Since he no longer has the compass, she tells him she is leaving him in FTL therefore denying him his revenge. He tries to charm her but she just vanishes in a puff of smoke. She returns to the refugee camp where she takes the hearts of the dead and reanimates them with her breath. YES! Folks, zombies have left the building.

Emma talks to SB about the dream, and she and Snow realize it's a sleeping curse. Those who have survived and awoken have dreams of the Netherworld. They decide that's the start of how they will return home. Henry holds their answers.

In Storybrooke, Henry wakes from a dream and tells Prince Charming (PC) and Regina that Emma and Snow are alive. He reveals that only one person is standing in their way of returning home, and it's Regina's mom Cora.

Belle and Gold are having a semi romantic lunch at Granny's diner when Regina storms in freaked over the Cora news. They talk about the imminent danger of Cora returning and try to scare Belle at the same time, which doesn't work. Gold finally agrees to help.

They decide that Henry will go back to sleep and give Emma and Snow the information on how to defeat Cora. Gold leads Henry into the dream world by telling him the story of his own imprisonment, which is also the secret to stopping Cora.

In Fairytale-land, Mulan notices that SB is getting some nasty burns on her lower arm, the result of the sleeping curse dreams. SB pushes it off like it's no big deal and says she's going to keep helping. Mulan is not happy.

Mulan and Sleeping Beauty in Once Upon a Time Season 2 episode 8SB goes back into the dream and sees Henry; they try to talk, but SB gets sucked out of the dream by Mulan. Their camp is being attacked by Cora's men, looking for the compass they stole from the giant.  They don't lose the compass, but they do lose SB, who is taken by the men.

Back in Storybrooke, Henry tells the gang that he couldn't help because something happened to SB. Regina sees that Henry has received some very serious burns on his arms (in the same place SB got hers) and decides he cannot continue to do this.

Cora and SB have a conversation in Fairytale-land. First Cora makes with the nice, which is like a cobra with a tray of food on its back. Even SB isn't dumb enough to buy it. It's like a Mexican standoff in the cell, so Cora sends her crow to Snow to deliver an ultimatum. Return the compass of SB “gets it” at dawn.

It appears that Snow has yet another skill set we didn't know about...crowspeak.

Snow decides she will go back into the sleeping curse and they head for more poppies to make the sleeping dust. (wait, are we in Oz now? )

Hook shows up in SB's cells and tells her he is letting her go, and that she is to tell Emma the deal is still on. He will help them get back to Storybrooke if she will bring him along.

Something is NOT right here!!!

In Storybrooke, Regina and Henry share a bonding moment as Henry watches her make the sleeping curse for PC. She tells him with the exception of this curse and one other time she has not been using magic, which impresses him.

Gold tells PC that the sleeping curse has to be administered the old fashioned way; yup, just like in the fairytale he has to prick his finger on the spinning wheel needle. (by the pricking of your thumb something wicked this way comes...heh heh) Henry gives the necklace that helps control the fire to PC, and Gold reminds him that he may not wake up as well as the fact that he has to find the “fire room” he just won't appear there. It's an uh-oh moment.

In Fairytale-land, Snow breathes the powder and falls into sleep just as PC pricks his thumb in Storybrooke and the worlds merge.

PC walks in a hall of mirriors, while Snow in the fire room calls frantically for Henry. PC notices that the necklace gem is glowing brilliant blue so he takes it off dropping it on the floor. Hey, wait a minute...the floor is hot! PC breaks a hole in the ceiling and falls through into the fire room.

Snow and PC have a reuniting moment, and then he shares the info Gold gave him. Snow realizes that PC is in a sleeping curse for reals like and gets worried. She goes to kiss him to wake him, only what's this? She can't touch him. WHY??? Snow is just sleeping, but PC is actually cursed so they are still not synched up. Snow starts to fade but swears she will come home and wake PC. She disappears and leaves PC alone in the room.

In Fairytale-land, Snow wakes and tells Emma that PC is trapped in the curse, Emma reassures her, saying the WILL return home and wake him. Emma realizes the compass is missing along with Mulan. They start chasing Mulan, who is hightailing it to Cora to get SB back before dawn.

Cora and Hook in Once Upon a Time Season 2 episode 8Hook waits for Cora, he taunts her by telling her he let SB go. She is furious and is getting ready to take his heart for the crime when he mentions he has a gift for her in his satchel. She greedily rips it off  his belt and opens it. Well well it's a human heart! Cora looks hungrily at the heart and laughs.

Meanwhile, Emma and Snow catch up to Mulan and they set to fighting over the compass. Just when things are about to turn violent between the ladies, SB shows up and assures everyone she is OK and they can get to defeating Cora. SB seems oddly wooden, hmm...

Cut back to Cora and Hook and we see Cora speaking to the heart—wait, what's this?—the words are SB's exact words.  It seems that Hook actually took SB's heart instead of letting her go free and now she is ZOMBIE! Cora has become the ultimate puppet master! It's on, folks!

I really had fun with this episode and I am beginning to think the addition of Cora is bringing new depth and dimension to the show. What did you all think?


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1. cheri26y
I loved seeing Snow and Charming reunite. It was sad when she couldn’t wake him up from the sleeping curse, but I figured that was going to happen. I was working my shift at DISH last night, so I watched this episode this morning. With my DISH Hopper, I can use Auto Hop since Once Upon A Time is recorded with the PrimeTime Anytime feature. I get through the show in less time, since it skips over the commercials for me, and I still have time to get the kids off to school. I hope to see Snow and Emma make it back to Storybrooke in the finale. It would be an interesting twist to see Cora and Hook in Storybrooke as well.
Darlene Marshall
2. DarleneMarshall
I giggled when they finally threw zombies into the monster mash at OUaT.

Am I the only one who thinks Regina is poised to become a great antihero, saving the day and trumping the other heroines with her awesome wardrobe? Ot is that just wishful thinking on my part?

Hook is deliciously diabolical, though I still suspect he's a rank amatuer compared to Gold/Rumplestiltskin. Watching those two square off in Storybrooke could be fun.

I have to admit, Henry didn't annoy me as much in this episode. Maybe because he wasn't doing dumb things that put him in harm's way, but instead was working with the adults in his life. I did like the bonding moment with Regina over poison potions. That was sweet.
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