Nov 9 2012 5:30pm

Bearded Beefcake: Levi Jackson, Joe Manganiello, and Gerard Butler!

The month of November may be known to some as the month of preparing for the holidays, packing away Halloween costumes and whipping out the turkey. For others it's a time to embrace shear laziness and committ to not shaving. Some have taken it even further—websites, contests, and charities surround No-Shave-November (fondly known as NoShember, or Movember for those working on the fine art of the mustache).

So, with bearded beefcake prancing in our heads, we threw out the question to the Twitterverse and got a few replies back: Levi Jackson, a model, and Joe Manganiello, the abs behind Alcide on True Blood. To round out our list we included Gerard Butler as Leonidas in 300 as a nod to those who wanted to see a few men dressed up as him in our Halloween poll.

Share your pictures of your favorite bearded beefcake in the comments!

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Lege Artis
2. LegeArtis
Oh, I looove this post...
I'll contribute with sexiest bearded man I've ver seen:
Glass Slipper
3. GlassSlipper
I don't like beards, but I don't mind them on these guys ;)

Nir Lavi:

Daniele Liotti:

Hrithik Roshan:

Anson Mount:
5. Chelle

Is your bearded hottie Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones? Whoever he is, he's smoking up my screen!
Vanessa Ouadi
6. Lafka
Ooooh I'm not much into bearded men, but I must admit that some are really eye-candy!

I must say, though he would definitely not be my kind of guy (being a redhead with relatively long hair and a beard), Johnny Harrington does have something... sexy.

Plus, being french, I can't help mentionning Sébastien Chabal, very intense rugby player, and rather yummy in a caveman style...

Lege Artis
7. LegeArtis
@Chelle - Oh, Kahl Drogo did move my mind with his hottness lots of time, but it's not him. He is greek model who is ridiculously beautiful, and who got more gigs since he grew beard. His name is Spyros Christopoulos:

Jennifer Proffitt
8. JenniferProffitt
@Lafka, I'm a redhead and very few redheaded men catch my notice. However, I think I will make a HUGE exception for Johnny Harrington. Scrumptious!
9. Chelle

Well. So. I am a bit speechless. Spyros is just, wowzers.
Sherrye Nichols
10. san301
This is the finest collection of bearded gods I've think I've ever seen! Not a bad one in the lot. But I'm breathless at the photo of Daniele Liotti. His eyes match his sweater and I just stared for a while. BTW, Johnny Harrington's hair is the same shade as my little brother's, but my bro never produced such an attractive beard and hair style. Wheww!
rachel sternberg
11. rae70
i hate beards but some guys do look good with facial hair, but it would be no kissin for me... but i would have a hard time sayin no to that smokin joe! yumm... what i don't care for it when the beard starts creeping towards and down the neck... ick.. and i especially don't like it when it looks like pubic hair...
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