Nov 16 2012 2:30pm

Authors Elle Kennedy and Vivian Arend on Hot Bods in Romance

Today we welcome not one, but TWO authors here to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Elle Kennedy and Vivian Arend both have releases on November 20; Elle's is Rocky Mountain Angel, and Vivian's title is Getting Hotter. They're with us today to talk about some hot bodies in romance. Thanks, Elle and Vivian!

Elle: I have never read a romance novel where the hero has anything less than a chiseled, rippled, delectable body. Not unless he lets himself go for a while after a devastating loss or trauma, but that period of extra-pound mourning doesn’t usually last long. The moment he’s back in action, he’s toned and muscly again—and let’s be honest, that’s the way we like it. Because, come on, we read to escape.  To fantasize.

When I’m reading a romance, I don’t want my hero being described as chubby or overweight. I don’t want to read about potbellies, love handles, back fat, or double chins.  I don’t want him getting out of breath after carrying the heroine five feet to the bed. Does that make me superficial? Probably. But is it so awful that, as a reader, I want that hot body? Consider the following from Getting Hotter and then tell me you DON’T want your romance hero to look like this!

Miranda’s entire body burned as if she’d stepped into a five-alarm fire. The light spilling from the small bedside lamp revealed a very naked Seth lying on the bed. His dark head was cushioned by a couple of pillows leaning on the headboard, and a hardcover novel whose title she couldn’t make out sat on the bedspread next to him.

Her gaze grew frantic, unable to focus on any one detail—there were too many that required her attention. Like his spectacular bare chest. Jesus, that chest. Tight six-pack, perfectly sculpted pecs, a light dusting of dark hair that arrowed down to his… Oh God, she couldn’t even look at it right now, not unless she wanted to self-combust. She focused on his long, muscular legs instead, the intricate design of yet another geometric-looking tattoo on his right shin.

Every inch of her tingled, pulsed, vibrated with pure, raw need. She lifted her gaze to Seth’s gray eyes, unsurprised by the mocking glitter she saw there.

Viv: I agree with Elle, although it’s not only the body we want, right? We’re looking for the ultimate here. Body, brains, a sense of humour and an emotional side that gets us. It’s not like reading about the perfect man is going to make my real life hero fade into the background. Heheh. Especially since it seems on the way to the happily-ever-after these “perfect” heroes often spend a bunch of time on their knees groveling.

We really do have some specific fantasies as ladies, don't we? As an example, a snippet from Rocky Mountain Angel:

He had one leg stretched forward as he reclined comfortably. Arms crossed over his broad chest, the dusting of hair bleached from his hours outside. A rancher’s tan line ran across his biceps—the deeper golden brown of sun-kissed skin on his forearms contrasting with the paler area usually covered by his T-shirt sleeves. She’d seen him bared to the waist occasionally, wearing nothing up top but a slick of sweat as he worked in the hot sunshine. More often, though, the men laboured on without bothering to strip. No fashion-show outfits, no trying to produce model-perfect tans.

The result was breathtaking. Rock-solid muscles formed from backbreaking labour.

She took her time admiring the view. His chest, his shoulders. When she finally lifted her gaze to look into his face, a lazy grin curved his mouth and heat shone in his eyes.

Elle: Because I was curious, I conducted a lightning-fast Twitter poll to see what readers thought the sexiest part of a man’s body was. I was actually surprised by some of the answers, probably because I figured everyone would have a dirty mind (like me!) and pick the most obvious sexy man part.














Elle: Me? I’m all about the chest. Or the butt. Or the hands. OK, I like it all.

Viv: Oh, ONE part? Can’t pick. Really. Well, I do love, love, love that Adonis belt—the band of muscle that wraps around the lower torso and begs to be licked… Ahem, where was I?

To enter for a chance to win an e-book from Viv or Elle's backlist, make sure you’re a registered member of the site, and then simply leave a comment answering the question: What do you find the sexiest part of a guy?*

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The COOL CANUCKS, HOT CONTEMPORARIES tour is brought to you by two writers who are good friends in spite of their extreme opposite lives: big city/small town, west coast/east coast, married/single.

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GETTING HOTTER, book #8 in the Out of Uniform series by Elle Kennedy is available at: Amazon| Barnes & Noble| Samhain Publishing

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Vivian Arend's ROCKY MOUNTAIN ANGEL (Six Pack Ranch #4) is available at: Amazon| Barnes & Noble| Samhain Publishing

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Lillie H
2. Lillie H
If I can see them, seriously a man's calves can make me melt. I also love the upper body area: the pecs, shoulders, upper arms and upper back that flexes when a man moves... yeah *drool*
Lillie H
4. flchen1
LOL! I do appreciate a gorgeously built hero! But I have to say that the most important part of a guy when it comes to sexy is his mind. Gotta love a smart, considerate man, who knows how to make the most of the rest of what he has, sculpted and tanned or not ;) Oh, and if he can make me laugh, that is a complete win... Being smart and funny and competent is VERY sexy!
Cathy Phillips
6. Cathy P
The first things I notice about a man are his eyes and chest. After I get to know him, he has to be funny, considerate, and kind, or the body doesn't matter at all.
Lillie H
7. Jennifer N
I am a sucker for a great butts!
Lillie H
8. NancyG5997
The butt will get my attention, but if he has no personality, I'm outta there quick. I like a guy who can hold his own in a conversation, one who has brains more than brawn...not necessarily a geek, but maybe a hot nerd (is that a contradiction in terms?)
Lillie H
9. NancyG5997
The butt will get my attention, but if he has no personality, I'm outta there quick. I like a guy who can hold his own in a conversation, one who has brains more than brawn...not necessarily a geek, but maybe a hot nerd (is that a contradiction in terms?)
Jasmine Ray
12. JassyBaby
I'm an abs and chest gal!!! Rock-hard abs and tight pecs...oh my~
Zeneida Rodriguez
13. zeneida
My favorite part is his Chest. Strong, with muscle maybe some hair. JUM
Lillie H
14. Joanne B
I think it's his personality and sense of humor, someone who can hold a conversation and laugh at himself. Of course, there's always a great chest and arms.
Lillie H
15. Bethy
A nice set of shoulders angling down to a trim waist & hips!
BTW, the titles are reversed in the intro- Viv writes the Rocky Mt series. I've read all of both their books and they are terrific!
Cris Diez
16. etherealfury
If we're talking physical attributes, I'm all about the eyes... especially since you don't tend to get to see a guy's obliques when you first meet him :P. Personality-wise, intelligence & sense of humour take the cake.
Rakisha Kearns-White
17. BrooklynShoeBabe
My sexiest part on a man is the forearm. I don't know why. I just like a hairy shapely forearm.
kate schneider
18. joseri
I love a muscled arm, my husband may not have a six pack but he has wonderfully muscled arms.
Neda Maqsud
19. QuenKne
To me the sexiest part of a guy is his his butt, chest, and eyes.
Vanessa Ouadi
21. Lafka
I'm the hands and forearm kind of girl. I once spent an entire train journey looking at the hands of my seatmate and having very naughty thoughts, indeed.

I also have a thing for necks _ there's something extremely erotic with well defined necks that makes me want to spend hours nipping, licking, biting, grrrraou! ;-)

I'm not a big fan of extremely muscled men, so if the fictional chests aren't chiseled and rippled or the fictional biceps aren't bulging, I won't mind much. I don't want a detailed description of the hero's back fat either, but something in between is just fine with me :-)
22. wsl0612
It's the eyes, the phrase "bedroom eyes", I totally get that, yeah. And the hands, strong hands are a must!
Lillie H
23. miriam whitewolf
the first thing i notice are his eyes then his hands. love a man with strong hands.
Lillie H
25. Vanessa N.
I love a guy's chest and back.
26. J20grub
I actually prefer a nice smile! Abs & butt are obviously nice too...but the smile wins me over.
Cheryl U.
27. matkeltri
Biceps, shoulders and chest. And abs. And hair. And smile.
Lillie H
28. DorothyH
Eyes, chest and butt, and smile.
Yvonne De La Cruz
29. ymdlc1
ANYONE, and I do mean ANYONE who knows me well knows that what makes me go weak in the knees is a man's well scuplted abs. I am in drool city and appreciate the work a man puts into his body when he has a nice six-pack. I would WORSHIP this part of a man for a long time during intimacy.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
30. Kiersten
THANK YOU, Viv!!!! Knew I could rely on you to include that delicious Adonis belt!!! Mmmm Hmmm Tasty!!
Lillie H
32. Ej
Pure sex appeal: a strong back tapering down to a tight butt I can smack. My husbands back and butt do it for me all the time, and yes I smack his butt all the time.
As for what is sexy personality wise: someone who can make me laugh, and someone who can have fun and not be uptight all the time. My husbands makes me laugh all the time, and we have fun together, not just serious stuff 24/7.
Lillie H
34. Sbashaw
Where those rock hard abs change into that lickable "V" that leads down... very sexy!
Heather Martin
35. CrystalMirror
The V line right below the below the belly button that dips into the pants. The picture above is a good example. And I love blue eyes.
Lillie H
37. MaureenCE
His devotion to his family.
Lillie H
39. My Great Romance
I love the curve of each hip bone as it descends into low-slung pants oh so near the promised land of fulfillment through my body and soul.
Mel Bourn
40. melbourn
I love the eyes and smile. Of course, thick arms and chest grab my attention as well. Very useful.
bournmelissa at hotmail dot com
Renee Moore
41. Nae28
Sexy chest and shoulders and I'm an goner. My partner has a cute butt too and is funny. Sexy all around ;)
Lillie H
42. Trix
I like the shoulders and collarbone, and I love watching bass players because (this is so random) of that tendon between the wrist and the thumb. It looks both stronger and more vulnerable than a woman's, because you can see it moving.
45. sarahsreviews
It tends to be a guy's eyes that draw me to him first, that or a really firm looking butt LOL. A great set of abs don't hurt either! It's all about the personality really though, a great bod means nothing if the guy is a brainless, insensitive jerk and someone who doesn't have a great figure can be the hottest thing going if he is a nice guy who makes me laugh.
Eyvonne Rogers
46. Eyvonner
Masculine arms. Then eyes, then torso, then legs (no skinny legs!)
Lenna Hendershott
47. Glittergirl
While a nicely sculpted torso will definitely get me looking, there is something really sexy about a guy with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows...Those muscular forearms and drool worthy! Oh and did you know the skin on underside of the forearm is REALLY soft, sigh.
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