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Sylvia Day’s Writing is Worthy of Being Bared to You

All Revved Up by Sylvia DayWhile Reflected in You, the second book in Sylvia Day's Crossfire series currently tears up the bestseller charts, it seems like an excellent time to dive through Day's backlist to find other, older delights.

What makes her books so consistently good? Her characters. Day’s heroines have real depth. They are fiercely independent, have their own means and resolve, and are usually only submissive in bed. Her heroes are true alpha heroes; tough as nails, powerful, influential, and most of all, drop dead gorgeous and downright dirty in the bedroom. Her plots are thrilling, from murder mysteries to romantic reunion stories, ranging among several genres.

If you loved the toe curling Bared to You, she has a long list of stories that will have you rapidly turning the pages.

If you want another hot and steamy contemporary—but don’t have the time to sit with a long novel—take a look at Day’s “All Revved Up.”

Faith Bennett loved Miguel Santos the moment she met him but his future was in the big city and her life was in the small town with her family. But when Miguel returned after she broke his heart, he demands to have her body, mind and soul.

Pride and Pleasure by Sylvia DayPride and Pleasure is an historical novel. Eliza Martin is a wealthy heiress who avoids losing her freedom and fortune to a husband. Unfortunately, she captures a fortune hunter’s fascination and suspicious incidents make Eliza wary of her suitors, thinking someone is trying to force her into a marriage for protection. Eliza hires Jasper Bond, a tall, dark and dangerous Thief Taker to investigate the accidents, but she is instantly awakened by his presence as he is mesmerized with hers. As the love affair unfolds, the raw, hungry passion the hero and heroine share leaps off the pages. The love she describes is overpowering and all consuming.

The Renegade Angels series is a spectacular twist on a few of my favorite mythical creatures: Angels, Demons, Vampires and Lycans. The first book in the series, A Touch of Crimson, features Adrian Mitchell, leader of the elite Special Ops unit of the seraphim. His mission is to punish the Fallen—angels whom he has turned into vampires and commander of the impatient and subservient Lycans, also fallen angels, but in much higher favor with the Creator. Adrian has his own personal torment to reckon with, a form of punishment for falling in love with a nephal woman, Shadoe, but when she returns after two hundred years in a new body, he is determined not to let her out of his sight.

A Hunger So Wild by Sylvia DayThe next book in the series, A Hunger So Wild, features a love affair between Vashti, the second most powerful vampire in the world, and Elijah Reynolds, an Alpha Lycan, as they work together to thwart a deadly Vampire plague and uncover the culprits behind its creation. The sexual tension between the hero and heroine is spellbinding. Day has two novellas from The Renegade Angels series, A Dark Kiss of Rapture and A Caress of Wings, both lovely, lazy Sunday afternoon reads

Sylvia Day’s voice is vibrant, filled with vivid images, jaw dropping scenes, mouthwatering heroes and strong and intelligent heroines that submerge you between the pages of the worlds she creates.

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Jessie L
1. Jessie L
Thank you for posting the review on these books! I will be adding them to my TBRs. I love Sylvia's writing style & she's always good got a great read.
Jessie L
2. Shelly Bell
I've been making my way through her historical romance backlist. She's so talented and writes such beautifully flawed multifaceted characters. Thanks for the recommendations, Sage!
Sage Spelling
4. SageSpelling
Hi Jessica L!
I'm glad it was helpful! Yes, anything by Day should be on a MBRL (Must be read list) :)
Sage Spelling
5. SageSpelling
Hi Shelly Bell!
Your welcome, I agree, her Historical Romances are amazing! My next Day read is Seven Years to Sin, heard it was a great historical.
Sage Spelling
6. SageSpelling
Hi Mandy 36!
Yes, The Renegade Angel Series is totally a must read and a page turner for sure!
Sage Spelling
8. SageSpelling
Hi sue lad!
I have not read those yet, but i'm working my way towards them. I dont think I will stop until I have finished all the books on her backlist.
Jessie L
9. jennyM
Just read Passion for the Game... Is there a second book?
Sage Spelling
10. SageSpelling
Hi Jenny,
Yes, there are 4 books in the series:
Ask For It (Georgian #1)
Passion for the Game (Georgian, #2)
A Passion for Him (Georgian, #3)
Don't Tempt Me (Georgian, #4)
I have not read them yet, so let me know that you think of them!
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