Oct 16 2012 8:02am

What Gets A Book onto Your TBR Pile Every Time?

An Alpha hero. A Beta hero. A certain time period. A love triangle, a dog as a prominent character, a plus-size heroine? Maybe hot rippling abs on the cover, or a heroine with your name or your profession.

If you aren't familiar with the author already, what will get that book onto your To Be Read pile immediately?

Let us know what your 'no-brainer, I'm sold!' books are.

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1. wsl0612
Men with cats and/or feline shape-shifters. Yes I am that "crazy" :-)
2. shyhyatt
I am that "crazy" too. Mine thing is Dragons or Dragon shapeshifters.
And it has been a life long passion. I started reading dragons in elementary school.
3. Melissa Cutler
Mine's totally nuts. I LOVE hero groveling. By the end of the book, I want the hero literally on his knees begging for forgiveness, like in Sarah Maclean's Eleven Scandals or Sarah Mayberry's Her Best Worst Mistake.
Megan Frampton
5. MFrampton
I always fall for the severely damaged hero. If he's effed up, I want to read his story.
Allison Brennan
6. Allison_Brennan
Hmmm, this is hard. I'll read anything if it's done right, but if my favorite tropes are messed up, I get upset, so nothing is a sure thing ... I guess if there's anything I would buy it would be former cops/former military stories. Why'd they quit? What's in their past? What's their future? Except, I really hate naked guy covers or clinch covers and I won't buy a book with one (I know, I'm in the minority here.)
Jordan R
9. jrojrojro
I love me some bad boy with a soft spot for a good girl. The girl doesn't have to be innocent in the 50 Shades meaning of the word, but I love the story of a guy who straddles the line and is growly and intimidating, but melty on the inside for his lady love!
Vanessa Ouadi
10. Lafka
My little weaknesses when it comes to chosing what book to read next are :
- damaged/tortured hero or heroine
- plain jane heroine or crippled hero
- antiheroes
- plus-sized heroine

I also have a few turn-off tropes, to make up for my weaknesses ;-)
11. SoFi
My weakness is an age difference. I love romances where hero is much older than heroine.
12. bigsigh82
Possessive Alpha hetrosexual male of any kind or condition that does not share and is crazy for his woman. Age differences doesn't matter other than no teenagers! and no YA; occupation not a big deal, but should be rich. Any shapeshifter, or male vamps. No cheating, or hung up on a lost love, or love triangle or children from other people. Must primarily be romance, steamy is good. Like modern, some historical, with any other genre thrown in (mysteries, suspense, etc)
Joan Boose
13. joan.boose
The next book in whatever series has me in it's clutches :)
Sheree Fournerst
14. smfsprout
Call me crazy, but I want a strong woman. Not in strength but in strength of character and disposition. My favorite females are not dominant but they aren't doormats, either.
Allison Brennan
15. Allison_Brennan
@smfsprout -- I hate weak female characters, and I really hate doormats. Strength is more than physical, I want a heroine who doesn't NEED a man to make her happy, but WANTS one because he makes her happy and fulfilled. I think I've known too many women who feel that they are somehow lessor human beings when they're unattached ...
16. Bdover
@mframpton -I'm with you, I love a damaged hero. I love when screwed damaged souls find someone who sees through all that and loves them. Melts me everytime.
Jackie McCabe
17. jmccabe
I read most every genre of romance, but am especially drawn to the paranormal/erotic romances, closely followed by historical romances.
Rae Alley
18. rszalley
for me, smart heroines who aren't afraid of being intelligent
19. Kat905
My #1, whatever it is, must be well written. I cross all genres but if there's a Highlander, an alpha male, an intelligent heroine who isn't whiny, fangs, fur, intrigue, lust, and...okay...yum...hetero nakedness, I'll read it. I also love mixing mythology and folklore with the story; Mayans, Atlantas, Greek & Roman, Native American Indian. It's all good. I live by the motto; Whatever doesn't kill you, makes you stronger' so I like characters who've lived through tragedy and come out stronger. No 'I'm always the victim' and no catting around.
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