Oct 2 2012 8:13am

Which Romance Novel Character Would Make the Best Leader?

The Presidential election occurs in just about a month, and many Americans are already tired of it all. So instead of raging on social media about real-life politics, how about we take a new tack?

Let's nominate a romance novel character to lead the country! Which one would be best? For example, Karen Marie Moning's Jericho Z. Barrons would be quite decisive—but he's got quite a temper. One of Amanda Quick's many bluestocking heroines would be able to analyze information quickly, but might not be able to recognize something occurring in front of her eyes. A dominating billionaire (hello Christian, Gideon, and Jeremiah!) knows how to run a business—but wouldn't like it if his country tried to be friendly with any other country.

Which romance novel character would you choose? Bonus if you include the campaign slogan!

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