Oct 20 2012 10:00am

The Roundup: Commitment-Phobes, Reading Pink, Zoë Archer, and More!

Cowboy with lasso toy image by Williac via Flickr

Enjoy these highlights from the blogosphere published over the past week. We’ve got links to articles by some of the fantastic bloggers on H&H who also write for their own sites, plus the odd link from the outside world that catches our fancy.

Do you have trouble committing? Are you chronically late? Are you celebrating your twenty-ninth birthday for the third year in a row? There’s a word for people like you. The adroit Dolly Sickles over at The Doctor is IN dissects the uses of the adjective “ish.”

Miss_D sure got everyone revved up about reading multicultural romances on H&H, but what goes into crafting one? Kwana Writes adds to the awesome-sauce, approaching the topic from the writer’s perspective. The key? Write people, not caricatures of color. Get in on the convo!

During a visit to Harlequin Junkie, hot new author Megan Mulry finds love in the archives of romance with Vintage Harlequin. Her Mystery Science Theater 3000esque commentary (“Oh! The dirty shades of grey!! Oh! The mocking eyes!!") is to die for!

Heather Massey of The Galaxy Express nerds out with Zoë Archer about her latest steampunk romance, Skies of Steal. Among things readers should know about the series are: “that there are men known as Man O’ Wars. They’re technologically enhanced to be stronger and faster than normal men,” and that the “stories are action-packed and full of hot, hot romance.” Um, yes please! More scoop here.

Seeing a lot of pink these days? It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There are a lot of great ways to join the effort, and here’s one: read a book! More specifically, buy a book. Contemporary superstar Wendy Wax’s popular Ten Beach Road is part of Penguin USA’s  2012 Read Pink™ Initiative. Wendy says, “I'll be Reading Pink in October. I hope you'll join me.”

Cowboy with lasso image courtesy of Williac via Flickr

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Dolly Sickles
1. Dolly_Sickles
Got a new instance of the Ish ... during the final soccer game in our co-ed, over 26 league (me and the mister play for a team called Chaos, and we live up to everyone's expectations), when our asses were dragging and we could feel our age pulsing through our joints and muscles, the referee had the gaul to respond when I asked how much time remained: "a few minutes ... about nine'ish." I would have slapped him if I could have just dragged myself the extra few yards to where he smirked at me. There's always the tournament!
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