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Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 7 Recap: Wolves at the Gate

Ruby and Snow White in Once Upon a Time Season 1 episode 7 Child of the Moon*****SPOILERS*****

So this episode was great in theory—but only gave us five minutes of information in an hour-long show.

What we know: Emma and Snow are still trapped in Fairytale-land (FTL); nothing has changed.

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Our episode opens with all the dwarves mining, and getting super frustrated because they haven't found any fairy dust. A happy hour-athon is mentioned and Grumpy gets...well, Grumpy. He hits the wall of the mine and falls through a hole, filled with unprocessed...what? Dust! Happiness and much drinking ensues. 

In the back of the diner away from the drunk dwarves, Ruby is talking to Billy (a.k.a. the mouse from Cinderella) he is telling her he wants to meet her FTL self Red. She says she is dangerous as the wolf and to stay away.

Spencer (aka the King) sits down with Prince Charming, saying he is going to do his best to rip everything Charming has completely away from him. It's a nice vindictive moment.

After Spencer leaves, Charming goes into the back room to see Granny welding a door and Ruby looking worried. Ruby explains that her “keep me from being a wolf” red cloak has gone missing and that she has to be locked up now since the wolf can hurt people. She is worried that having the curse lifted will mean she will go all “the Howling” on the townsfolk.

Fairytale-land flashback:

While Ruby and Snow are running from pursuing Evil Queen Knights, Snow sees a wanted poster for herself and gets really upset. Ruby and Snow decide to split up because Ruby is about go go Wolfen since she tore her cloak and doesn't want to eat Snow. It's what friendships are built on.

We see a mysterious stranger watching from behind a tree. He has wolfy glowing eyes.

Back in Storybrooke, Granny comes into the diner to see it all ripped up. She goes into the back room and it is full of wolf-like claw marks and the door is ripped off the hinges. And Ruby is missing.

Henry has another nightmare about being trapped in a fire, in the middle of it he sees another figure, but then they are gone. Regina wakes him and they notice that his hand is burned.

Charming and Granny find Ruby asleep in the woods with no memory of the previous night, she freaks thinking she's gone on a rampage. Granny calms her, but looks worried.

Quinn in Once Upon a Time Season 1 episode 7Fairytale-land flashback:

Red wakes by a lake, the same mysterious stranger sees her and steals her red cloak. Threatening to burn it, he tells her he knows what she is and she shouldn't be afraid. They tussle and she realizes that he's a wolf too. He tells her he is going to take her to a place where they will teach her how to deal with her wolf side. His name is Quinn.

He takes her to an underground cavern where other wolves are. She meets their Queen, and surprise surprise—it's her mother! Not dead, like Granny said.

In Storybrooke, Charming, Ruby and Granny find Billy's truck—but no Billy. After following a trail of blood they find half of him under the truck and half in a dumpster. Ruby goes into hysterics saying she knows it was her who killed him.

Meanwhile, Regina shows Gold whats going on with Henry's hand. He tells her it's a side effect of the sleeping curse and while it cannot be cured it can be controlled. He makes a necklace potion for Henry and tells Regina it's free of charge only because it's Henry.

Fairytale-land Flashback:

Ruby and her Wolf Queen mother in Once Upon a Time 1.07Wolf Queen mom tells Red that the wolf isn't bad, that she must embrace it and run with it. She takes the cloak away from her, saying she will no longer need this. There is no reason to be afraid. Red is relieved and happy to be among “friends.”

In Storybrooke, Ruby is locked in the cell at the police station to keep her and the town safe. Spencer (the king) shows up and says he wants Ruby to make her face what she has done. Charming says he'll have to go through him first. It's a testosterone war, and Spencer loses.

He goes outside where the townsfolk are and starts inciting them to riot by saying that Ruby is a monster and is going to kill them all. They break in and rush the cell! Only Ruby isn't there. She has been taken to Belle to be kept safe.

Fairytale-land flashback:

Snow finds the wolf coven rushing in to talk to Red, they have a reunion of sorts. Then the knights who were tailing them rush in, killing many of the wolves before being killed themselves. Wolf Queen blames Snow and says at dark they will kill and eat her—Ugh!

Red tries to convince her otherwise, but has no luck. So when the sun goes down, the Queen advances all wofly style but Red in wolf form goes after her and kills her to save Snow. Snow gives Red her cloak back and they flee.


Granny and Charming are trying to find out who really killed Billy because they just don't think Ruby did. They find a car hidden and open the trunk to find Ruby's cape stashed. Charming breaks window to find out whose car it is and it's Spencer's. They realize this was never about Ruby, it was just the King's way of trying to destroy Charming. They go to Belle but she says Ruby has left to confront the town, so they all rush out!

Spencer in Once Upon a Time 1.07 Child of the MoonThe town has surrounded wolf Ruby (like a scene from Frankenstein) and Spencer is about to shoot her when Granny and Charming arrive and stop him. Charming calls to Ruby and starts to talk her down so he can get close enough to give her the cloak. After some smooth talking he finally gets her to listen and she sits down. He puts the cloak on her and she changes back to human Ruby. He tells her that Spencer framed her by killing Billy himself and planting evidence. A kerfuffle happens and they realize Spencer has escaped. The whole of the town is furious at being tricked, so Charming and Ruby go to find him.

They come upon him in the forest with a bonfire in which he throws Charming's only chance to bring Emma and Snow home, Jefferson’s Hat. Spencer laughs maniacally and Charming is completely downtrodden. Charming gets a Ruby pep talk! They arrest Spencer and Ruby goes off to be a wolf for the first time freely.

The last scene is in Fairytaleland, where Sleeping Beauty is having a dream similar to Henry’s.

She sees a boy in the dream and he helps her put the fire out!! Then she wakes up and tells Emma and Snow, about the boy, whose name is Henry! Could this be their way home???? COULD IT?

So what do you think is going to happen next? Did you like this episode? Tell me your opinions—let's formulate a theory.


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Darlene Marshall
1. DarleneMarshall
"Oh Ruuuuuuuuby, don't take your wolf to town!"

Sorry. I couldn't resist.

Anyway, I thought the episode was more of a placeholder than something that moved the series forward. I am sorry Quinn bites the dust. Neither David/Charming nor Neal is doing anything for me in the guys-I'd-want-to-look-at-for-an-hour-episode category, though Hook's certainly easy on the eyes.

I do like Ruby as a character and I've been hoping we'll see more of her. I've noticed throughout this season that girlfriends are ruling the storyline--Belle and Ruby, Ruby and Snow, Snow and the gang lost in FTL, that sort of thing. Now Regina needs to get a snarky BFF and we'll be all set.
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