Oct 31 2012 8:09am

Worst Part of Living in a Paranormal World?

Today is Halloween, a time when people's penchant for the paranormal comes out to play.

Sexy vampires, sexy werewolves, ghosts, goblins, witches, etc.—if it's spooky and paranormal, chances are someone's gonna be dressed up as one tonight.

We know all about the good aspects of paranormal life; the stamina (ahem!), the eternal life, the shapeshifting, transporting abilities, and strength, just to name a few.

What would be the worst aspect if the real world was a paranormal world?

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Megan Frampton
1. MFrampton
The worst part of living in a paranormal world would be the immortality--it would be so BORING! There'd be no urgency to get things done, because you had forever. Imagine the procrastination possibilities! I'm surprised any paranormal immortal can get something done within the course of the day, because there's ALWAYS tomorrow.
2. wsl0612
When the bad guys get you you're in big trouble, as it usually involves endless horrible torture! I'm not sure I could stand the suffering, even for a sexy shapeshifter!
rachel sternberg
4. rae70
It seems to be a world full of raging hormones and bored old elitists who want everything done their way..
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