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H&H Weighs in on Karen Marie Moning’s Iced!

Iced by Karen Marie MoningLast week saw the release of Karen Marie Moning's Iced, a continuation of her Fever world. Even prior to release, Moning fans were concerned because Iced's lead is a fourteen-year-old girl; did that mean Iced would be a young adult novel set in the Fever world? How would it be without Mac and Barrons?

Some of our H&H bloggers weigh in on what they thought after finally getting to read Iced; as a a reminder, here is its blurb (and let us know in the comments if you agree with any of the thoughts here):

Dani “Mega” O’Malley plays by her own set of rules—and in a world overrun by Dark Fae, her biggest rule is: Do what it takes to survive. Possessing rare talents and the all-powerful Sword of Light, Dani is more than equipped for the task. In fact, she’s one of the rare humans who can defend themselves against the Unseelie. But now, amid the pandemonium, her greatest gifts have turned into serious liabilities.

Dani’s ex–best friend, MacKayla Lane, wants her dead, the terrifying Unseelie princes have put a price on her head, and Inspector Jayne, the head of the police force, is after her sword and will stop at nothing to get it. What’s more, people are being mysteriously frozen to death all over the city, encased on the spot in sub-zero, icy tableaux.

When Dublin’s most seductive nightclub gets blanketed in hoarfrost, Dani finds herself at the mercy of Ryodan, the club’s ruthless, immortal owner. He needs her quick wit and exceptional skill to figure out what’s freezing Fae and humans dead in their tracks—and Ryodan will do anything to ensure her compliance.

Dodging bullets, fangs, and fists, Dani must strike treacherous bargains and make desperate alliances to save her beloved Dublin—before everything and everyone in it gets iced.

Marquetta Whitmore:

I was so, so worried that Dani “Mega” O'Malley would not be able to carry a book. She was cute when she was first introduced in the Fever series but as the series progressed, she wore out her welcome.  Thank goodness we get a more maturer and bad asser (is that a word?) version of Dani and she totally ruled in Iced.

Dani  was awesome! She's still snarky and a bit too much at times but I had to keep reminding myself that she's only 14 years old. She has matured a lot but not too much that you forget her age. She does some stupid things and refuses to listen but she's a teenager. And according to the Mega, grownups are stupid.

I know folks are worried about Dani's love interest being Ryodan and how can a man like him be interested in a 14-year-old girl and the thought of it is very icky. KMM handles it well without the ick factor. Ryodan comes off as a mentor and nothing more. But if a Dani and Ryodan HEA is in the future, I'm hoping KMM fast forwards at least 4 years so that Dani is legal!

I loved Iced. KMM totally pulled it off. I can't believe that I ever doubted her.

Chelsea Mueller:

I haven’t finished Iced just yet, but three things are very clear to me. One, I love the men in this book. Love. I would read a whole book about Ryodan, Christian, Lor, Dancer and the like. I even like tastes of Cruce. (Yep, I said it.) Two, the plot is just as engaging as I expected. There are nice twists, we don’t always know what’s happening and the visuals are downright stunning. Three, I still really hate Dani O’Malley.

 I know this book came with a “trust me” on the Dani tip. I know many of us didn’t enjoy Mac 1.0, but loved her as she grew into her character. However, I’m having a difficult time accepting an adult plot told from a 14-year-old who calls herself “Mega.” I get into the plot, and I’m reading and reading and wrapped up in it and then she gets on her “Mega” spiel and I’m yanked out. Much like in the latter Fever novels, Dani’s voice grates on me.

 However, the plot and the boys—oh, the boys!—are so damn good that I can’t stop myself from reading this book. Thus far, it’s good enough to keep me engaged, but not a “screw dinner, sleep, and work for the sake of finishing this book” read for me. Which is a bummer, as the previous Fever books most certainly were ones I read cover-to-cover in single sittings.

Megan Frampton:

Yeah. What Chelsea said. I never minded Dani in the previous Fever books, but unrelenting Dani, as much of her as there is in Iced, is not as much fun. That is, Moning does an excellent job capturing Dani's voice, but a self-absorbed superhero fourteen year-old isn't my favorite type of heroine. So Moning's success reduces my enjoyment of the book. I do love the men, and I like how off-kilter Moning has made the world—there's no stability at all anymore, and that uncertainty, that good people can go crazy, and you can't trust anyone or anything anymore—is incredible. I like Iced, and will definitely read more in the series, but I'm not enthralled as I was with the Fever series.

Tori Benson:

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Iced. I was never huge fan of Dani. I always found her voice and antics juvenile and jarring in what was a serious adult series. In Iced, we see the same Dani, but she is presented in a different light. Yes, she’s only 14 yrs old physically, but in other aspects, she is dozens of years older. We learn more about her childhood and her life at the abbey. Her own fears and dreams, and the demands placed on her by Rowena. I like that she can handle Ryodan, but on her own level. KMM doesn’t attempt to age her in sexual manner in order to make a potential HEA between Dani and Ryodan (at end of this trilogy) more acceptable. We have to accept Dani’s age just like Ryodan and everyone else. Yet, KMM doesn’t let anyone forget that Dani IS dangerous. I also enjoyed getting to know Ryodan without Barrons competing against him in the background. I was so afraid we would be placed in the position of having to compare one to the other, yet KMM defines Ryodan on his own merits. Barrons was always predictable in a way. His emotions determined his actions. We knew he what he needed so we could anticipate his end game. With Ryodan, we don’t know what his end game is. He remains a mystery to us. We see him in unguarded moments that went far into helping me understand him and start to like him. Though, he pulls a couple of stunts...*cough* JO *cough* that made me want to slap him HARD for messing around like that. Plus side, though—Ryodan doesn’t wear underwear. ZOMG. He admits that they are too small and chafe.

Christian MacKeltar is also in here. YEAH!!! I adore the MacKeltars and KMM’s Highland series, so any mention of them excites me to no end. Christian is not quite right in here. His elevator doesn’t go to the top anymore. I figured something would happen after Mac feeds him Unseelie flesh to save his life but never thought THIS would happen. Regardless of seeing Christian in flashes of sanity and lucidity, I hope deep in my heart that a cure will be found for him or he will mutate into something he can live with. The jealousy he exhibits towards Ryodan is amusing and I look forward to seeing these two butt heads in the trilogy.

I will admit that I am one of the few that has problems with either Christian and Ryodan being Dani’s HEA. They are both too old for her. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. Christian is just plain not right and with an 11-year age difference, it’s strange. Plus, the whole, “He’s bat-shit crazy,” doesn’t help. Ryodan is what, THOUSANDS of years old and finding out he’s stalked her since she was nine? Yeah...*cues the stalker music*

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed Iced. Dani and Ryodan work well together, Christian makes me laugh, we got to see more of Barrons, and getting to know Kat, Lor, and Circe makes for some fun times.

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Pamela Webb-Elliott
1. Spaz
I love hearing how people are receiving this book. I was one of those who gave this book many an ugly side-eye upon learning it would be from mostly a 14 year old Dani POV. I went ahead and picked it up and DEVOURED it. I could not believe how much I missed KMM's Fever Dublin. And the fact that I have 0 idea who will ultimately be her HEA is one reason why KMM has been added back to my favorite authors list.
2. ChelseaMueller
That is, Moning does an excellent job capturing Dani's voice, but a self-absorbed superhero fourteen year-old isn't my favorite type of heroine.
I think it's exactly it, Megan. I'm still very impressed with KMM's writing.
Pamela Webb-Elliott
3. Spaz
That is, Moning does an excellent job capturing Dani's voice, but a self-absorbed superhero fourteen year-old isn't my favorite type of heroine.
I think it's exactly it, Megan. I'm still very impressed with KMM's writing.
I'm with you both on this. It amazes me that I can still be like UGH, can it with the MEGA stuff, and still be so fully invested in the book from page to page.
Melissa B
5. Melissa B
OMG, this was AWESOME! LOL, and my feelings about ICED are all OVER the place! Dani is no where near as likeable as Mac ~ she's just so abrasive and full of herself. Some of it's adolescent ego, and some it is just HER...and I have to admit to a certain ICK factor on the thought that Ryodan has been jonesing on her for years already. But if KMM lets her grow up 4 or 5 years over the next 3 books? I can see it happening ~ C'mon guys. It's almost like the world has taken a step back, and in out historicals it was common for 18 & 19 yr olds to hit w/ 32 yr old me...or 3002 yr old men! : D And really, he's immortal, so age is irrelevant, right? I'm LOVING getting to know all of Barron's merry band of men w/out him totally stealing the focus...I could lick 'em up w/ a spoon! But I'll also say that while I did LOVE getting back to AWC Dublin, there were points where this book dragged for me...wasn't quite as edge of my seat as all 5 of the Fever books were, but I'm wondering if that is because of my feelings toward Dani? I kept having to remind myself she's a teenager, and has a hella lot of growing up to do even while she's being forced to make fully adult decisions constantly.
Lege Artis
6. LegeArtis
This turned out to be my favorite UF book this year. I. Loved.It.
First of all, just to be back in Fairy Dublin was amazing... Even with Sinsar Dubh contained, world is scarier and more hopeless place to live in then ever. When I read Fever series, there were things going on, but I always got feeling that Mac and Barrons are in the center of it, main players and all... In Iced you get the bigger picture. Two weapons in hands of two girls just isn't enough to fight against Seelie/Unseelie flood. Yes, that was said in Fever books, but here you can really see that. And speaking of monsters, KMM was pretty imaginative in Iced- monsters are seriously creepy.
I was one of those who didn't like Dani in Fever series, but she is great protagonist in Iced. I loved her voice, she was very fun to read. I already knew KMM writes sexiest men and Ryodan is truly drool worthy. Christian! OMG, Christian cracked me up so many times, he became one seriosly fu**ed up sexy psycho.
Kudos to KMM for writing one more great book..... And is there even a date for second installment?
Melissa B
7. trae
I have only just started and the "ick" factor is really bothering me with Dani and the men that have to keep reminding themselves she's 14. I keep thinking that something about this Dani just doesn't make me ok with it as much as say a certain other young Dani that is about that same age. Maybe the tv show having an older actress skews my view of it?
But other than that I am really loving Christian. The story is what drew me in even when I disliked Mac and it's still got me hooked. I will most certainly keep reading.
Lindsay Beeson
8. lindsayb
The situation with Christian makes me really sad. I hope something happens to fix him. I hate seeing him becoming what he is. I loved the books about his family so much, I really hope he gets an HEA. I had a hard time putting this book down. Dancer is just too adorable! It doesn't bother me that she's 18. I really loved reading Kelley Armstrong's character from the Otherworld series, Savannah Levine, as she grew and matured and developed an awesome and romantic relationship with Adam. I think she was introduced into the series when she was 12 and it didn't feel skeevy at all by the time she was in her early 20's and finally got her HEA. I'm looking forward to seeing
Dani grow into womanhood. Hopefully it doesn't take six books to do so, but regardless, I'm looking forward to it.
Melissa B
9. jbiggsy
Iced was Fecking Fantastic, Dude! KMM's writing is magical. Although I was not particularly looking forward to Dani's POV, I quickly adjusted to it and went along for the ride. I am wondering if grown-up Dani will find an HEA with any of those competing for her attention. KMM always leaves you guessing....Looking forward to the next installment but another whole year to wait?! Ugh.....
Melissa B
10. Underworld Love Addiction
It says something about Karen Moning and this series that most of us dislike the main character in this book but can still LOVE the book dispite that :)
Carla Patterson
11. sweetpea215_8

This may be a dumb question, but.... there's a tv show for this series? Seriously? I heard that dreamworks (I think) bought the movie rights for the original series, but I didn't know there was already something on tv. For all of us left in the dark, could you please throw out the name of the show so we can join the enlightened crowd. It would be soooo much appreciated. ;)
Melissa B
12. huntece
Its funny how people are really annoyed by all the Mega stuff but I loved it. I imagine if I had superstrength, speed etc... I would come up with some superhero name for myself :P Its just so geeky I loved it especially all the Batman and Robin comparisons.
I thought the arrogance of superhero Dani and the vulnerability of human Dani were very nicely balanced. The arrogance of the Mega doesnt bother me as much because humility is only learned through experience and I know I definetly didnt have the humility thing at 14 :)
Mandi Schreiner
13. smexybooks
Funny - I found Dani annoying in Fever books but LOVED her in Iced. Loved her instantly, where it took me time to love Mac.

The Mega stuff - she is bragging because se is 14. To me she really came across as a teenager who lives in a world where half of the population is dead. She thinks she has to be cocky to survive...give her a few years and she will settle. (with Ryo's help....RAWR)
14. ChelseaMueller
@huntece - I liked the Batman/Robin references. It was cute. And I people are pretty evenly split about Dani. Either you loved her after Iced or you didn't. :)

@smexybooks - It's definitely not the arrogance that bothers me, but the voice. It makes complete sense for a 14-year-old in this situation, but like Megan said above, it just isn't the type of heroine I connect with or enjoy hearing an adult story from. And you're absolutely right that in a few years she might be exactly the type of heroine I can better connect with. Just not yet.
Melissa B
15. wierdlings
Christian is only 8 years older than Dani. Not 11.. granted 3 years does or does not make too much more of a difference.
Melissa B
16. Krista D
I was excited for Dani's book to come out (mostly because it meant that KMM was one book closer to getting back to Mac and & Barrons's books), but I didn't really expect to fall in love with it. Mac's books are still my favs, but Dani's are at a very close second! I finished Iced four days ago and I still can't get it out of my mind. Dani does has some immature moments, but she is only 14 and this is just the start of her journey to becoming Dani 2.0. I personally would have been more annoyed if she was 14 but acted like she was 18+.
Yes, there is a slight ick factor with the age thing, but I just want to point out to anyone who is on the fence about reading Iced that these men at not actively trying to get it on with a 14 year old. They are attracted to the woman they know Dani will turn into one day and they are waiting for her to mature. Sometimes KMM push the line of what's acceptable, but she doesn't actually cross it in my opinion.
KMM is an amazing writer and I think she will be able to pull off the losing of Dani's virginity without much inappropriateness and I can't wait to see how KMM does it.
Melissa B
17. Gabriela Pöntinen
Can only say OMG! I was awake for 24 h. Not being able to put i down, it is a cliffhanger but what a ride! Thank you!
Melissa B
18. Liza Effinger
Like many of you, I find Dani's voice annoying and I couldn't really get into her character at 14. That being said, I really got into the book and could jones with Ryodan and Christian, but Lor as well. Good writing holds you even when you don't like the main character that much. Kudos Karen for another great book! I hope to grow into Dani, like I had to grow into Mac. Age her already! BTW Dancer intrigues me as well (perhaps there is more to him that we think-hmmmmm?) I think he would be a good HEA for Dani-what a twist that would be!
Ali Marte
19. amtj2008
I did not like Dani in the Fever series but she grew on me in Iced. After reading the story I got the feeling that her annoying personality might be a coping mechanism. I would not want to be a grown-up if I saw them through Dani eyes either. The one thing that stuck in my craw and has been bothering me since the Fever series is everyone’s, but Mac, fixation on her age. A 14 year old in Dublin/UK is like a 16 year old in America; a 14 year old sidhe-seer orphan is like a human adult. I sort of know in my bones that Ryodan is Dani end game and I like them together. I cannot wait to find out what Mac will do with Dani or more about the ZEWs, so I hope KMM writes a bit faster this time.
Melissa B
20. Ryofan
I really enjoyed the book. I thought Dani would be getting on my nerves but that wasn't the case.

I love Ryodan but do not want him as Dani's HEA for a lot of reasons. Reading Iced only made that feeling stronger and I'm glad it seems more like a mentor/student thing.

Don't worry, Tori, there are actually a LOT of readers who don't want Dani with Ryo or Christian.

I admit the HFK was really boring but the Crimson Hag was pretty cool.
Melissa B
21. JessS
I have to say I loved the book, and Dani totally grew on me! She turned out to be so much more epic and badass than I thought, and although over the top or overconfident or whatever, it kinda ended up working and I'm so feeling the love for her.
But Christian was kinda creepy.

So great to hear others opinions!
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