Oct 3 2012 8:08am

Which Romance Novel Would You Never Lend?

Romance readers like to share recommendations and will often share actual books (in either print or digital)—but there are some books that are so special they will not be lent out.

Maybe they're in hardcover, or signed, or hard to find, or just such a comfort read you can't bear to have them out of your possession. No matter what the reason, there are some books you just can't let go of.

Which book will you never lend?

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Victoria Janssen
1. VictoriaJanssen
It used to be Laura Kinsale's SEIZE THE FIRE, because it was out of print and I had a lot of trouble finding my copy. Now, probably Judy Cuevas' DANCE, which still seems to be out of print.
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@VictoriaJanssen, I own Dance also, and not only would I never lend it, but I haven't even read it yet--I am saving it for a READING EMERGENCY, like I've got it stashed behind glass I can only break in a dire situation.
Lynne Connolly
3. Lynne Connolly
I never lend any of my books. I give them away and say that I'd like them back, if possible, but not to worry if they want to keep it. It means I don't lend anything that is precious, like my signed copies.
I have two sets of Dorothy Dunnett's "Lymond Chronicles" and one set remains on my shelf. I'm happy to give the other set away, because I want tons of people to read that series and love it, as I do!
Trish Copley
4. Vol Fan
Mine would be The Bronze Horseman series. And I actually do lend it, however only because I have 3 copies. LOL Hardback, paperback and on my Kindle DIK folder. I will only lend the paperback and then only to select people that I am dying to get as much enjoyment out of it as I did and to those I know will return it.
6. PattiP
I have to agree with Mara. I would buy a copy and gift it to someone before I'd lend away any of my BDB books!
Candice Burnett
7. SleepyVamp
I'm pretty liberal in my book lending policy. Most of my books get a "from the library of..." sticker in the front and I keep a post it note with the persons name, date and book so I don't lose track. The only exceptions are my copies of The Little Prince and Great Expectations. In fact, GE may be my most well traveled book; it has seen 4 continents and nearly a dozen countries so far. Dickens: Don't Leave Home Without It. ;)
Trish Copley
8. Vol Fan
Since I'm always looking for keepers I might have missed, what is the BDB series?
Aly O'Hare
9. wingZER0angel
I agree with Mara and Patti, I would never lend any BDB books. Especially Lover Eternal. It's one of comfort books ("I'm not okay, Rhage!")

Wouldn't lend any DH either.
11. pamelia
I will never lend "Fifty Shades of Grey", not because I wouldn't be open to having it off my Kindle, but because it's NON-LENDABLE. Thanks, DRM!
I will never lend any of my Kristen Ashley books since I usually want to re-read them over and over again. I think whoever I lent it to would think I'd turned into a stalker as I constantly asked if they were done with it yet!
I will also never lend my copy of Kathleen E Woodiwiss's "Shanna" because I have the great big paperback with the giant tropical flowers on the cover (from when it was originally published) and I would hate to have to replace it with a less garish copy.
mandy troxel
i actually just trade my books with many friends after i read them, that way i always have a new one to read.
13. SassyT
I don't usually lend out any of my books because people tend to not return them in the condition I gave them. But I do lend to my best friend because she totally gets my pet peeve about folks destroying your We lend to each other actually and haven't had any problems. So, I don't lend books out as a matter of policy (except if it's a book I didn't like and want to get rid of).
Vanessa Ouadi
14. Lafka
As the older sister of 2 siblings, I've learned quite early not to lend anything, because it scarcely comes back to you unaltered.
My books being very precious to me, I have huge difficulties lending them to anyone, including my friends.
Some books I will never, ever lend to anyone because they have some sentimental value to me _ my great-great mother books, for instance.
Others I will never lend because I care very much for them. For instance, I own 2 books illustrated by Benjamin Lacombe : one is a compilation of various Edgar Allan Poe's tales (translated to french by Charles Baudelaire), the other is Victor Hugo's The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. The edition is superb and the illustrations gorgeous, so there's absolutely no way I will lend them, to anyone.
I can't think of books I would not lend because of their content only (not because of their edition or how I got them). Juan Diaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido's Blacksad comic albums perhaps (I love this series, and I'd be devastated if anything was to happen to my print copies).
Jasmine Ray
15. JassyBaby
@MaraGillott, PattiP, and wingZERoangel - We love our Brothers, don't we? I agree, no one can borrow V! Er--I mean my BDB books. No one can have Acheron either! *Cough* I mean, Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter series. Or her League series, either. Especially not the signed ones~ If someone wants to read them, I'll gladly recommend the library or nearest bookstore~
Jena Briars
16. CutMyTeethOnKleypas
wingZER0angel - haha! YES!!!! "I'm not okay, Rhage!" I love it.

But seriously, I'm thinking the one I would NEVER ever lend is my Suddenly You by Kleypas. I lost my original copy and FREAKED THE F**k OUT! Like tore up my entire bedroom trying to find it. :( Also, once I get another used paperback copy of Lorraine Heath's Texas Destiny, (it's out of print, so I HATE myself for throwing out my old copy) - it will never leave my bookshelf.
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