Nov 21 2012 12:17pm

Covert Affairs: The Kiss

Annie and Auggie in Covert Affairs Season 3

Note: If you haven't seen last night's episode of Covert Affairs (3.16, “Lady Stardust”), read no further. (Seriously! You'll thank us later.)


In the interest of full disclosure, this was my first episode of Covert Affairs. Still, when I heard about the possibility of big shippy doings on the season finale, I had to have a look. All I knew about Annie and Auggie were that she was a CIA agent, he was in special ops, and between all the espionage and derring do, these two reportedly were doing a slow burn on the relationship thing. Would the season finale turn this slow burn into fireworks or would it go down in flames?

Annie, brave and resourceful, finds herself in Amsterdam and in the midst of a dilemma, so she does what any self respecting heroine would do. She consults her soulmate. No matter that she’s in Amsterdam and he’s in Iraq, because the connection appears to be that strong. Annie leaves a voicemail detailing her options and thanks Auggie for letting her talk things out. She’s made her decision, and  it’s back to work. Soon enough, she walks into a darkened room, and surprise, Auggie, sitting there in the dark, or as he puts it, just sitting. A man who’s sure of himself enough to fit such comments into everyday conversation and answers a voicemail by showing up in person to surprise the woman he loves, when she needs his guidance the most? Hot. I fell for Auggie right there, and found myself hoping Annie would as well.

What sealed the deal was twofold: his unflagging support of Annie and the words he uses to express it. They may be making a mistake, he tells her as they go off to tangle with the bad guys, but at least they’ll make it together. Then if that weren’t enough, he equates going into battle with blowing out a birthday candle. Don’t overthink, but concentrate on a positive outcome or something you want or love. Romance fans, you know where this is going. 

As they sail down a canal, Auggie asks Annie if there are tulips. She says there aren’t, but Auggie decides he’s going to imagine there are. That’s one of the benefits of being blind; he can imagine things to look however he wants them. Someday, he’ll tell Annie what she looks like. Swoon.

Annie and Auggie in Covert Affairs Season 3 episode 16 Lady StardustSince Auggie’s words play such a large part in the chemistry between these two, it’s an interesting twist that, when Auggie finally gets up the nerve to have the conversation he’s been wanting to have with Annie for a long time, there are very few words past “There’s nothing certain for people like us.” Instead, he slides his hands around Annie’s waist, up her arms, cups her face, and then…and then…the kiss. The Kiss. It gets capital letters because what Auggie most wants to say to Annie has no need for words, but comes straight from the heart.

She’s glad they’re having this conversation, Annie confesses, and it’s my bet Annie/Auggie shippers are, too. Other longtime viewers, however, may take a different view. Mossad agent Eyal certainly seems to think he and Annie might have a future together. What do you think, romance fans? Should these friends become lovers?


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Kat Morrisey
1. KatMorrisey
I am so conflicted between Auggie and Eyal. Eyal is such a smokin hot bad boy! But Auggie is hot, strong, sweet and, well he's Auggie! They are both right for her, but in different ways (I think anyways.) *sighs* I love this show...
Anna Bowling
2. AnnaBowling
@KatMorrisey - Eyal is a very intriguing character from what I've seen, so I can see the pull there, plus his sunset speech...happy sigh. That was gorgeous, but then there's Auggie. What's a newbie to do? Keep watching, is my guess.
3. Lida

I'm a big fan of this show and love it as well since I first stumbled across it over a year ago while purusing Hulu. Have been watching it ever since on line. And though I agree Auggie is very desireable, sexy, subtle and sweet all rolled into one and most of all comfortable with his disability, which oddly enough adds to his appeal since he's obviously made peace with it, while also gaining a fair amount of self confidence, which is always an appealing trait in either gender.

Though as for he and Annie's future, being a newcomer to the show there's much water under the bridge so to speak for both of them since that episode first aired. And though I also agree Eyal is very sexy in that strong alpha-male testosterone kind of way, as for he and Annie that seems in my opinion to be a one time attraction, over and done with, perhaps never to be revisited again. But then again what do I know, stranger things have happened and he might just pop up again later and old flames will be reignited.

That said, have faith as there's still more in store for Annie in the romance department. Though not to give it all away and spoil the intrigue I will tell you... hint, hint, watch and keep your eye open for another very sexy foreigner to enter her life along the way. As this one too is dripping with allure and an overload of male chromosones.

And as a sidenote, I'd seen this particular individul before in a previous ensemble series of which I'd become quite enamored, though cast in a much different role, where is comedic talent prevailed and made him quite endearing, it's obvious his range and abilities are many and varied.

Anna Bowling
4. AnnaBowling
@Lida, sounds like Annie has an abundance of potential suitors, each with their own charms and challenges. Now I'm very intrigued about this third gentleman. I'll keep my eyes peeled.
5. SassyT
I'm so shipping her and Auggie. Actually, that's been the case since way back when they first I like them together. They've always looked out for each other and had each others back. They've also been honest with each other (well, as honest as spies can be...which is more than I can say about the other men in Annie's life). I love the guy who plays Eyal (I've been crushing him for a long way back to Resident Evil/The Mummy time). Still, as much as I love him he just isn't right for Annie. He's got too much baggage and I think he's too old for her. Yeah, they've got some flirty-flirty going on but I think that's all it is/will be. Still, I'm not holding out much hope that Auggie will be Annie's end all be all man. I'm still waiting for her ex-boyfriend the ex/current-spy (the guy from Season One...the reason she joined the CIA) to pop back up. If she can't be with Auggie forever and ever, then I want her to be with him. Can't wait for next summer.
Anna Bowling
6. AnnaBowling
@SassyT, I am so boarding the Auggie/Annie ship after only this one viewing, but it's always useful to have backup. Really like what I've seen of Eyal, but I'm not sure he'd be as right for Annie as Auggie is. He gets her, and that's one of my favorite things in a romantic pair. Looks like I have some DVDs to hunt down so I can get current for the new season.
Elizabeth Halliday
7. Ibbitts
I have watched this show ever since it came on the air two years ago.
Annie seems to be drawn to the exotic and exciting, but it doesn't seem to work out too well for her. See Ben Mercer. See Simon Fischer. So I really wasn't surprised by the way her relatioship with Eyal Lavine has played out. Maybe she'll have better luck with Augie, but I think a lot will depend on his patience and understanding, because I don't think Annie is quite finished with the exotic and exciting yet.
Anna Bowling
8. AnnaBowling
@Ibbits - sounds like Annie has a pattern going there with these dashing gents. Auggie would definitely need to exercise some patience if she's not quite done with that particular pattern yet.
Karen Haas
9. KarenH
I'm conflicted between Auggie and Eyal too! I'm thinking 'Why does she have to choose?' I really loved Eyal's comment earlier in the program when he says 'use me'. I thought...YES...use that man! But then the KISS...what a kiss. As hot as Eyal is with Annie, it would probably crash and burn! It's Annie & Auggie forever IMHO!
Anna Bowling
10. AnnaBowling
@KarenH, Eyal is certainly intriguing, and if this were a romance novel series, he'd very likely to be the next to get a turn as hero in the next book. Still on the Annie/Auggie train over here, but maybe Eyal can find his own romantic match.
Sheila Schwartz
11. sheilag2367
I have watched "Covert Affairs" since its first episode and have been so frustrated with Auggie and Annie and their "relationship" angst! Fall in love already and of course consumate it.......have you seen Auggie with his clothes off (previous episode and relationship)he is HOT!!! Not only that, he has that innocent look happening that scorches the screen!!
12. Marguérite
I wish there had been a little more sexual tension between Annie and Auggie during these final episodes. In the conversation leading towards their kiss, Annie seemed to display such sisterly affection when asking him what he wanted to talk about. However, more naked airtime for Auggie is not something I have a problem with ;-)
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