Nov 5 2012 11:21am

Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 6 Recap: Admissions and Entrances

Emma and Neal in Once Upon a Time’s Tallahassee*****SPOILERS*****

This very illuminating sixth episode of the new season opens with Emma, Snow, Aurora, Mulan, and Hook surveying the strange-looking beanstalk that must be climbed to reach the top and the compass necessary to make a portal for Snow and Emma to use to go home. The scene immediately switches to that of a younger Emma of eleven years earlier stealing a car (which looks an awful lot like the car she has now), and she discovers that someone else is in the car—a guy named Neal, who, as it turns out, was in the midst of stealing the car himself. Both Emma and Neal recognize a kindred spirit when they see one...

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Meanwhile, back in the present the four intrepid ladies debate who will use the other magic cuff to accompany Hook on the climb up the daunting beanstalk. Emma insists that she will be the one making the trip, and the others relent. Mulan provides Emma with a power made of poppies that will knock-out the giant protecting the compass. On their climb, Hook asks Emma if she has ever been in love, and she says “no.”

Jennifer Morrison as Emma in Once Upon a Time Season 2 episode 6 TallahasseeThe action then once again switches back to the past, and we see what appears to be a very pregnant Emma (turns out it's fake) stealing items out of a convenience store while Neal distracts the owner. The couple makes a hasty retreat when another customer realizes what they are doing, and end up at a hotel where they sneak into a just-vacated room to take a shower. Neal suggests that perhaps the time has come for them to settle down in one place, and Emma randomly picks out Tallahassee, Florida, from a map.

Back in the present, while waiting for Emma's and Hook's return, Snow learns that Aurora has been plagued by horrible nightmares ever since awakening from the sleeping curse. Snow offers to watch over her while she sleeps, saying that she knows exactly how it feels, but assuring Aurora that the bad dreams will eventually pass.

As present-day Emma and Hook reach the top of the beanstalk and their destination, Emma learns about Hook's former love and says that perhaps she was in love once. The action moves to the past, where Neal shows Emma a wanted poster with his name and picture on it, and he admits it is for a past job he pulled stealing high-end watches. Emma offers to go get the watches from their hiding place, so they can be sold and finance their new life together.

Back in the present, Emma and Hook manage to get the powder in the face of the giant who obligingly passes out. Switching back to the ladies left behind, Aurora experiences a nightmare and recounts it to Snow. In the past, Emma gets the watches from the locker. We now see a brief scene of Emma and Hook looking through the treasure chamber for the compass.

With a lot of jumping between past and present, we finally get a scene that reveals a lot of information. Emma goes back to the car to meet Neal with the watches, and they make plans to meet up later. As Neal leaves, he is chased, and his pursuer is none other than August, Emma's sworn protector. August explains about Emma's destiny, and shows Neal a mysterious box, the contents of which the audience is not privy to. August explains that Neal must leave Emma, and in the next scene she gets arrested.

Jorge Garcia as the Giant in Once Upon a TimeBack in the present, the giant awakens and captures Emma, almost squeezing her to death. When she bites his hand, the giant drops Emma, and she manages to grab a sword and use the giant's own security trap against him. When she threatens him with the sword, the giant gives the compass to Emma, but then easily escapes the trap. Rather than trying to hurt her, the giant tells Emma she is free to go. Asking the giant for a second favor, Emma handcuffs Hook to give her a head start getting down, though the giant (who is not the monster he has been made out to be) will release him after several hours.

Down below, Mulan, following Emma's instructions, starts to cut down the beanstalk. Emma makes a timely entrance at that point, explaining that they need to go on without Hook because she doesn't trust him. We then see past Emma in prison, receiving a set of car keys in the mail, along with a positive pregnancy test result. The very last scene has Henry waking from a nightmare, which he describes to Charming—the exact same dream Aurora had.

This episode not only revealed who Henry's father is, but also let us in on the secret that Emma doesn't know regarding him. We also got the added mystery of the shared dream, which I am looking forward to learning more about.

How did you like this episode? Did you have any favorite moments?


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Darlene Marshall
1. DarleneMarshall
Emma's on the road with Neal Cassady? ORLY? Now that's an interesting development. Who's going to show up next, Allan Ginsberg?

Overall I liked it. We got some solid backstory, and the women were the warriors (again). Hook was suitably raffish and piratical, and we've got some clues as to future developments--don't forget the postcard Neal got from Storybrooke. If we're shipping Neal and Emma though, then who does Hook get? I vote for Regina or Red Riding Hood. They seem to be up to his weight.
Carol M.
2. Carol M.
I agree, Darlene, that was a pretty funny nod -- Neal Cassady.

I had forgotten that scene with the postcard until they showed it in the "previously on" segment.

I am curious to see what happens with Hook: was he on the level, or was Emma right about him?
Carol M.
3. JimmyMackey
Oh my gosh, OUAT is getting so exciting now and the romantic possibilities are driving my wife crazy. I had to laugh when Capt. Hook was sucking on Emma’s fingers though because of her reaction; my wife was not pleased though. It is the same car by the way, which Neal gives her through August for when she gets out of prison (including money that she never got). Istarted saving the episodes during the first season, but my old DVR ran out of room. Now, I save them on my Hopper from DISH because there are thousands of hours of recording time. That way, my DISH coworker and his family comes over and watches too, which is a great time together with our families.
Carol M.
4. Shark with Lasers
I like this. This is very, very different from the story Emma has been telling everybody about Henry's father. It's less schmaltzy.
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