Nov 29 2012 1:21pm

J.R. Ward Gives Another Peek at Lover At Last

Lover at Last by J.R. WardJ.R. Ward is teasing us with a peek at the forthcoming Lover At Last:

Blay leaned in, his upper lip peeling back from his fangs. “Just so we’re clear, your cousin is giving me what I need. All day long. Every day. You and me?” He motioned back and forth between them with the cigarette.

The rest of the snippet is at Ward's Facebook page.

Lover at Last will be released March 27, 2013.

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Jasmine Ray
1. JassyBaby
Alpha-Blay=Hawt! Poor Qhuinn, I wonder what his reaction to this will be~ Absolutely dying for March!
3. KateRothwell
so about getting an ARC on this one, Megan . . . who should I bribe?
Michelle Harlan
4. mharlan
I know I'm not the only one out there that thinks they've been waiting forever for this book. The book comes out on my 14th wedding anniversary & my husband has already been told it's all I want on that day! Well, that & 24 hours of uninterrupted time so that I can read it. ;)
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