Nov 1 2012 11:47am

Arrow Season 1, Episode 4 Recap: Joining the Cause (But Where are the Abs?)

CW’s Arrow poster*****SPOILERS*****

Last week’s cliffhanger ending had Oliver revealing his Arrow identity to his bodyguard John Diggle. It also had more than one gratuitous shirtless man. Seeing as the latter is a gimme, I was most curious to see how Dig will handle the news and incorporate into Oliver’s world.

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I’ve liked the way Dig has stuck to the job up to this point, and the way he doesn’t really take Oliver’s attitude. So, it was pleasing to me that his reaction to discovering his charge was “that vigilante” was to try and deck him. He’s still woozy from being shot with a poisoned bullet, but I give him an A for effort.

“Oliver, you’re not a soldier. You’re a criminal. And a murderer.” With a response like that, maybe Oliver needs to work on his “be my secret agent best buddy” pitch.

Stephen Amell in Arrow episode 4The love interest angle the H&H team has been backing shows promise when Laurel is waiting back at the Queen estate. She heard about the shooting and is worried about Oliver. She thinks he’s being selfish, but I think it’s more about being on his own for five years. Why would he think about people waiting up for him?

Some days I think flashbacks are required in all CW shows. However, they actually matter here. I love getting flashes of context into why Oliver is the way he is, even if they’re short glimpses.

It’s nice to see Ollie opening to his sister a bit. As much as I am all about rebuilding the relationship with Laurel, I want Oliver to be well rounded. He needs a family support base, too, and his sister needs more than a bossy archetype.

Dig resigns. Oliver is not pleased. New guy looks like a tool...and is treated as such.

Not sure I buy that Oliver would immediately put together a news story about a guy who murdered his wife with a name in his little hit list book. Did I miss something? I know he’s perceptive, but immediately assuming there’s something shady about a man up for execution seems off.

That said, um, he’s right. Looks like the guy set for execution was married to a whistleblower about toxic dumping. They murdered her and framed her husband. Bad dudes need to be shot by arrows.

Katie Cassidy as Laurel in ArrowIn the meantime, though, the man facing a state-ordered death needs a good attorney. That means Oliver-As-Arrow visits Laurel, who totally pulls a gun on him. I love her. (She did take the case.)

Oliver’s second pitch to Dig is much better: “Do you remember when the people in this city helped each other? They can't do that anymore because a group of people—people like my father—they see nothing wrong with raising themselves up by stepping on other people’s throats. It does need to stop.”

Laurel has a thing for the Arrow. Is this a Spider-man/Mary Jane thing? I’m cool with that.

Interrogation by threat of train. That’s how Oliver does it.

Laurel is officially on Team Arrow (even if she’s unsure about his morals). Less officially on Team Why Is Arrow Wearing A Shirt?

Dude, Arrow can break into a prison?

Looks like Oliver’s step-dad may be on to Oliver’s mom Moira’s sketchy business. Will he survive discovering the truth? She has a warehouse holding the remnants of the yacht that killed all but Oliver five years ago...

Dig and Oliver in Arrow episode 4Even better: Dig is in and he isn’t about to be a sidekick. LOVE the idea of them as a team.

Laurel’s dad arrests Oliver on suspicion of, you know, being Arrow.

* * *

Are you officially Team Arrow? Are you disappointed at the lack of abs this episode? How do you think they’re going to get out of the whole going-to-prison bit?


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Vikki Lawrence
1. vbooklife
I enjoyed this episode, and am absolutely loving the series so far...which has nothing to do with the man candy playing the lead role...nope...not a thing...*cough*...
Anyway I did think 'wow, that's quick' when Oliver deduced the frame-up after watching all of 10 seconds of news footage...tad unbelieveable...but this is Oliver Queen...who knows what exactly he is capable of!

And again, I agree with you... not enough shirtless action in this episode! My libido was dissapointed ;)

And just awesome, new bodyguard guy had nothing on him as shown in the diner! Oliver: I'm going to the bathroom
New Guy: *stands around like the tool he is*
Dig: You realise that he's long gone by now.

Man that cracked me up :D

2. ChelseaMueller
...but this is Oliver Queen...who knows what exactly he is capable of!
Excellent point. I'll let it slide. :)
Darlene Marshall
3. DarleneMarshall
I'm totally Team Abs and missed them this episode.

Onward: The bird scenes were well done. They're important to understanding how we got from Ollie the playboy madcap to Oliver of the 1,000 yard stare.

I missed seeing any Laurel mad ninja moves in the prison riot scene. Black Canary wouldn't have caved like that.

Diggle has the makings of a great character, and I loved how he said he wouldn't be a sidekick.

I'm beginning to think the whole hooded man with a deep voice scam is totally like "Hey! Put glasses on him and brush the curl off his forehead and no one will know he's Superman!" I'm willing to accept it in comicbookland, or Star City (Original GA)/Starling City (Arrow).

I'm not worried about the arrest. We know Ollie will weasel his way out of it.
Smash Attack Ash
4. SmashAttackAsh
I LOVE DIG! My fav part of the show, for sure. Well, after Oliver's abs.
Moira is shady bitch! I'm assuming she's hiding the boat so they won't find out how it exploded? Strange...
I love this show...and the writing on it isn't bad either! Seriously, when I saw the publicity poster for this show, THAT is when I set my DVR to record it. And lo and behold if it isn't actually fairly good! I have one question...anyone notice the blond computer geek chic is ridiculously hot under her pulled-back hair and big glasses? She is costumed like the archetypical female superheroine in disguise. Methinks she has all the makings of another superhero character for the show just waiting to be sprung on us. As much as I like me some Oliver eye candy, a strong kick-ass female in a cape or black leather catsuit or something more modern with cutouts and throwing stars would add to the show immensely too.
Christopher Morgan
6. cmorgan
@PJGU, I myself was wondering if she was going to take up Barbara Gordon's roll of Oracle, but for Arrow instead of Batman. We will see I suppose.
7. whiskeywhite
Diggle has the makings of a great character, and I loved how he said he wouldn't be a sidekick.
I agree completely @darlenemarshall. And am with you too @SmashAttackAsh. Am fast becoming more interested in Dig than Arrow. And he's damned attractive as well.
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