Nov 29 2012 4:00pm

Covers Revealed for Lauren Jameson’s Surrender to Temptation Erotic Serial Novel!

Surrender to Temptation Parts 1, 2, and 3Today Heroes and Heartbreakers is pleased to reveal the covers for Lauren Jameson’s Surrender to Temptation six-part erotic serial novel, the first of which releases December 31, 2012 (Happy New Year!). The second installment will be released January 8, with the subsequent volumes releasing every week until February 6.

Here's the description for Tempted to Submit, the first in the series:

After walking in on her boyfriend with another woman, Devon Reid decides to seek solace in the small Californian town she’s often visited on vacation. Instead, she finds herself consumed by a dark, mysterious man who sets her ablaze with a simple look.

Devon has always been the good girl, but Zach’s touch turns her into something primal, especially when he persuades her to give up control. But while Zach can make her burn, he also runs hot and cold, seducing Devon one moment and turning her away the next.

When Devon starts her new job at Phyrefly Aviation, she learns that “Zach” is actually Zachariah St. Brenton, founder and CEO of the massive corporation. And while Devon knows she should keep things with Zach strictly professional, his overwhelming magnetism makes it impossible to stay away…

Surrender to Temptation Parts 4, 5, and 6 by Lauren Jameson

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Janet Webb
1. JanetW
Any idea how many pages in each novella? I couldn't figure that out over at AMZ or at the author's website. Could be a cute, involving story but I really prefer reading these tales in one completed novel -- I'm not too good at deferring an anticipated outcome :(
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
@JanetW -- I'm not sure yet either. That information might be released on sites like Amazon a little closer to the pub date.
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