Nov 29 2012 11:11am

Arrow Season 1, Episode 7 Recap: Abs, Lies, and Secrets

Oliver in Arrow 1.07 Muse of Fire******SPOILERS******

Arrow took a break for the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday. So instead of looking at Stephen Amell’s abs last Wednesday night, I was baking cornbread. Let me tell you, delicious as my cornbread is, it does not compare to Amell—clothed or otherwise.

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This show is shaping up and becoming more than just a reason for me to shout “Abs! Abs! Abs!” on Twitter. The hero arc is getting stronger, we’re getting depth in secondary characters and I find myself rapt by the fight scenes. I’m still waiting for the romance complication to ratchet up, but I can take the slow burn. (I’m on to you, CW!)

“Muse of Fire” promises abs, kissing and motorcycles!

Opening with Oliver Queen on a motorcycle is pure nom.

An assailant on a motorcycle drives up and shoots at Moira just as Oliver arrives to pick her up for lunch. She is unharmed (others are not so lucky) and Oliver—in his super fit speed—chases after the motorcyclist. He makes a good go, but loses the person. Thea doesn’t buy his excuse for leaving his mom lying in the street to chase after the guy.

Moira still ends up in the hospital with a concussion. They can’t get ahold of Walter, which means either Thea or Oliver is going to need to stay with her when she’s released.

“Maybe you should spend a little less time trying to be a hero. You’re obviously not very good at it.” Oh, Thea. I enjoy you. And it’s a bit ominous. Oliver isn’t the best about considering the ripple effect his superhero actions have on everyone else.

Tommy brings Laurel takeout in an attempt to ask her out to dinner. As much as I want Laurel and Oliver together (Loliver? Orel? So many bad 'ship names.), I appreciate Tommy trying so hard.

Oliver and Digg in Arrow Season 1WE ARE REWARDED WITH ABS! Tonight’s ab-stealing scene goes to Oliver wailing on a heavy bag. In addition to abs we get one awesome back. Really. That man could walk around shirtless all the time. Should H&H start a petition?

Oliver was taking out his frustrations (shirtless, as you do) after discovering the man his mother was with—the person who actually got shot—was mobbed up. Which begs the question why was Moira trying to close a deal with the mob guys. (Well, viewers know she’s involved with the folks on Oliver’s list, but Oliver doesn’t know that.)

“Your mother is shot, almost killed, and the way you process this emotionally is by going undercover… with the mob.” Digg’s incredulity matches mine. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy him? So nice to see the show give Oliver a partner to act as his conscious. And to sum things up so succinctly.

Helena in Arrow Season 1 episode 7 Muse of FireThe motorcycle shooter is a female assassin (I’m not versed in the comics, so feel free to shout out who she is in the comments), and she has a lovely corkboard with mob fellas who need to be killed. We can tell she’s been at this for a bit. Also, such an awesome motorcycle jacket.

Damn it. Tommy just keeps making himself look like a better dude as this episode progresses. He swings by to not only check on Oliver’s mom, but to tell him, face-to-face, that he will be going on a date with Laurel. Am I going to end up rooting for this guy?

Arrow has been impressing me by giving depth to secondary characters. I really enjoyed the mother-daughter moment between Moira and Thea. Reality shows aside, their discussion of Oliver and how they need to let go of who he was and accept who he is felt spot-on.

Look, I know Oliver straight-up kills people. I appreciate that in a vigilante superhero. However, seeing him sit down with a mob boss even for a job was just uncomfortable. I’m with Diggle: Bad idea.

Oliver and Helena at dinner in Arrow 1.07 Muse of FireTurns out our assassin is Helena, the mob boss’s daughter. I like her. Is that a bad thing?

…and Oliver goes to dinner with her. Potential?

Mob boss Bertinelli thinks it’s the Triad that’s killing his men. The police tapped his conversation with them, though, and they know whoever is killing Bertinelli’s men is an amateur.

Oliver on assumptions about him: “I’m the rich man’s Lindsay Lohan.”

Helena is too like Oliver. So. Much. Potential. I could 'ship this.

When the mob enforcers attempt to shake down local businesses for extra protection money, Oliver as Arrow is there to start kicking ass. And then Helena is, too, only with her motorcycle helmet on. They stop the mob guys, and then fight each other. Oliver as Arrow snatches her helmet, discovers it’s Helena and lets her leave.

Told you: I could so 'ship this.

Anyone get nervous whenever Oliver says, “I know what I’m doing,” or is it just me?

Tahmoh Penikett as mobster in Arrow’s Muse of FireBertinelli’s right-hand man kidnaps Helena and Oliver when he discovers it was Helena killing the mob men. When he moves to kill her, Oliver snaps into action. He and Helena take out all of the men, with Helena snapping the neck of the man who killed her fiancé.

Tommy gets completely cut off from his family’s money, and Laurel is there for him. By the end of this episode, I may officially like them together. Tricky TV show.

Oliver is waiting for Helena in her room, and she calls him out for being Arrow. He admits it. They debate justice versus revenge.

Oliver and Helena kissing FTW!

* * *

What are you currently shipping on this show? My allegiances have changed after this episode. I’m all about Oliver and Helena, and rather like Tommy and Laurel. Anyone else switch 'ship sides? Sound off below.


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1. Miss_D
I like Tommy & Laurel as their scenes have snappy dialogue but it rings very much like Buffy & Spike to me. He loves her, will do anything for her and to be with her and she will never reciprocate with something even close to the affection he feels for her.

I do believe Laurel likes Tommy and cares for him but she's still much more about Oliver in her heart despite their troubled history with him schtupping her sister right before her death. Tommy will always be runner-up, even if Oliver had never shown back up in town, because she's just not even close to feeling for him what he feels for her... and I don't see that ever really changing.
2. ChelseaMueller
@Miss_D - You're probably right. I don't know that I want Laurel to WANT him, I just like how he's not the douchebag I originally predicted. (Is that mean?) I want him to get to be happy, but like you suspect it isn't in the cards.
3. anna-lissa
Helena Bertinelli is Huntress in the DC the characters they are bringing in!
4. ChelseaMueller
@anna-lissa - Thank you! I'm so excited to see how they incorporate her in the next episode.
Darlene Marshall
6. DarleneMarshall
Helena Bertinelli is Huntress--same cross, same mobbed up family, same lust for revenge and justice. She's like a darker version of Batman. ISTR she started out as a school teacher in her secret identity.

Did anyone else notice that Captain Jack Harness (John Barrowman) is Merlin's daddy?

I'm loving this show. Good dialogue, great abs, a storyline that's fun and keeps the action moving. The secondary characters make the show great, and my only regret about this week's episode is they faded to black too soon.
Christopher Morgan
7. cmorgan

I did most certainly. Sadly, I'm having a lot of trouble taking him seriously as a villianous character. He was also the one a couple of episodes back threating Momma Queen. I just keep wanting him to hit on Oliver, or Lauren, or anyone really...
Darlene Marshall
8. DarleneMarshall
@cmorgan--Heh. If he were really our Captain Jack, he'd be hitting on all of them.
10. AllieJ
I'm curious to see what John Barrowman is going to do with the character. I love him as the outrageous Captain Jack Harkness, but I'm curious to see just how versitile he can be and how he grows into a more prominant character (because face it, even as a supporting actor, John Barrowman will steal the show).
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